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  1. Math, algebra

    Construct a data set of 8 items that has a mean absolute deviation of 0.5 and for which average 8
  2. Bio Statistics - Math

    Ms. Sue I stated I need help and guidance not answers! I've seen several post where you've guided people.
  3. Bio Statistics - Math

    Ms. Sue this is a homework help site is it not?
  4. Bio Statistics - Math

    I really need some help and guidance with these! 1.) What kind of variable is P1Wt? 6.) What is the approximate histogram shape of P1Ht? 7.) What is the mean, median, and mode of P1Ht? 9.) What kind of variable is P1Age? 10.) What is the approximate histogram shape of P1Age? ...
  5. Physical Science.

    I need help answering this inferring question because I don't fully understand it. Q: Infer whether the size of an object's displacement could be greater than the distance the object travels.
  6. Math

    How can I use bar diagrams to divide unit fractions by whole numbers?
  7. PreCalc

    The half-life of krypton-91 (91Kr) is 10 s. At time t = 0 a heavy canister contains 5 g of this radioactive gas. (a) Find a function m(t) = m02?t/h that models the amount of 91Kr remaining in the canister after t seconds.
  8. math

    11 pieces
  9. chemistry

    how many moles of NH3 does it take to make 8.0 mol of H20 according to the reaction shown below? 4NH3 + 5O2 --> 4NO + 6H2O I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS AS I AM LOST. PLEASE PROVIDE NOTES.
  10. 5th grade math

    I dont know.
  11. math

    Find the constant as such that the function: f(x)= {x^2-a^2 x does not equal a {8, x equals a
  12. Math

    A box can hold 175 cubic inches of cereal. Of the box is 7 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, how talk is it ?
  13. math

    If there are 150 students in the club and a recent survey shows that 3 out of 5 prefer Tues. meetings, how many do not want to meet on Tues. ?
  14. Algebra

    wait can i really respond to this question?
  15. English

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement children should begin stadying a foreign languages as soon as they start school.Why? Why not?
  16. Science

    Jk this is not Kristen Hager or any other teacher so don't get worried.
  17. Science

    This is Kristen Hager and I know who you connection academy students are. If you get all questions correct I am giving you a F in the whole class.
  18. Physics

    "Rocket Man" has a propulsion unit strapped to his back. He starts from rest on the ground, fires the unit, and accelerates straight upward. At a height of 16 m, his speed is 5.0 m/s. His mass, including the propulsion unit, has the approximately constant value of ...
  19. life skills

    ok if you have a 04 oldsmobile alero gll that gets 29 miles to the gallon and you are traveling 2232 miles how many times would you have to stop for gas if u fill the tank full every time
  20. algebra

    You buy 10 gallons of ice cream for a party, how many cup sized containers can you fill with this?
  21. physics

    NASA launches a satellite into orbit at a height above the surface of the Earth equal to the Earth's mean radius. The mass of the satellite is 550 kg. (Assume the Earth's mass is 5.97 1024 kg and its radius is 6.38 106 m.) (a) How long does it take the satellite to go ...
  22. algebra

    What is the final grade for this student? (round to two decimal places) Quizzes = 5%, Exam 1 = 20%, Exam 2 = 20%, Lab Reports = 15%, Research Paper = 15%, Final Exam = 25% Lab Reports: 75,80,70,75,85,69,90,75 Quizzes: 85,60,70,0,75,80,80,80 Exam 1: 80 Exam 2: 70 Research Paper...
  23. algebra

    Julie the Jeweler has fifteen gold necklaces worth $120 each, nine silver necklaces valued at $90 each, ten plated necklaces valued at $60 each and thirty beaded necklaces worth $15 each. What is the average value of a necklace at Julie’s shop? (round to two decimal places)
  24. algebra

    An “A” is considered 4.0, a “B” is 3.0, a “C” is 2.0, a “D” is 1.0, and an “F” is 0. In your first semester you received the following grades. Calculate your grade point average English = credits 3.0 Grade = C Biology = credits...
  25. algebra

    On a quiz worth 5 points, four students earned a 5, seven students earned a 4, six students earned a 3, two students earned a 2, and one student earned a zero. Find the average score. (round to one decimal place)
  26. algebra

    A worker is exposed to 98 dB for five hours and 82 dB for a three hours, giving an eight hour working day. On average what noise level is this worker exposed to? (round to the nearest whole number)
  27. Medical Term

