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what do amino acids share in common?

The pacific plate is moving in a northwesternly direction. hope this helps!

what is the difference between a saturated and unsaturated fat? Thanks!

Definitely not A or C, as the Republicans weren't into Free Silver. When you hear free silver in the gilded era, think William Jennings Bryan and so the Democrats. Its really more of a populist party issue though. And it was the only issue of the populists that the ...

Here are what the following people have to do to get very good grades: 1. Maria Elena and Nora have to study alot. 2. We always have to use the computer. 3. I have to talk to the teacher every now and then. 4. Alejandro has to do his homework many times. 5. you have to read ...

hey i need help on something. anyone know how to identify the domain and range of a function? thanx!

A mixed economy is one with a combination of publically and privately owned enterprises. The government contributes in many ways by raising and lowering interest rates, regulating through antitrust legislation, regulating morality, ensuring food/water/products are up to par, ...

what did you set x as? oh, i get it , you're trying to do the linear equation type of way, he's talking about linear functions, you know... f(x)=mx+b

Ohhh ,i'm on this chapter right now. Okay, is there a value for x? if not, make an x and y table chart, i normally start with zero which i highly recomend you doing. okay once you decide on what you are going to set x as, fill it in like this: Example- C(0)= 16(0)+130 C(0...

Western Civilization
ohh, about your question, what was the full statement that your teacher said? do you remember?

Western Civilization
lol no problem! like i said, i'm always here.

Western Civilization
They all spoke to needs that other people had considered, but these men took leadership and followed through on these ideas.

Western Civilization
by the way, do you know anyone that goes by A-tan? he asked the same question yesterday. that's funny...

Western Civilization
i hope helped alot. hey and if you ever need any more help on history, whenever it doesn't matter when, just make a shoutout like this: You know when the website asks for the school subject? well just put any subject you need and then say (for Linell) Example: Western ...

Western Civilization
He wrote up these issues in the "95 theses" Search it up on google as luther's 95 theses. wikipedia is a good source i would recommend on searching up this title.

Western Civilization
Here's what i know about Zwingli: The other center of Protestantism in the first generation was eastern Switzerland. Its leader was Ulrich (also Huldrych) Zwingli. His theology was in many ways similar to Luther's, but his career was quite different, and in the end the...

Western Civilization
don't worry about it that's what i'm here for. lol <3! hey what do you wanna know about zwingly, how he formed his own church also?

Western Civilization
John Calvin? okay.... Calvin was originally a lawyer, but he was saturated with the ideas of Northern Renaissance humanism. He was dedicated to reform of the church and he got his chance to build a reformed church when the citizens of Geneva revolted against their rulers in ...

Western Civilization
Luther’s belief in justification by faith led him to question the Catholic Church’s practices of self indulgence. He objected not only to the church’s greed but to the very idea of indulgences. He did not believe the Catholic Church had the power to pardon ...

Criminal Investigations
Try googling it, i searched it up and alot of good websites poped up. Hey,by any chance, do you like to watch CSI? If so, which one is your favorite? Just asking... ;>

entramos la casa... SPANISH RULEZ!

8th Grade History
you can also go on wikipedia. I had to do a flyer on Thomas Jefferson. It was a cool project. I got an A on it. Hope you enjoy doing yours!

math (to Nicole)
ur so funny, hey what school do you go to?

math (to Chopsticks)
really that's cool. Yeah... math's one of my weakest subjects, that's why i come here for help. Do you like math

thanks, you've helped aloooooot! Thank you!!! i appreciate it!

what if it's the other way around, like what if it adds instead of subtracting like -2x+5y= -10

how can you set an equation to y=mx +b form? Example: 6x-4y=12

can anyone please help me with understanding how to graph equations such as 2x-3y=9? thanx i appreciate it!

you find out the mileage distance between albuquerque and cheyenne then divide it by 55.

Social Studies
the political parties formed based on different opinions on the government and economy. political parties include democrats, republicans, 3rd parties, etc.

physics. Can you check my answer?
who told you it was the wrong answer?

# of moles of solute Molarity = -------------------- Liters of solution

F = Q^2 / (4 pi eps d^2) find Q then the number electrons is N = Q /e where e is the electron's charge (look it up)

all of those that i listed above are causes of muscle twitching. there are 184 medical causes of muscle twitching.

there's a whole bunch. there's tremor, spasms,convulsions, tics, alzhiemer disease, chemical poisoning, depends on what twitching your talking about

haha you can also do it porportional wise

andy said it all :)

16 !

america and paintings

algebra pizza
thanx so much "anonymous" person! you rock!

algebra pizza
what's the slope of the line (2,1);(5,3) ?

carbon dioxide! <3

music history
Date of Birth: 3 February, 1809

a close planed figure formed by three or more line segments is a polygon.