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  1. digital arts

    thank you
  2. digital arts

    sculpture is an example of preforming art true false**
  3. English

    I need a theme statement about discrimination
  4. algebra 2

    the sum of 3 consecutive intergers is 90. find the largest interger if x is the smallest interger
  5. Chemistry

    When mixing 10m/L of 6 M HCl (diluted with 10 mL of water) with 0.1 g of Mg, how many moles of H2 are created and how many moles of Mg are reactant? I understand I must use n=(PV)/(RT) to find H2, since it is a gas, but the constant R is still confusing to me and I cannot ...
  6. math

    Travis is 2121 years older than his sister Michelle. In 99 years, he will be twice as old as Michelle. How old is each of them now?
  7. math

    One day during flu season, 1/3 of the students in a class were out sick, and only 24 students were left. How many students are in the class?
  8. Literature

    Thank you so much!
  9. Literature

    Is it c?
  10. Literature

    Help Ms. Sue
  11. Literature

    PART A: What is Asimov's main idea in this essay? (Science an the sense of wonder) A- space is best appreciated through poetry B- poetry and science can work together****** C- the universe is more than beauty D- scientific knowledge is always advancing Help please!
  12. Us history

    the sugar act was a new tax on molasses but actually lowered an earlier text what were the colonists doing in response to the earlier text that the sugar act try to stop? A.) Declaring independence from Britain B.) Paying only a portion of it C.) Holding protests and riots D...
  13. Science

    I need help finding two examples of natural social systems
  14. Math

    Kendra has 5.5 pounds of popcorn and wants to package it equally in 50 bags. How can she use place-value reasoning to find the amount of popcorn to put in each bag?
  15. science

    what! my name was used for this and my name isnt popular so i had to see this haha
  16. Math

    In high school, I played soft ball. I hit the ball into the air with an upward velocity of 35 ft. The equation that gives the height (h) of the ball at any time (t) is: h(t)= -15t2 + 35ft + 1.0. What is the y-coordinate of the vertex? Use: x=-b/2a
  17. Algebra

    small medium at large
  18. Algebra 1

    Find the numbers whose sum is 15, if twice the first number minus the second number equals 6.
  19. math

  20. Calculus

    Let f(t)=(1)/(t) Find a value of t such that the average rate of change of f(t) from 1 to t equals 14. t= ____
  21. math

  22. Math

    There are 40 yellow and blue marbles in a bag. There are 4 times as many blue marbles as yellow marbles. How many yellow marbles are there? 5 How many blue marbles are there? 35
  23. College Algebra

    An executive invests $26,000, some at 8% and some at 6% annual interest. If he receives an annual return of $1,800, how much is invested at each rate?
  24. Physics

  25. Physics

    Ball A is thrown upward from the top of a building and takes 12 s to hit the ground. Ball B is thrown downward with the same speed as Ball A and takes 7 s to hit the ground. How long does it take for ball A to reach it peak?
  26. Biology

    The answer is B
  27. ss

    I am with Anna this link didn't help AT ALL!
  28. Math check please

    Nevermind I got them all correct
  29. Math check please

    1. Solve the system of equations y=2x^2-3 y=3x-1 a)no solution b)(-1/2,5),(2,-5/2) c)(-1/2,-5/2),(2,5)**** d)(1/2,5/2),(2,5) 2. How many real number solutions are there to the equation 0=-3x^2+x-4? a)0 ***** b)1 c)2 d)3 3.solve the equation by completing the square. if ...
  30. English

    So would you mind looking at my previous post on this and letting me know if I was right the first time?
  31. English

    First off there are two of us here trying to do this romeo and Juliet thing! In the same house so sorry you feel you have been speaking to one person and secondly I did give my answer to these questions twice in fact! But I am confused on what the correct response is seeing ...
  32. English

    8. What can readers infer from the following quote from Act V, Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet? Romeo: O, be gone! By heaven, I love thee better than myself; For I come hither arm’d against myself: Stay not, be gone;--live, and hereafter say, A madman’s mercy bid thee ...
  33. Social studies

    I think it is too
  34. Math help and check

    Oh ok thank you! I appreciate it so much!!
  35. Math help and check

    Which kind of function best models the set of data points (–1, 22), (0, 6), (1, –10), (2, –26), and (3, –42)? linear **** quadratic exponential none of the above 2. Which kind of function best models the set of data points (–3, 18), (–2, 6), (&#...
  36. English check

    OK Well Thanks for the help!
  37. Math

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Statistics

    The grades in the final exam of a random sample of 25 students produce a standard deviation, s = 9.5. a) Construct a 90% confidence interval estimate for the population variance, . b) Can we infer at 10% level of significance that the population variance is significantly ...
  39. Math

    Round to the nearest hundredths 23.456
  40. Statistics

    4. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) has a combined verbal and quantitative mean of 1000 and a standard deviation of 200. Scores range from 200 to 1600 and are approximately normally distributed. For each of the following problems: (a) draw a rough sketch, darkening in the ...
  41. physics

    Calculate the potential energy of a 9.00 g bullet traveling 4.00 m above the ground at 50.0 m/s with respect to the ground
  42. Math

    A box manufacturer wants to produce an open box for which the volume is 2 cubic meters and the length is twice the width. What actual dimensions of he box will require the least amount of material? Work: V = 2m^3 2m^3 = (w)*(2w)*(h) Possible dimensions: length width height ...
  43. Math

    What is the amount of interest on the loan? $ b. What is the maturity value of the loan? $ c. What is the maturity date of the loan? Enter the full name of the month.
  44. algebra

    Perform the indicated operation. x/2+y/3-z/4
  45. PHI 208 Week 3 Reading Quiz

    Milton Friedman observes that if the same argument that advocates of corporate social responsibility say should be brought to corporate shareholders is instead brought before union members, the logical bankruptcy of the argument would be clearly evident because: both A and B.
  46. chemistry