    I need some help with medical terms. I need to determine the word parts and the definition and I'm having a hard time with these 2. stomatoesophagogastroenterocolitis cardiosphygmopneumographologist
  28. Math

    An airplane is flying at an airspeed of 500 km/hr in a wind blowing at 50 km/hr toward the southeast. In what direction should the plane head to end up going due east? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)What is the airplane's speed relative to the ground? (Round ...
  29. Chemistry

    I don't know how to do Titration problems! I have an emergency homework assignment that's crucial to my grade! Please help with tips and step by step response! Please help!- 1. 50ml of 0.3 M KOH are required to titrate 60 ml of H^2SO^4. What is the M of the H^2SO^4? 2...
  30. Math/algebra

    If f = 21, the value has to be $105 and if there are 70 bills and 21 are 5's that means 49 are 10's which is $490. $490 + $105 = $595! 😄 Thanks...this kind of stuff is hard for me.
  31. Math/algebra

    Post a New QuestionCurrent Questions Homework Help: Algebra Posted by Kristen on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 7:53pm. A bank teller counts her $10 and $5 bills at the end of the day. She has a total of 70 bills. The total value of the money is $595. Let f represent the number of $5...
  32. Algebra

    Reiny, thanks! I understand the difference between 5f and 5=f now - makes more sense! I forgot something from my original problem, also says the bank teller has a total of 70 bills. Now what?!
  33. Algebra

    A bank teller counts her $10 and $5 bills at the end of the day. The total value of the money is $595. Let f represent the number of $5 bills. I have to write an equation that represents the total value of the money. I know f = 5 and 2f = 10 but I am stuck about what do do ...
  34. physics

    An object is projected from the surface of the earth with a speed of 2.73x10^4 m/s. What is its speed when it is very far from the earth? (Neglect air resistance).
  35. pre-calculus

    Use the rational root theorem with polynomial division if needed to find all the zeroes of:     P(x)=2x^4-3x^3+3x^2+5x-3.
  36. Chemistry

    How many liters of oxygen a@STP will produce 195 grams of diphosphorus pentoxide when reacted with sufficient phosphorus?- exact question. Could someone plz help I am confused and if you could help me put it in dimensional analysis.
  37. algebra II

    The following rational function describes concentration in blood of a certain medicine taken once depending on time, find a. the horizontal or oblique asymptote(s), if any, b. the vertical asymptote(s), if any, c. describe their possible meanings. f(x)=4/x+2
  38. physics

    Fnet= F1 + F2 Fnet=mass * acceleration +8.3+ F2= (4.5)a A) F2= (4.5)(+6.1) - 8.3 B) F2= (4.5)(-6.1) - 8.3 C) F2= 0 - 8.3
  39. geography

    How have the people of the Netherlands been able to create more land for their country
  40. MATH

    1: The table shows the low outside temperatures for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. By how many degrees did the low temperature drop from Tuesday to Wednesday? 2) The table shows the low outside temperatures for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. By how many degrees did the low ...
  41. Health

    It could be B.. Im not sure
  42. art

  43. English

    Which sentence uses the demonstratives correctly? A. I have to get out of these wet clothes before I catch an awful cold. B. I have to get out of these wet clothes before I catch a awful cold. C. I have to get out of those wet clothes before I catch a awful cold. D. I have to ...
  44. Physics =/

    Fnet= F1 + F2 Fnet=mass * acceleration +5.6+ F2= (3.1)a A) F2= (3.1)(+5.8) - 5.6 B) F2= (3.1)(-5.8) - 5.6 C) F2= 0 - 5.6
  45. physics

    A cannon res a cannonball from ground level at an angle of 18 above the horizontal, and the cannonball lands on the ground some distance away. If the muzzle velocity of the cannon remains unchanged, at what angle should the cannon be red so that the cannonball travels ...
  46. physics

