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  1. algebra

    I didnt forget i just have trouble understanding as quick and easy as others im not good in math... but thankyou for helping me.
  2. algebra

  3. algebra

    steve i got -2a + 1 - 2b+1 = 14a+28 + 2b+1 i dont know what to do after and 14a + 28 - 8b-16 + 2a + 1 - 10b+20 but i dont know what to do after this one too :/
  4. algebra

    Find the coordinates of the circumcenter for ?DEF with coordinates D(1,1) E (7,1) and F(1,5). can you please explain how i can find this answer? i am having trouble
  5. math

    A particle moves along a line so that at time t, where 0 < t < ?, its position is given by Sorry! this was the first part
  6. math

    What is the acceleration of the particle the first time its velocity equals zero? s(t)= -4sin(t) - (t/2) +10 What is the acceleration of the particle the first time its velocity equals zero? ?5.197 0.745 1.323 2.550 3.969 Could somebody write out the steps and explain this to me?
  7. World Literature

    Hi I really need help with the following questions. 1. In"My heart leaps up when I behold"Wordsworth says " the child is the father of the man" This is often interpreted to mean that our childhood experiences influence the adults that we become. Explain how...
  8. Frequency table

    how do I figure this one I am working with excel 2016 Gender 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 Age 29 32 39 25 27 33 36 28 34 32 31 38 27 29 26 39 40 37 37 29 29 30 36 30 30 35 27 31 38 38 34 28 29 32 35 35 37 ...
  9. Algebra

    Hi can some one please help me simplify the expression and solve the equation. v^2+6v+8/v^2+v-12 divided by v+2/2v-6 thank you.
  10. math (trig)

    Given tan 0 = -5/12 determine the possible values of 0 to the nearest hundreth So what I did is find that tan-1(5/12) equals 0.35. Then because tan can be negative in quadrants 1 and 3 subtract 0.35 from pi and then from 2pi. So I got 2.79 and 5.933 I'm not sure if this is...
  11. math (log)

    Express as a single logarithm 2log3 + 4log2 I'm confused as to how to do this, I keep getting the wrong answer. Thank you!
  12. math (trig)

    For the following value of cos 0, determine the rad value of 0 for pi < 0 < 2pi (greater than or equal to pi and 2pi) -1/2 I don't understand I found out that the inner circle val is pi over 3. But I can't work out how to find 0
  13. math (trigonometry)

    Thank you both so much!
  14. math (trigonometry)

    A ferris wheel has a diameter of 100m and the bottom of the wheel is 4m above the ground. It rotates two times every 10 minutes. Using this information, complete each question. c) Determine the angular velocity of the Ferris wheel in radians/second d)How far (in meters) has ...
  15. Math (pre-calc)

    The answer in the back of the book is -4, thank you!
  16. Math (pre-calc)

    I don't understand
  17. Math (pre-calc)

    36^(2x+4) = (square root of 1296)^x Solve for x I'm really stuck on this one too, thank you for your help
  18. Math (pre-calc)

    thank you!
  19. Math (pre-calc)

    and by the bases are 2 and 4 I mean they're like the small numbers where the standard would be 10
  20. Math (pre-calc)

    log2(log4x) = 1 Solve the equation The bases are 2 and 4 respectively, I'm just not sure how to signify that on the keyboard. Thank you so much, help is really appreciated.
  21. Math

    Solve the inequality algebraically: 5/x-3 + 3/2-x > 1 (greater then or equal to one) I know how to do it in theory but I keep getting the answer of just y=2 and I know that can't be right. Help is really appreciated! Thank you
  22. Biology

    Hi can someone please help me with this? What are the major advantages and disadvantages of an arthropod's exoskeleton? For the advantages I have provides framework for support, protects soft body tissue and slows water loss in animals that live on land. but as for the ...
  23. Probability

    Richard is playing a game where he draws one playing card each out of two stacks of four cards. Is Richard more likely to draw two cards with a product that is an even number or two cards with a product that is a single digit? A. Richard is equally likely to draw two cards ...
  24. Math

    How do you solve Log3(log9x) = 1 I honestly have no idea I can't figure it out :(
  25. Algebra

    15. find the x-intercept by factoring. y=x^2-4x-32 here is what i have (x+4)*(x-8) =0 x=-4 x=8. 16. show how the value of the discriminant supports your conclusion from question 15. 17. How does the axis of symmetry relate to the x-intercept. Thank you for the help.
  26. math

    The height of a square-based box is 4 cm more than the side length of its square base. If the volume of the box is 225 cm3. What are its dimensions? So this is what I did: v = l x w x h v = 1x x 1x x (x+4) v = 2x^2 + 8x 225 = 2x^2 + 8x 2x^2 + 8x - 225 = 0 Then I did the ...
  27. math (please help, test tmrw)

