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what kind of bond holds the hydrogen to the oxygen in one water molecule??

math 103
find a possible equation for a line that is perpendicular to the graph of 5x-3y=15 if the two lines intersect at x=15

I have 13 tens who am I?

6th grade math
Dakota, Jacob already wants me. He'll never like anyone like you. No one likes you.

math class
If f (3) = 9 and f ´(3) = 4, find the tangent line to the graph of f when x = 3. y = 4x - 3 y = 4x + 21 y = 9x - 23 y = 9x + 31

math class
Find the slope of the tangent line to the graph y = x^-3 at the point (0.5, 8). -48 -12 4 16

7th grade Math


What is the de Broglie wavelength in nm of a buckyball, (molecular formula C60), moving at speed 250 m/s? I don't understand how you find the mass from the molecular formula C60. The answer is 2.2*10^-3nm. I tried multiplying the mass of carbon by 60, but it didn't ...

Why is the apothem of an equilateral triangle one third its height?

Why is the apothem of an equilateral triangle its one third height?

jessica has 24 shirts .1/6 are red.1/3 are yellow.4/12 are green. the rest are many are blue

3rd grade
how do you use thought in a sentence

At 1 pm two trains, traveling toward each other leave from towns that are 312 km apart. One train averages at most 82km/h and the other at most 74km/h. What is the earliest possible time for them to meet? Please help me solve this. I'm not exactly sure how to set up the ...

What causes soil erosion

Anyone else working on An overview of teaching techniques study unit???

Teacher Aide
Where would you most likely find a token economy as a form of classroom management? A} RRP B} Contract approach C} Contingency management approach D} RIP approach

during the preparation of the capsule stain, the slide used to spread the India ink/bacteria mixture is discarded in the disinfectant solution why?

because he has fleece. I had that for homework :)