    A player kicks a soccer ball from ground level and sends it flying at an angle of 30 degrees at a speed of 26 m/s. How long was the ball in the air? Round the answer to the nearest tenth of a second.
  47. physics

    the 900 kg car was traveling south and collided with the 2000kg car traveling west. they both got tangled and moved away from the impact point as one mass at 16.0m/s in the direction 24degrees west of south. what was the initial speed of each prior to the collision?
  48. physics

    a car with a mass of 900kg and a car with a mass of 2000kg collide. one car is moved away from the impact point as one mass at 16.0m/s in the direction 24 degrees west of south. what was the initial speed of each car prior to the collision?
  49. physics

    a 62.0kg bungee jumper jumps from a bridge. she is tied to a bungee cord whose unstretched length is 12.0 m and falls a total of 31m a) calculate the spring constant k of the bungee cord and b) calculate the maximum acceleration she experiences.
  50. physics

    a family goes on vacation for a week and leaves on a fan that consumes electricity at the rate of 200 watts. If the electricity is $0.14/kWh, how much does it cost to run the fan during this time?
  51. physics

    a 62.0kg bungee jumper jumps from a bridge. she is tied to a bungee cord whose unstretched length is 12.0 m and falls a total of 31m a) calculate the spring constant k of the bungee cord and b) calculate the maximum acceleration she experiences.
  52. physics

    a man throws his keys up to his wife 4.00m above. the wife catches the keys 1.50s later. with what initial velocity were the keys thrown?
  53. physics

    a roller coaster weighing 500kg starts at rest from a point of 45m above the ground. what is its speed when it reaches point b at ground level?
  54. physics

    thank you
  55. physics

    so mr.pursley the velocity doesn't matter for the question I asked?
  56. physics

    so the velocity doesn't matter for the question I
  57. physics

    what would the tension in a string be if the block being suspended by the string had a mass of 5.0kg the acceleration was 2.2m/s^2 and the velocity was 5.2m/s
  58. physics

    a force F is applied in horizontal to a 10kg block. the block moves at a constant speed 2m/s across a horizontal surface. the coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the surface is 0.5. the work done by the force F in 1.5 minutes is?
  59. physics

    a force of 20N compresses a spring with a spring constant of 50N/m. how much energy is stored in the spring?
  60. physics

    pilots can survive radial acceleration up to 9g(88m/s^2). can a fighter pilot flying at a constant speed of 500m/s and in a circle that has a diameter of 8800 m survive to tell about his experience?
  61. physics

    a stone is thrown straight up from a 50m high building and hits the ground at a speed of 37.1m/s. What is the initial velocity and what is the maximum height above the ground that the stone reaches?
  62. physics

    a man stands on the roof of a 15.0m tall building and throws a rock with a velocity of magnitude 30.0m/s at an angle of 33 degrees above the horizontal. ignoring resistance calculate the horizontal distance from the base of the building to the point where the rock strikes the ...
  63. physics

    a long jumper takes off at an angle of 20 degrees with the horizontal and reaches a maximum height of 0.55 meters at mid- flight. how far did she jump?
  64. Math

    Your school is planning to put an aquarium with 30 fish in it in the main lobby. To accommodate this number of fish, the aquarium should be between 50 and 60 cubic feet of water. To help reduce costs, the surface area of the aquarium should be no more than 80 feet square. Do ...
  65. Buying A Car

    Which one of these statements is true about a "bumper-to-bumper" warranty. A. Normal wear and tear is NOT covered by the warranty. B. All expenses except gasoline and routine oil changes are covered by the warranty. C. Every part and system is covered without ...
  66. Duration

    Find the duration of a 6% coupon bond making annual coupon payments if it has three years until maturity and a yield to maturity of 6.5%. What is the duration if the yield to maturity is 10.5%?
  67. Finance

    A bond currently sells for $1,120, which gives it a yield to maturity of 5%. Suppose that if the yield increases by 25 basis points, the price of the bond falls to $1,070. What is the duration of this bond?
  68. math

    (35/100)25 = 8.75 pounds of trim loss, then (80/100)8.75 = 7 pounds of cooking loss, so total loss is 15.75 pounds of meat. So total amount the chef has left to serve is 25-15.75 = 9.25 pounds
  69. Algebra- help please!!!!