    Determine a possible linear function f(x) such that x^2-x-2 < f(x)< x^3-x^2-2x has a solution and state the solution.(the < are supposed to have lines under that indicate less than/equal to) I just don't really get what it's asking. So I factored each equation...
  28. cultural anthropology

    Thank you!!
  29. cultural anthropology

    Hi, I am trying to come up with some examples and was hoping to get some help. I need 2 examples comparing anthropology with history and sociology. I just can't think of anything. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be great, thanks
  30. Cultural Anthropology

    Describe social groups in general and then compare/contrast with 3 different types of social groups.
  31. Cultural Anthropology

    Describe gender equality as it exists in different cultures and 2 examples. Describe US culture and relate to one example above
  32. Culural Anthropolgy

    Describe the role that anthropologists play in migration with three examples
  33. Cultural Anthropology

    Describe 2 key differentiators with 2 examples about anthropology compared to history and sociology
  34. Cultural Anthropology

    Provide 2 reasons with 2 examples: why it is important to have a strict code of ethics in anthropology and other social sciences compared to more purely scientific disciplines such as chemistry or physics.
  35. Algebra

    Thank you for your feedback! I have realized my mistakes
  36. Algebra

    Passenger train leaves 2 hours after a freight train leaves. The freight train travels 14 mph slower than the passenger train. Find the rate of each train if the passenger train overtakes the freight train in 3 hours. I did this : 5r=3(r+14) 5=3r+28 2r=28 Freight train =14 mph...
  37. School

    What is the best description of an advanced placement course? A. a rigorous version of a regular subject B. a course that is consistent with college/university courses and prepares a student to take AP exams in a particular subject area and opt out of corresponding college ...
  38. Algebra

    1. Graph the linear inequality. y?4x 2. Graph the linear inequality. 4x+5y?20
  39. math

    Find the indicated term of the geometric sequence.
  40. Physics (I have a test tomorrow)

    What power is required to accelerates a 1980kg car from 30km/h to 70km/h against a constant force of resistance of 750N over a distance of 85m. Thank you for your help!
  41. Physics

    A tow truck pulls a car from rest onto a level road. The tow truck exerts a horizontal force of 1500 N on the car. The frictional force on the car is 810 N. Calculate the work done by each of the following forces on the car as the car moves forward 12 m: (a) the force of the ...
  42. Physics (I have a test tmrw)

    The half-life of Strontium-90 is 28 a. If 60 g of this isotope is currently in a sample of soil, estimate the amount in the same sample 84 a later. So I did a=60g(1/2)^84/28 But I don't know if thats correct. Thank for your help!
  43. chemistry

    some pollutants in natural waters such as heavy metal and organic compounds would be classified as having low solubility.what are some origins of pollutants in natural waters? if some are low solubility compounds, why are these a problem? Hello, I just don't understand ...
  44. chemistry (I have a test tomorrow)

    4 Ag + 2 H2S + O2 = 2 Ag2S + 2 H2O a) What mass if silver sulfide is formed from the reaction of 0.120g of silver? b) What mass of hydrogen sulfide is needed in the same process? So I understand a, and I found the answer to be 0.138g. For b the text book says the answer is 0....
  45. Math

    Sean spent 1/5 of his money in the shop and 7/10 IN another what fraction of his money is left
  46. Calculus II

    I need to find if the summation of (n^4)/(n^10 + 1) is convergent or divergent from n=1 to infinity. I tried splitting it up into two sums, one being 1/n^6, which would be convergent because p=6>1, and then the other being n^4, but I'm not sure how to know if this is ...
  47. Physics

    A 240 kg roller coaster car Rolls over the crest of the roller coaster with a speed of 2.2m/s.if it falls through a vertical height of 12m down the tracks to the bottom of a trough, how fast will it be travelling? So here's what I did but I don't think it's right: ...
  48. Physics

    A 55kg arrow is fired vertically upward at a speed of 42m/s. It rises upwards, then drops and lands on the ground. If it lodges itself 12cm in the ground, determine the average force that the ground exerts on the arrow This is what I've done but I don't think it's ...
  49. Financial maths year 9

    Sophie borrowed $2000 at a simple interest rate of 15% for 3 years to repay the loan and has $900 in interest. If Sophie's interest was calculated at the same rate on the balance owing, how much would she have owed after 6 months if she repaid $40 per month? Give your ...
  50. Maths

    How many weeks will it take for 50 000 to earn 1500 in interest if the rate is 6% p.a.
  51. Laws of Physics