    How many grams of calcium carbonate are required to prepare 50.0 grams of calcium oxide? CaCO3-> CaO + CO2
  47. math

    original price---x [1/2]x-6=88 x/2=94 x=188
  48. Algebra, help needed

  49. government

    common good
  50. government

    According to John Locke, citizens give up some personal liberty as part of their _________________________ with government
  51. government

    don't have a book. I don't have a guess this question confuses me
  52. government

    don't have any choices
  53. government

    The _________________________ created new religious systems that were not bound to the government.
  54. government

    A(n) _________________________ differs from a direct democracy in that only a small number of elected representatives actually vote on a specific issue.
  55. goverment

    America’s founders envisioned a _________________________ that was closer to the government of ancient Athens than to the political system found in America today
  56. goverment

    Forming a strong political _________________________ without forming an equally sound understanding of politics could lead to making unwise choices in the voting booth.
  57. CHEMISTRY Homework Assignment

    Hi I noticed someone else put this question up, but I am having a hard time with this one. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. What will be the products of the electrolysis of an aqueous solution of zirconium iodide (ZrI4)? (The electrodes themselves are platinum.)
  58. CHEMISTRY Homework

    Hey I think that we have the same professor! I am having trouble with this problem as well.
  59. trig

    A slide is attached to the side of a tree house. The height of the tree house is 6 less than double the distance from the baswe of the tree to the base of the slide. The length of the slide is 3 more than the height of the tree house. Find the length of the slide.
  60. Art Appreciation

    Compare Raphael's School of Athens with Veronese's Christ in the House of Levi. How did each work reflect the environments of Rome or Venice?
  61. Math

    Another way to right 1_4
  62. Englishh

    if my quote is exactly 4 lines do i have to indent it using MLA formatting an citations
  63. Calculus

    What is the connection between improper integrals, Riemann sums, and the integral test?
  64. math/calculus

    when approximating the value of transcendental functions, why are some centers more useful than others?
  65. Chemistry

    are molar heat of vaporization and heat of vaporization the same thing?
  66. Chemistry

    are molar heat of vaporization and heat of vaporization the same thing?
  67. Chemistry

    what is the magnitude and sign of the molar heat of vaporization of butane
  68. Chemistry

    it takes 37.50 mL of 0.152 M sodium chromate to titrate 25.00 mL of silver nitrate. what is the molarity of the silver nitrate solution
  69. Writing

    What is another way I could say "home"? I am trying to use the word to describe a place where someone feels comfortable and at ease and in place but the word home sounds awkward.
  70. Calculus

    solve for x e^(2x+3) -7=0 ln(5-2x)=-3
  71. math-algebra 2

    What are the solutions of the quadratic equation? 2x2 – 16x + 32 = 0
  72. history

    during the colonial 1580-1776 which physical feature presented the greatest obstacle to colo nists who wanted to move westward
  73. math

    8 divided by 4 over 9
  74. Spanish

    True or False? Hospitals only perform surgeries.
  75. Growth and phsical development

    can anyone help me out i have an assingment and need to identify growth and physical charateristics identifed and them also in action
  76. Computers

    For each order, display the Company Name, City, and the Country for the customer who placed the order.
  77. Polynomials and quadratic application

    thank you so much, such a life saver
  78. Polynomials and quadratic application

    Suppose I want a garden with 400 square feet. Write an equation that can be used to find the values for x that will result in that area.
  79. Polynomials and quadratic application

    thank you
  80. Polynomials and quadratic application

    I want to make a rectangular garden by fencing in a area on the back of my house. Three sides of the rectangle will be fencing; the fourth side will be the side of the house. I have 60 feet of fence. What dimensions should I make the rectangle so that I have the largest ...
  81. chemistry

    It was 15.9psi so my answer will be a little different. thanks for your help!
  82. chemistry

  83. chemistry

    ok so i have 1.08atm(3L)=nR(303.2k) then what do i do?
  84. chemistry

    0.82g of an unknown gass is at 30 degrees C in 3L container at a pressure of 15.9psi. What is the molecular weight of the unknown gas?
  85. chemistry

    ok thanks!
  86. chemistry

    0.71 M
  87. chemistry

    31.0mL sample of LiOH, concentration unknown, is titrated with .52 M HCl. It takes 42.9 ml of HCl to reach the endpoint. What is the concentration of the base?
  88. chemistry

    ok thanks!
  89. chemistry

    0.4905 M
  90. chemistry

    .04905 M
  91. chemistry

    N2+2H2=N2H4 What is the concentration of H2 at equalibrium when (N2)=.033 and (N2H2)= .042 M? Keq=5.29
  92. math

    Mia gave 1/3 of her 24 marbles to david. How many did david get?
  93. math

    mia gave 1/3 of her 24 marbles to david how many did david get?
  94. Math

    He drove 66666666 miles....🙂🙂🙂🙂
  95. calculus

    use differentials to approximate the value of the squareroot of 4.3
  96. calculus

    What is caluculous
  97. Algebra 2

    Okay so I need help with basically how to find the domain, range, and how to solve if it says Find the value of f(3). Let the f function be defined by f(x) = the square root of x + 1 for -1 is less than or equal to x less than or equal to 3. And 4 - x for 3 is less than x less...
  98. Science

    What are deep currents and how do they form?
  99. math 2nd grade

    trie dividing 1 divided by 8 and then one divided by 4 :)
  100. Physical Science: PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    A wooden raft 3 m long x 2 m wide x 20 cm thick floats on a freshwater lake. A) Determine the buoyant force? B) If the raft itself has a mass of 600 kg, how many 65-kg people could it support?
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