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  1. Precalculus

    A ship is heading due north at 10 mph. The current is flowing southwest at 3 mph. Find the actual bearing and speed of the ship.
  2. Math

  3. life orientation

    Help plz
  4. Math, Please Help!

    Thank you, Mrs. Sue. I now understand this type of problem! :)
  5. Math, Please Help!

    If 99 people had a mean income of $12,000, how much is the mean income increased by the addition of a single income of $200,000?
  6. Probability.. HELP!

    Three men were walking down a street talking when they met a fourth man. If the fourth man knew that two of the men always lied and the third always told the truth and he asked the three men a question, what is the probability that he got a truthful answer when one man answered?
  7. Probability.. HELP!

    At a certain hospital, 40 patients have lung cancer, 30 patients smoke, and 25 have lung cancer and smoke. Suppose the hospital contains 200 patients. If a patient chosen at random is known to smoke, what is the probability of the event that the patient has lung cancer?
  8. Probability

    A husband and wife discover that there is a 10% probability of their passing on a hereditary disease to any child they have. If they plan to have three children, what is the probability of the event that at least one child will inherit the disease?
  9. Probability

    An assembly line has two inspectors. The probability that the first inspector will miss a defective item is 0.05. If the defective item passes the first inspector, the probability that the second inspector will miss it is 0.01. What is the probability of the event that a ...
  10. Algebra, help please!!!

    A penny, nickel, dime, and a quarter are tossed. What is the probability of the event of obtaining at least three heads on the tosses?
  11. math

    A bag contains n cards, each having one of the consecutive numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, .... n) written on it, with each number being used once. The probability of drawing a card with a number less than or equal to 10 is 4/10. How many cards are in the bag?
  12. Math, Please Help!

    If three cards are drawn at random from a standard deck of 52 playing cards, what is the probability that at least one of the cards is a face card: that is, one of the cards is a kind, queen, or jack?
  13. Algebra

    Find the number of ways that 4 flags can be displayed on a flagpole, one above the other, if 10 different flags are available.
  14. Math help!

    Miriam is four years older than Ricardo. Ten years ago Miriam was 3 times as old as Ricardo was then. A: How old are they now? B: Determine whether your answer is correct by checking that it satisfies the conditions of the problem.
  15. Math, Please Help!

    Ten years from now Alex's age will be 3 times her present age. Find Alex's age now.
  16. Math, Please Help!

    At the Out - Rage Benefit Concert, 723 tickets were sold for $3/ student and $5/ non- student. The benefit raised $2,815. How many non- student tickets were sold?
  17. Math, Please Help!

    Ryan is building matchstick square sequences, as shown ( first one used 4, second one used 7, third one used 10, and the forth one used 13). He used 599 matchsticks to form the last two figures in his sequences. How many matchsticks did he use in each of the last two figures?
  18. Algebra HELP!

    That's basically what I had for my answer, but I wasn't sure so I wanted to double check. Thank you!
  19. Algebra HELP!

    On a ruler that measures both metric and English units, we see that 1 m = 39.37 in. This implies that 2 m = 78.74 in. Use this information to write an equation to convert x inches to y meters.
  20. Algebra, help please!!!

    Find three decimals between each of the following pairs of decimals: A: 4.333333333(repeating 3) and 4.3 B: 203.76(repeating 7,6) and 203.7(repeating 7)
  21. Algebra, help please!!!

    How did you get these answers? I don't see you how did it.
  22. Algebra, help please!!!

    Fill in the following blanks to find other expressions for 5%: A: ___ for every 100 B: ___ for every 50 C: 1 for every ___ D: 8 for every ___ E: 0.5 for every ___ Please help, very confused by this problem.
  23. Algebra

    I am 100% confused on this.
  24. Algebra

    Because of a recession, the value of a new house depreciated 10% each year for 3 years in a row. Then, for the next 3 years, the value of the house increased 10% each year. Had the value of the house increased or decreased after 6 years? Explain please!!
  25. Algebra

    Explain why you think a sign on a copy machine reading ".05 (cent sign) a copy" is put up by mistake?
  26. Algebra: help!

    I am mainly confused with problem D. I don't understand and have yet to get the right answer.
  27. Algebra: help!