    A block and tackle has a velocity of 6 and it is being used to raise a mass of 68 newtons through 3 meters. The efficiency is 60% Calculate the amount of energy needed to lift the mass through 3 meters and calculate the amount of energy that was put into the system and the ...
  52. Math

    An investment is initially worth $11,100. Write a formula for the function V(t) representing the value of this investment after t years in each of the following situations: A) The value decreases by $889 per year. B) The value increases by $899 per year.
  53. Chemistry

    You add 3.5 L of an HCl solution of unknown concentration to 2.0 L of 0.5 M HCl and 4.5 L of water. The final concentration of HCl was 1.5 M. What was the unknown concentration of the initial HCl solution?
  54. math

    a bag of chips weigh eight ounces how many bags of chips weigh 12 pounds
  55. Business math

    find the final discount date and the net payment date invoice date June 26 as of June 30 Terms 6/20,n60
  56. applied calculus

    From a height of 25 meters a ball is thrown vertically upwards at a velocity of 5 meters per second. a.What time in seconds will the ball reach its maximum height? b.What is its maximum height? c.When will the ball strike the ground? d.What will be the ball’s...
  57. Math

    At what point of the curve y= x^4 is the normal line parallel to 2x + y = 3? Find the equation of the normal line.
  58. Pre Calc

    The Department of Foreign Languages of a liberal arts college conducted a survey of its recent graduates to determine the foreign language courses they had taken while undergraduates at the college. Of the 500 graduate 207 had at least one year of Spanish. 171 had at least one...
  59. Pre Calc

    Evaluate the quantity. 4 · P(4, 4) · C(9, 5)
  60. Pre calc

    Find the point of intersection of the pair of straight lines. 2x + 4y = 19 ?3x + 3y = 3
  61. pre calc

    Find the point of intersection of the pair of straight lines. y = ?5x ? 4 ?y = 6x + 3
  62. Physics Equilibrium

    A table is supported against a wall forming an angle with the vertical. The coefficient of static friction between the table and the floor is (?e). The frictional force of the wall on the board may be neglected. Find an expression for the maximum value that the angle can take ...
  63. Math Help

    Given the functions of f(x)=(x-3)/(x9), g(x)=9x+3, find (gof)(x).
  64. Chemistry

    How do orbitals on individual atoms interact and change when covalent bonds form in molecules?
  65. math algebra

    The amount A, of 70 grams of a certain radioactive material remaining after t years can be found by the equation A=70(0.62)^t. When will 10 grams remain?
  66. math algebra

    the product of two consecutive even numbers is 440. What is the sum of the numbers?
  67. Math Logs

    logbase4(x+5)=3+logbase4(x-2) Tried so many times please help!
  68. math algebra

    The lengths of the three sides of a right triangle are given by three consecutive even integers. Find the lengths of the tree sides.
  69. physics

    a simple pendulum of lengh l,the mass of whose bob is m,is observed to have a speed v0 when the cord makes an angle theta0(0<theta<pi/2).In terms of g and the foregoing given quantities,determinate the least value v2 that v0 could have if the cord is to achieve a ...
  70. physics

    a simple pendulum of lengh l,the mass of whose bob is m,is obseved to have a speed v when the cord makes an angle with the vertical.Determine the least value v2 that v could have if the cord is to achieve a horizontal position during the motion
  71. inverses

    its the inverse of A(X) = 7x^2
  72. inverses

    You have 700 sq ft of plywood to make the stage floor. Use A^-1(x) to find the dimensions of both the runway and the main part of the stage. main stage is a rectangle and runway is a square. length of the main stage is 3x o f the runway, the width of the main stage is 2x the ...
  73. runways and inverses!

    what does that mean? thats the question. i need to find the dimensions of both the runwway and the main part of the stage
  74. runways and inverses!

    You have 700 sq ft of plywood to make the stage floor. Use A^-1(x) to find the dimensions of both the runway and the main part of the stage. main stage is a rectangle and runway is a square. length of the main stage is 3x o f the runway, the width of the main stage is 2x the ...
  75. math

    your school is putting on a prom fashion show, and you are in charge of building a platform to serve as a stage. Main stage is a rectangle and the runways is a square. the length of the main stage is three times the length of the runway and the width of the main stage is two ...
  76. Algebra

    Christy drove at an average speed of 55 mi/h from her home in San Francisco to visit her sister in Tucson. She stayed in Tucson 10 hours, and on the trip back averaged 35 mi/h. She returned home 50 hours after leaving. How many miles is San Francisco from Tucson? a) Write an ...
  77. math

    according to arrow impossibility theorem ,it is possible for voting method to satisfy every fairness criteria that the texbook discussed?
  78. math algebra

    if f(x) = x+1/x^2-9 and g(x) =x/x-3, find a) domain of f(x) b) domain of g (x) c) (f+g) (x) d) the domain of (f+g) (x)
  79. math

