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social studies
Reed, stop being such a let down and just help for once instead of being a total jerk. GEEZ. Unlike Reed, Just give the answers is correct one hundred percent if you go to Connections academy. But in all honesty, at least try to read a little bit of the text once in a while. ;...

Please help! 400 calories of heat are added to 40grams of water at 20celcius . What's the final temp reached ?

in lamb to the slaughter mary maloney represents a feminist who undergoes total metamorphosis. validate the sentence reflecting on her conduct in the story?

How to study lecture notes
I know this seems like a silly question, but this is my first time taking a big lecture class (200-500 students). I take really detailed notes and our professor provides us with lecture outlines but I don't really know how to go about studying these outlines. Just reading ...

Well I don't know a whole lot about this topic, but culture does play a role because certain cultures and religions forbid or limit people from seeking medical help. Culture also plays a role in the type of medical care utilized. For example, the native americans have a ...

public speaking
I have to deliver a 6-8 minute speech using only one side of 3 notecards. I have been practicing but it just seems impossible. I get nervous and lose my place or I leave out important points. What should I do?

persuasive speaking
i am struggling with the need, plan advantage format for public speaking. i've already consulted my textbook and notes, i still am not understanding the material. is there any websites i can consult to find this format/an explanation? i tried googling it already. thank you.

College Writing
where can i find reliable resources on college athletics for a paper? i am writing about student athletes and i have used the NCAA website, but are there any journals? can i use newpaper articles or would those be considered too biased?

Really, the teacher should not be held responsible for Damien's behavior. Most of the time students who act out have been taught how to behave in a classroom; however they ignore these lessons. The teacher should not be held accountable when the majority of the class is ...