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The number of sweets in Container X was 24 more than Container Y. When I removed 42 sweets from Container X and transfered then in Container Y,the number of sweets in Container Y became thrice of Container X. Find the number of sweets in Container X first.

art - again!
im sorry to be a pain and ask for help again ive nearly finished my art homework but i aim struggling to write a story about the Michaelangelo,creation of Adam painting any ideas what i can write or a start off question. sorry to be a pain. thankyou so much

art - writeacher
sorry i didn`t read that bit i just read the top bit . thankyou its given me some ideas thanks so much!

art- writeacher
im so sorry i should have explained better its the same as jenna `s homework about having to write a short story about the paintings Mona Lisa , Michaelangelo , creation of Adam , Birth of Venus and George and the Dragon i`m really stuck i cant think of anything to write. im ...

ive got the same homework as Jenna and ive looked on the sites everyone has found but im finding the mona lisa painting hard. upto now ive put Its the 15th century and i am called mona lisa today i am going to be painted by an artist called Leonardo da vinci. i don`t know if ...