    A group of people were asked if they had run a red light in the last year. 433 responded "yes", and 424 responded "no". Find the probability that if a person is chosen at random, they have run a red light in the last year.
  80. math

    each letter represents a different number find the value of p,o and f that will make this puzzle true. pop+of=opp
  81. stats

    The coding department of Community Physician’s Clinic is interested in purchasing a software program that will edit claims before they are sent to the Billing Office. The license fee for the software is $60,000 per year. The software is expected to reduce the number of ...
  82. stats

    In September, the hospital had three coders who coded 1,500 inpatient records, and 22 of the records failed the quality screens. a.   What is the average number of records coded by each coder? b.   What was the average number of records coded each working ...
  83. Physics

    Commercial airplanes are sometimes towed out of the passenger loading area by a tractor. The 1800 kg tractor exerts a force of 1.75 104 N backward on the pavement, and the system experiences forces resisting motion that total 2400 N. (a) If the acceleration is 0.250 m/s2, what...
  84. College Algebra

    compute the cost to remove 25% of the air pollutants
  85. chemistry

    How can values of heats of formation found in tables be used to calculate heats of reactions? I am having a really hard time understanding this.
  86. chemistry

    How much energy is required to make H2O(g) from H2O(l)? Basically this deals with bond energies and heats of formation. But I'm not sure how to find it
  87. Math

    Let C=f(q)=450+0.2q give the cost in dollars to manufacture q kg of a chemical. a) Which of the following statement(s) correctly explain the meaning of f^(−1)(C) b)Find a formula for f^(−1)(C)=
  88. Chemistry

    Five year old Andrew weighs 45 lbs and requires insulin. His doctor has prescribed 0.150 units of insulin/kg body weight/hr while he is in the hospital. The insulin bottle you have possesses a concentration of 20.0 units/15.0 ml and all must be given. Give all answers to three...
  89. Math

    False because 0 does not equal 2. If it was just zero is less than 2 it would be true.
  90. chemistry

    is this statement true? More heat is needed for vaporization of a liquid compared with melting a solid of the same substance.
  91. chemistry

    If you transfer 5 J of energy to 1 g water and to 1 g ethanol, each starting at the same temperature which would have a higher temperature at the end? Water or ethanol? or will they have the same temperature at the end?
  92. Math

    Rewrite the expression 2logx−3log(x^2+1)+4log(x−1) as a single logarithm logA. Then the function
  93. Math

    Solve for x 8⋅4^2x−4=53
  94. Math

    The cost (in dollars) of producing x air conditioners is C=g(x)=560+40x. Find a formula for the inverse function g−1(C).
  95. Chemistry help please!

    Why does a clear, saturated solution of PbI2 form a yellow precipitate when a small amount of KI is added to the solution? A. KI is insoluble in PbI2. B. PbI2 is always insoluble in water. C. Adding KI is like adding I-, which drives the reaction toward the formation of I-. D...
  96. Chemistry please help!

    What happens to the following reaction at equilibrium if the pressure is decreased? 2H2(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(g) A. The equilibrium shifts left because Q > K. B. The equilibrium shifts right because Q < K. C. The equilibrium shifts left because Q < K. D. The equilibrium ...
  97. Chemistry

    pH indicators change color at their _____. The pH at which the color change happens for a particular indicator molecule depends on its: A. pKa; concentration. B. pKa; Ka or Kb. C. equivalence point; Ka or Kb. D. equivalence point; concentration. Is the correct answer A?
  98. Chemistry

    Given the reaction: Cu2+(aq) + S2-(aq) CuS(s) What will happen (a) if CuSO4(aq) is added? And (b) if Na2SO4(aq) is added? A. (a) Nothing; (b) Less product will form B. (a) Less product will form; (b) Nothing C. (a) Nothing; (b) More product will form D. (a) More product will ...
  99. Chemistry

    At a high temperature, the equilibrium constant for the decomposition of hydrogen iodide is 65.0. If the initial concentration of HI is 1.60 M, what is the concentration of hydrogen at equilibrium? 2Hl(g) H2(g) + I2(g) A. 1.42 M B. 0.753 M C. 0.240 M D. 0.802 M I think that ...
  100. Chemistry

    The pH of your swimming pool is found to be 6.89. What is the concentration of H+ ions in the pool? A. 7.76 × 106 M B. 0.84 M C. 1.29 × 10-7 M D. 1.29 × 107 M
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