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  1. greek philosophy and history

    Socrates believed that absolute right, wrong, good, and evil existed.
  2. science

    Which type of taxonomic system uses what an animal looks like to classify it: a) phenic system b) cladistic system c) genetic system d) observatory system
  3. science

    A molecule that contains all the information a cell needs to make protein: a) ATP b) carbohydrate c) lipid d) protein e) philosophic f) nucleic acid
  4. science

    one characteristic used to place organisms into kingdoms is..... a) how they move b) where they live c) their ability to make food d) their ability to reproduce
  5. science

    which form of classification groups animals based on their phylogenetic similarities? a) order b) cladistics c) linnaeus d) systematic
  6. science

    oh, thanks that helps a lot, actually :)
  7. science

    what is taxonomy?
  8. counciling

    Thanks. I was kind of stuck on what to write about but that gave me something actually worth reading/writing. So, yeah, thanks
  9. counciling

    yeah, i know honest, but would it be about a time you were happiest point or your saddest, deepest point?
  10. counciling

    Say you have to write a paper for your councilor. Would you write about something happy. Oh, keep in mind if you were to it has to be 5,050 words long and you'd have a day to write it. Happy or sad?
  11. 4thGrade Math

    or 8.8 inches sorry, inches do make it easier:)
  12. 4thGrade Math

    22.35200 centimeters each
  13. Math

    1) 23, sorry i don't know the other one :(
  14. History

    there were plenty, just think... what did he.didn't he stop? what changed while he was president, what didn't. it actually depends on YOU, and how you see it... xoxo gothgirl-kk
  15. english

    which pronoun refers to the narrator?
  16. english

    okay thx i just have problems understanding memoirs.....
  17. english

    if you wrote a memoir what would it be about?????
  18. psy/300

    perception (the way a person thinks) and the senses (hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell) effect learning through the interpretation of the input. example. a blind person can not learn to read a standard book. and thus must learn to read Braille. the brain adapts to the ...
  19. ENGLISH.......PLZ HELP ME FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!11!

    if i wrote about, say my first kiss; say i put i was nervous, i was afraid i wouldn't be a good kisser, and so on, would that be considered a memoir if i posted it on a writing site? im totally confused, xoxo gothgirl-kk
  20. French

    oh, well im sorry :( uuum to be honest im not sure...... is that your actual fear.... if your not sure go out side or someplace where you'l be cold and take deep breathes, it should help you think clearer
  21. French

    wait in french it is "Ma crainte est que je ne serai jamais obtenir un emploi que je veux, sorry i was thinking spanish
  22. French

    You should say, "My fear is that I will never get a job that I want" Translate "Mi temor es que nunca voy a conseguir un trabajo que quiero" it should be the same thing but in spaqnish
  23. english

    okay, no prob i guess
  24. english

    oh, maybe they just had the same experience as children........ it is not uncommon, it has happened plenty of times where there is practically the same situation but in other ways, is this just you wondering?
  25. english

    are they by the same person?
  26. english

    what are they about?
  27. english

    which of the following statements does NOT describe a memoir: a) the characters are actual people b) it is a purely factual account c) it is based on memories, not history d) non of the above thx, xoxo gothgirl-kk
  28. Algebra

    hope that helps :D
  29. Algebra

    write them so all the x variables are on one side 0 = -2x^2 + 9x - 4 and 0 = 6x^2 - x - 2 if you can, factor out any common factors (in this case, you can not for either equation) You could use the quadratic formula or just a little trial and error to factor the equations. The...
  30. english

    what is a memoir: what is an example of a memoir? why would someone write a memoir. how do you relates to a memoir???? xoxo gothgirl-kk
  31. English

    1)i think noun 2)adverb
  32. English

    if so........ well just let me know first.... xoxo gothgirl-kk
  33. English

    do you mean he word that takes the place of the noun/adverb/adjective?
  34. Physics

    no, i don't believe so