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Camila wanted to learn cooking so that she could help out at home. In the cooking class, 10 students shared 6 8 kg of sugar equally. How much sugar would each student get? (Please round off your answer to the nearest whole number if needed. Leave your answer in g)


Monster college

statistics probability
Alice earned a score of 940 on an IQ test.The mean test score was 850 with a standard deviation of 100.(Assume that test scores are normally distributed). Q1a).What proportion of students had a higher score than alice? Qb)Find the score exceeded by 2.5% of the students.

(x)/(.00125-x)(.00000025-x)=Kc How do I solve for x or Kc?

5.00mL of .00500 M ferric nitrate is added to 5.00 Ml of nitric acid and 10.0 Ml of .00250 M thiocyanate solution. Calculate the initial FE^3+ concentration before reaction. I know F3^3+=Cfe-[FESCN^2+] after that I have no idea what to do. Help please?? =-(

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