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  1. math

    how many microseconds are in a minute. A microsecond is one millionth of a second there are 60 seconds in a minute. So 60 times one million is what? or (60)(1,000,000)=? got it thank you so much..
  2. Math

    find two factors of 28 with the sum of 11. Surely by the time you posted this question, you should have been able to figure out that very simple question. Give it a try!!! Let me know what you came up with. well I think its 7 and 11. I was looking for clarification. wow, and ...
  3. criminology

    how is criminal behavior explicable according to rational choice theory? It would be helpful if you phrased your questions in regular English and explained your terms. explicable ??? rational choice theory ??? ?? question pertains to the rational choice theory of crime. ...
  4. religion

    what are the simularites and differences between jesus and muhammed? Let us know what you come up with, and someone here will be happy to critique your thinking. =) sites for Mohammad and Jesus - GuruBlue, Sunday, ...
  5. science/PLEASE HELP

    list at least 3 alternative methods for mazimizing food production in benin (africa) pros & cons These sites will help you make your lists. (Broken Link Removed)
  6. science

    In which ways would your lifstyle contribute to soil erosion?
  7. religion (please help)

    explain what the cultural and societal influences that have made hinduism vital to the region in which it originated. Please tell us what you've learned. We'll be glad to critique your answer and respond to your ideas. ms.sue you should give this student the website ...
  8. science

    can anyone detail the simiarities and differences between the terrestrial biome and the aquatic life zone? both are subject to stratification, there are different layers and these layers inhabited by different organisms. for example: canopy in the forest, kelp beds form ...
  9. science

    describe a freshwater or saltwater lifezone within or adjacent to the mojave desert?
  10. science

    examples of parasitism, mutualism and commensalism in the mojave desert. thank you! it was a big help
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