    Solve for x in each of the following: a: 2/3x = 11/6 b: 3/4 / x = 1/3 c: 5/6 - 2/3x = 3/4 d: 2x/3 + 1/4 = x/6 - 1/2 Please help me and explain, I don't get fractions at all!
  28. Algebra: help

    A person has 29 1/2 yards of material available to make doll outfits. Each outfit requires 3/4 yard of material. a: How many outfits can be made? b: How much material will be left over?
  29. Math

    Every employee's salary at the Sunrise Software Company increases each year by 1/10 of that person's salary the previous year. A: If Martha's present annual salary is $100,000.00, what will her salary be in 2 years? B: If Aaron's present salary is $99,000.00, ...
  30. Algebra

    Where did the 19 come from? Also that was all just question "a" right? So confused.
  31. Algebra, help please!!!

    I am mainly confused with problem D. I don't understand and have yet to get the right answer.
  32. HELP!! Algebra

    A student claims that division always makes things smaller so 5 / (1/2) cannot 10 because 10 is greater than the number 5 she started with. How do you respond? I don't understand this question at all!!
  33. Math help

    Noah says that dividing a number by 2 is the same as multiplying it by 1/2. He wants to know if he is right, and if so, why? How do you respond?
  34. Algebra

    Jim is starting a new diet. When he arrived home, he ate 1/3 of the half of a pizza that was left from the previous night. The whole pizza contains approximately 2,000 calories. How many calories did Jim consume?

    How did you do this??

    Factor each of the following expressions completely and then simplify, if possible: a: ax + 2x b: ax - 2x c: 3x - 4x + 7x d: 3x^2 + xy - x e: (a + b)(c + 1) - (a + b) f: x^2 - 9y^2 g: (x^2 - y^2) + x + y
  37. Algebra HELP!

    I still don't understand how you got that though, factoring is my major weakness. I don't get how you get the answers to them.
  38. Algebra HELP!

    Factor each of the following expressions completely and then simplify, if possible: a: ax + 2x b: ax - 2x c: 3x - 4x + 7x d: 3x^2 + xy - x e: (a + b)(c + 1) - (a + b) f: x^2 - 9y^2 g: (x^2 - y^2) + x + y
  39. Math help!

    Find the first five terms of the sequence whose nth term is given. a: (-2)^n + 2^n b: n^2(-1)^n c: |10 - n^2|
  40. Algebra

    If x is an integer and x is not equal to zero, which of the following are always positive and which are always negative? a: -x to the power of 4 b: (-x) power of 4 c: x to the power of 4 d: x e: -x
  41. Math help!

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it. You were correct.
  42. Math help!

    The number of students taking sophomore mathematics at Union College has been decreasing at the rate of 20 per year for many years. Assuming this trend continues, write a multiplication problem that describes the change in the number of sophomores taking mathematics at Union ...
  43. Algebra

    That is what I had for the first one. Wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly.
  44. Algebra

    Estimate each of the following and then use a calculator to find the actual answer: a: 343+ -42 - 402 b: -1992 + 3005 - 497 c: 992 - -10,003 - 101 d: -301 - -1303 + 4993
  45. math

    Let y= -3x-2. Find the value of y (in parts (a)-(d)) for each of the following values of x: a: -1 b: 100 c: -2 d: -a in terms of a e: For which values of x will y be -11?
  46. math

    The greatest recorded temperature ranges in the world are around the "cold pole" in Siberia. Temperatures in Verkhoyansk have varied from -94 degrees Fahrenheit to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. What is the difference between the high and low temperatures in Verkhoyansk?
  47. Algebra

    What does that mean for this problem then?
  48. Algebra

    The largest bubble chamber in the world is 15 ft. in diameter and contains 7259 gal of liquid hydrogen at a temperature of -247 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is dropped by 11 degree Celsius per hour for 2 consecutive hours, what is the new temperature?
  49. Algebra

    Jill asks each of her classmates to choose a number, then multiply the number by -3, add 2 to the product, multiply the result by -2, and then subtract 14. Finally, each student is asked to divide the result by 6 and record the answer. When Jill gets an answer from a classmate...
  50. Algebra

    In the metric system there are two official temperature scales: degree Celsius and kelvin. The kelvin temperature scale is obtained by shifting the Celsius scale so of any heat whatsoever. An equation about the relationship between the two scales follows: kelvin~ degree ...
  51. math

    Hawaii's lowest temperature on record is -11degrees Celsius. What would you expect to be true about the elevation of the site where this temperature was measured.
  52. Please math help

