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Question on "Brave New World": What does this quote mean--"Was and will make me ill. I take a gramme and only am." Thanks for your help!

What are the consequences of illegality in realtion to contract law?

a girl touches a Van de graff generator and slowly moves away from the dome why when moving back to touch it again she recives a strong shock why ?

Touching a Van de graff generator and slowly moves away from the dome why he touches it again he recives a stron shock why ?

Would the real monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein be Victor Frankenstein because he just leaves the monster to care for himself and wants nothing to do with it? or someone else?

Who does the monster care about in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"?

Social Studies
What factor determines the location of each voters polling place?

Social Studies
Why should votes participate in the primary process?

Social Studies
Since political parties are not mentioned in the Constitution, why did they develop se quickly in the new nation?

I agree reading the book will help, I forgot the book at school. I need the answers to my question to help me complete the homework.

Need information on the character of Mike Taylor in the book "The Place of Lions" by Eric Campbell. Physical Appearance, Actions, Thoughts and Words, Other characters thoughts and feels, and aughtor tells directectly. Thank you.

eth 125
Subordinate group define

i don't know lol

NHD project
I am doing a National History Day project this year on the topic of "From Conflict to Compromise" and my thesis statement has to be turned in tomorrow. Could someone check it and make sure it is arguable and true? The inequality of women caused them to become ...

Thank you!

I didn't write it. It was on a worksheet. But I do have to fix it. I already went to that site and if I were to change it to: The man wearing the suit was her former fiance. would that make it a participial phrase?

Is this an example of a participial phrase? The man in the suit was her former fiance.

This is a homework question, but one I have been curious about since I could pick up a book. Why are there brackets around random words in a quote? For example on book reviews there are brackets around one or a few words and I can't understand why.

what is the seasonal temperature and the rainfall amount for China northeast temperate forest, for all four seasons? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "temperature rainfall China" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link...

What are the bamboo adaptaions for northeast China temperate forest. I could only find two facts and I need 5, plus a resource.

i really need to know what.... 4 to the power of 77 is... 477 = 2.28360 x 1046 according to my calculator. i don't know how to do factors with two digit numbers. Please click Post a New Question, put Math in the subject line, and post your question. It would help if you ...

To be written on the axis of a graph,suggest two quantities that might be described by the statement. 1) When one quantity decreases, the other decreases. 2) When one quantity decreases, the other increases. 3) When one quatity increases, the other decreases. 4) Both ...

What is cytoplasmic strand? and can you give me a website wherein I can find informations pertaining to plant and animal cell long chains of protiens that secure the neucleus in the middle of the cell, as well as performing other functions during mitosis and maintaining cell ...

1. The standard heat of formation of glucose and lactic acid are -1274.45 and -694.04 kJ/mole, respectively. The molar heat capacity of the two compounds are 218.86 and 127.6 J/(mol)K a.) What is the total heat of reaction at 25 degree Celsius for the formation of lactic acid ...

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