    Please help Steve! This is due tomorrow and I have no idea how to figure this out!!!
  70. Algebra

    Nope.....I checked and it isn't a typo.
  71. Algebra

    Fiona and camila took a load of peaches to the farmers market. During the first hour , they sold 1/2 of the peaches plus 1/2 of a peach. In the second hour, they sold 1/3 of the remaining peaches plus 1/3 of a peach. In the third hour , they so,d 1/4 of what was left and 3/4 ...
  72. Chemistry

    How many grams of a 17.7% potassium sulfate solution would contain 419.9 g potassium sulfate? Answer in units of g
  73. Chemistry

    Write the equation for the dissolution of NH4NO3 in water. If 5.95 mol of NH4NO3 are dissolved, how many total moles of ions are produced? Answer in units of mol
  74. Math

    Sixty people, half of whom were females, were asked if they liked yogurt. Thirty-two of the people, including two-fifths of all of the males, said that they did like yogurt. How many of the females didn't like yogurt?
  75. Math

    A clock has a minute hand10 inches long. What is the distance traveled by the tip of the minute hand in 1 day?
  76. Math

    At one point on a mountain road, the elevation is 1250 meters. Three kilometers up the road, the elevation is 1610 meters. What is the average change in elevation for each hundred meters on this section of the road?
  77. Math

    I am thinking of a number. If I add a half, fourth, and a ninth of it together, I get a total of 62. What's my number?
  78. Math

    What is the weight of the snow I have to shovel off our sidewalk after a 6 inch snowfall ? Our sidewalk is 150 feet long and 3 feet wide.
  79. Math

    The sum of two fractions is 1 1/2. Their difference is 5/12. What are the fractions?
  80. Chemistry

    The half-life for the first-order conversion of A to B is 56.5 hours. How long does it take for the concentration of A to decrease to 10.0% of its original amount? Our professor has given us the answer - 188hr but I am not entirely sure how he got it.
  81. Math

    Alex makes a 14 inch diameter pizza, which includes a 1 inch crust. Donald wants to make a 10 inch diameter pizza with the same percent of crust as Alex's pizza. To the nearest tenth of an inch, approximately how wide will the crust be on Donald's pizza?
  82. Geometry

    How many distinct isosceles triangles exist with a perimeter of 99 inches and side lengths that are positive while numbers?
  83. Math

    Fred is closing a bank account t and wants to distribute the money among his grandchildren by giving each of them $20. To do this Fred needs an additional $62 . Instead he gave each grandchild $17 and had $7 left over. How many grandchildren does Fred have? How much money did ...
  84. Math

    A box contains 20 red balls and 40 green balls . Four balls are randomly selected from the box without replacement. What is the probability of selecting a red ball followed by a green ball and then another red ball followed by a green ball?
  85. Math

    Loretta's age now is twice John's age five years ago. In three years the sum of John's and Loretta's ages will be 50. How old are Loretta and John today?
  86. Math

    What is the smallest counting number n so that 375n is a perfect square?
  87. Math

    Coins numbered 1-200 are placed in a hat. What is the probability that a coin chosen at random out of the hat is a multiple of 6 or 9?
  88. Math

    What is the sum of the prime factors of 1260? For example, the sum of the prime factors of 20 is 9.
  89. Math

    How many terms are in the following sequence that follows? 3,7,11,....,439
  90. Math

    A car rental agency charges $37.50 per day and $0.23 per mile or fraction thereof to rent a car. How many miles can be driven in a day before the charge reaches $100.00?
  91. Math

    A high rise apartment building has four elevators. Each elevator travels upward at an average rate of 18 feet per second. The elevator travels 12 feet from one floor to the next. Suppose you get on the elevator on the first floor and travel straight to the fiftieth floor ...
  92. Math

    Which set of factors of the number 420 has the least possible sum? Which set of factors of the. Number 420 has the greatest possible sum? Be sure that the two sets of factors both have a product of 420
  93. Math

    Nine consecutive odd whole numbers sum to 243. Find the sum if the first and last whole numbers in this nine-addend ser.
  94. Math

    How many numbers between 9 and 100 exist such that the product of the digits is treaters than the actual number?
  95. Math

    Find the whole number that meets all the following conditions 1. It is greater than 100 2. It is less than 200 3. It is 20 greater when rounded to the nearest 100 than when it is rounded to the nearest 10
  96. Math

    Find the greatest ten digit positive multiple of 12 using each digit once and only once.
  97. Math

    Find the next three values in the following sequence of numbers. -1,0,1,0,1,2,3,6,11,20,37
  98. Math

    Find the greatest ten digit positive multiple of 12 using each digit once and only once .
  99. Math

    Find six consecutive multiples of 6 whose sum is the least common multiple of 13 and 18.
  100. Math

    If f(x) = x^4 -5x^2 +4, for what values of x is the absolute value of f(x) not differentiable?
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