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    Yes I have seen them! They are really wonderful! But i didn't find one thing that I need and that is how to present them these new words.That is the only thing I need know.The rest gave me SraJMcGin!:)
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    Just reminding! If anyone has any ideas on how to teach first graders who are learning english as a foreign language (7 year olds)please be free to share them! I have to teach them 10 new words such as egg coffee ham tea milk butter toast bread etc.and i have to have app.20 ...
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    thank you:) I'll be here all day long!
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    Hello! Next Tuesday I am teaching a class for the first time! (I am still a student) This class is going to be graded.So, the class lasts for 45 minutes.My topic is breakfast.I am teaching young learners of english as a foreign language ( first graders - 7 year olds:)) So what...
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    Looks great!!I will definitely use it one day!But I already have a chant and now need to think of a task through which I can work on their pronunciation awareness.Pronunciation is here important.Any ideas?
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    hi! I am doing tomorrow a chant (body parts) with young learners of english as a foreign language.They need to sing and show the mentioned body parts.Well my question is how can I work on pronunciation awareness?(what can i do beside hand clapping)
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    The story is about a love couple who is living together.she is nervous all the time,and writing all the time what she needs to buy in the store.She asked him 2-3 times when they are going to have a baby.She put the list of groceries on the fridge under the title What is ...
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    Hi! Need some advice.Next week I need to teach a class. My task is to find a text (I have found it,it's a german literature)and now I need to do something with this text and it needs to last for 45-60 minutes.It shouldn't be just one task but more(3 at least)My friend ...