    A: I am choosing an integer. I then subtract 10 from the integer, take the opposite of the result, add -3, and find the opposite of the new result. My result is -3. What is the original number? B: Judy wants to do the activity in part (a) with her classmates. Each classmate ...
  53. math

    Bijous I and II start their movies at 7:00 p.m. The movie Bijou I takes 75 min, while the movie Bijou II takes 90 min. If the shows run continuously, when will they start at the same time again?
  54. math

    In a football game, a touchdown with an extra point is worth 7 points and a field goal is worth 3 points. Suppose that in a game the only scoring done by teams are touchdowns with extra points and field goals. A: Which of the scores 1 to 25 are impossible for a team to score? ...
  55. Algebra

    A class of 23 students was using square tiles to build rectangular shapes. Each student had more than 1 tile and each had a different number of tiles. Each student was able to build only one shape of rectangle. All tiles had to be used to build a rectangle and the rectangle ...
  56. math

    Explain why and when we would need to use LCM and GCD? Share, describe and summarize 4 examples of both.
  57. math

    In a classroom, Alba asked why we don't talk about LCM and GCM. How would you answer?
  58. math

    Alba asked why we don't talk about LCM and GCM. How do you answer?
  59. Math help

    Find all whole numbers which: A: 20-x=x B: 20-x-6=0 C: x+4=3+x+1
  60. Math help

    There is a center circle with eight circles connected to it. A. Place numbers 24 through 32 so the sums are all the same. B. How many numbers can be placed in the middle to obtain a solution?
  61. Qualitative Analysys

    Write a ten to fifteen page paper that summarizes the concepts and 'laws of evolution' in your own words. Think about and give an example of something that evolved using each of the laws. Use the examples on each of the slides to get your thoughts started (but ...
  62. Chemistry

    How much heat in kilojoules must be removed from a glass of water that contains 100g of water to lower its temperature from 30 C to 15 C?
  63. Algebra

    y-1 -4x+16 y-1+1 = -4x +16 +1 y =-4x+17
  64. math

    a framed painting weighs 220 newtons. the 2 wires support an angle of 120 degrees with each other. what are the tensions on the wire?
  65. Math

  66. Math

    x = new price x+10 = old price 50/x = 50/(x+10)+5/12 12x(x +10)(50/x) = 12x(x+10)50/(x+10)+12x(x+10)5/12 600x +6000 = 600x +5x^2 +50x 5x^2 +50x -6000 = 5(x^2+10x-1200) 5(x-30)(x+40) =0 x =30 so the new price is 30 cent
  67. Pre Algebra

    A = s^2 To find side of length 81/100 = s^2 sqrt(81/100) = sqrt(s^2) 9/10 = s
  68. algebra

    x^2- 3x + 3x -9 = x^2 - 9
  69. Probability

    Men Women Total prefer baseball 20 25 45 prefer football 30 25 55 Total 50 50 100 P(pf|W) = (25/100)/(50/100) p = 25/50 = .5
  70. statistics

    p(at least 5 have the same month) p(someone shows w/ at least someone else) P(s)+ P(d) = 100 % 100%- P(d) (12 *11*10*9*8)/12^5 P(d) =95040/248832 = .3819 100% -0.3819 = 0.6181 61.81%
  71. algebra

    4x -14y -1 -10x +y -1 19x-4y -37
  72. Algebra 1

    k-8 = -7 k-8 +8 = -7 +8 k = 1
  73. Math

    B D
  74. Math

    a = 3c 7a+ 3c = 6000 21c + 3c = 6000 24c = 6000 24c/24 =6000/24 c =250 a = 3c a = 3(250) = 750 a+c = 1000
  75. Math

    let a let c c =3a 3c +7a = 6000 3(3a) + 7a = 6000 9a +7a = 6000 16a = 6000 16a/16 =600/16 a = 375 c = 3a c = 3(375) = 1125 people 1500
  76. math

    The position vectors of points A and B with respect to the origin 0, are (-8,5) and (12,-5) respectively. Point M is the midpoint of B and N is the midpoint of OA. (a) Find: (i) The coordinates of N and M (ii) The magnitude of NM (b) Express vector NM in terms of OB (c) Point ...
  77. math

