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The ratio of boys to girls is 3 to 7. If there are 200 more girls than boys, how many boys are there? Use a tape diagram to solve.

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Budgeting should begin with: A. looking for a suitable place to live. B. opening a checking account. C. listing the various budget categories or items. D. setting some practical goals.

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Why is it important to read the title of a reading passage first and think about the information to come? A. It helps speed up your reading when you know what is to come. B. Knowing what information to expect increases your comprehension. C. It activates prior knowledge. D. ...

(24x^4+24x^3=3x^2)divided 8x^3

Principles of Mgmt
Discuss the pros and cons of the following statement: “Egalitarian companies are more innovative.

The IAT test is how some sciologist use to calculate prejudice. What are other ways sociologist use measurement to calculate prejudice.

adult education
states what the subject does, is, or has in a sentence

essay writing
I have to come up with a brainstroming techique for my topic on Healthy eating. Could I please get some help understanding this.

Please help me. Statistics: The following table gives the free throws attempted (FTA) and the free throws made (FTM) for the top five players in the NBA for a recent season. Calculate the free throw percentage for each player by writing the FTM over the FTA and converting this...