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Determine the mass of ammonium sulphate that would be produced from 68 grams of ammonium

Math algebra 1
Hi I really need help! State any restrictions on the variables. 4x-2x^2 over x-2 A. x does not equal 2 and x does not equal –2 B. x does not equal –2 C. x does not equal 2 D. no restrictions are needed

sorry but we are a group working together.

chem 2
which one of the following pairs of 0.100 mol L-1 solutions, when mixed will produce a buffer solution? a 50. mL of aquesous CH3COOH and 25.mL of aquesous HCI b 50. mL of quesous CH3COOH and 100. mL of aqueous NaOH c 50. mL of aquesous NaOH and 25. mL of aqueous HCI d 50. mL ...

7 would be the mode because it was dialed the most.

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