    The position vectors of points A and B with respect to the origin 0, are (-8,5) and (12,-5) respectively. Point M is the midpoint of B and N is the midpoint of OA. (a) Find: (i) The coordinates of N and M (ii) The magnitude of NM (b) Express vector NM in terms of OB (c) Point ...
  78. algebra

    0 = 8000t -16t^2 -16t( t-500) = 0 t = 0, t= 500 0r Max = 500/2 = 250 Max t = -b/2a t = -8000/2(-16) t = 250
  79. Algebra 1

    Yes .
  80. Algebra 1

    x + 3x-1 + 4x +2 = 81 8x+ 1 = 81 8x+1-1 = 81-1 8x = 80 8x/8 = 80/8 x = 10
  81. Math

    y = ½ x^2 – x +3 for 1≤x≤6 (b) Calculate the mid- ordinates for 5 strips between x = 1 and x= 6, and hence use the mid-ordinate rule to approximate the area under the curve between x = 1, x = 6 and the x = axis. (c) assuming that the area determined by ...
  82. Math order of operations using negatives

    -3(2)^3+ 27/9 -3(8) + 3 -24 +3 = -21
  83. math

    y = ½ x^2 – x +3 for 0≤x≤6 (b) Calculate the mid- ordinates for 5 strips between x = 1 and x= 6, and hence use the mid-ordinate rule to approximate the area under the curve between x = 1, x = 6 and the x = axis. (c) assuming that the area determined by ...
  84. life orientation

    Sexual harrassment
  85. physics

    In open heart surgery a much smaller amount of energy will defibrillate the heart. (a) What voltage is applied to the 9.00 µF capacitor of a heart defibrillator that stores 45.0 J of energy? kV (b) Find the amount of stored charge. mC

    A bare helium nucleus has two positive charges and a mass of 6.64 10-27 kg. (a) Calculate its kinetic energy in joules at 2.00% of the speed of light. J (b) What is this in electron volts? eV (c) What voltage would be needed to obtain this energy? V

    A doubly charged ion is accelerated to an energy of 34.0 keV by the electric field between two parallel conducting plates separated by 2.00 cm. What is the electric field strength between the plates?

    Find the capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor having plates of area 1.00 m2 that are separated by 0.400 mm of Teflon.
  89. 3rd grade math II

    8+8+8= groups of the number 24/8=
  90. math

    The typo is the 2247 degrees Celsius. It's suppose to be -247 degree Celsius. How would your work the problem now?
  91. Ethics125

    Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity  Resources: Racial and Ethnic Groups, the University Library, and the Internet  Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum  Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper identifying the linguistic, political, social, ...
  92. Pre-Algebra

    Thats easy a) 217 - 198 = 19 b) 1 2/3 (mixed fraction) = 5/3 (improper fraction) 5/3 - 3/4 (to find the difference) = 20/12 - 9/12 (convert to common denominator) =11/12 c) $1.25 - $0.59 = $0.66
  93. (edit) English - Essay Writing

    This is what I've changed the second one to, is this better or worse? The book To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel and has sold over 30,000,000 copies worldwide. It is based around the 1930’s, a time where racism was very ...
  94. English - sentence help

    Personally, I'm surprised the teacher didn't help you out him/herself, considering they're the teacher and all....
  95. business

    what are the simularities and differences between the legal business environments of domestic and international trade?

    Bond valuation Callaghan Motors’ bonds have 10 years remaining to maturity. Interest is paid annually; they have a $1,000 par value; the coupon interest rate is 8 percent; and the yield to maturity is 9 percent. What is the bond’s current market price
  97. law

    explain the pros and cons of legal moralism. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully something in these sites will help you: 1. 2. (This is ...
  98. math

    help!!need an answer 3x+4y=12 (0, ),(2/3, ),(0, ),(-2/3, ) anybody? It looks like maybe you are supposed to take the equation 3x + 4y = 12, and solve for the values of y that correspond to given values of x. For example, when x=0, 4y = 12 and y = 3. Therefore the first "...
  99. criminology

    what are the characteristics of the juvenile court system? We will be happy to critique your thinking. Be careful of generalizations here on fairness, etc. Courts vary very widely on how well the operate. What i am looking for are the general characteristics of juvenile court ...
  100. criminology

    Can someone tell me a policy that is in effect that relates to trait theories? Determine how far sound travels in 55 minutes. Express your answer in feet. You may use 760 mph as the speed of sound.Do I divide,add,subtract or multiply. Check out this site: http://www....
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