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  1. SCI 275

    Resource: Chapter 18 Select one case study or an example, from Chapter 18 that describes the impacts of a toxic substance on human health. Answer the following questions based on the risk assessment principles presented in Ch. 18, and in Figure 18-10 in section 18.7 Risk and ...
  2. science

    show me step by step how to balance 2 H3(PO4)(aq) + 3 CaCl2(aq)
  3. math


    Find the equation of the circle with radius 1 and center C(1, -2). Then sketch its graph. AND... Sketch a graph of the circle given by the equation. (x + 6)2 + (y – 4)2 = 16

    Find the coordinates of the vertex and the equation of the axis of symmetry of the parabola given by the equation. x = −1/3y^2+4 vertex (x, y) = axis of symmetry Sketch the graph.
  6. ALG

    Find the coordinates of the vertex and the equation of the axis of symmetry of the parabola with the given equation. y = 8x^2 + 48x − 3 vertex (x, y) = axis of symmetry ________
  7. health

    B is wrong
  8. Stats.

    Find the standard normal area for each of the following, showing your reasoning clearly. a. P(1.22<z<2.15) b. P(2.00<z<3.00) c. P(-2.00<z<2.00) d. p(z=0.50)
  9. Statistics

    The Weight of a small Starbucks coffee is normally distributed random variable with a mean of 360 grams and a standard deviation of 9 grams. Find the weight that corresponds to each event. a. highest 10% b. highest 50% c. highest 5% D. highest 80% e. lowest 10% f. middle 50% g...
  10. College Algebra

    An event in the Summer Olympics is 10-meter springboard diving. In this event, the height s, in meters, of a diver above the water t seconds after jumping is given by s(t) = –4.9t2 + 7.1t + 10. What is the maximum height that the diver will be above the water? Round to ...
  11. college algebra

    The height of a projectile fired upward is given by the formula s = v0t – 16t2, where s is the height, v0 is the initial velocity and t is the time. Find the times at which a projectile with an initial velocity of 128 ft/s will be 144 ft above the ground. Round to the ...
  12. physics

    L=ρVg(1−2828.97)=ρVg⋅0.0334829 is the lift of nitrogen to air now T/(T+ΔT) for hot air balloon, the T is 288K and we know 15 celsius was outside temperature. so ΔT is 9.9 and add 15 gives about 25 C.
  13. Algreba

  14. Healthcare finance

    I post a question earlier- confused as to when taxes are assumed. Am I heading in the right direction when I say after profit- so my answer is 7,937.5 based on profit of 82,500. I am taking 317,5009Total costs)/40(cost per visit). Or if before profit 342,750/40= 8,567.75...
  15. Healthcare Finance

    you are considering starting a walk in clinic. Your financial projections are as follows: revenues $400,000, wages and benefits 220000, rent $5,000., depreciation $30,000., utilities $2,500., medical supplies $50,000. and administrative costs $10,000. Assume all costs are ...
  16. Chemistry

    A 3.0g sample of NaCl is added to a Styrofoam cup of water, and the change in water temperature is 6.5∘C . The heat of solution of NaCl is 3.76 kJ/mol. What is the mass (in g) of water in the Styrofoam cup?
  17. Chemistry

    Acetylene(C2H2) torches are used in welding. How much heat (in kJ) evolves when 2.0L of C2H2 (d=1.0967kg/m3) is mixed with a stoichiometric amount of oxygen gas? The combustion reaction is C2H2(g)+52O2(g)→2CO2(g)+H2O(l), ΔH∘=−1299.5kJ
  18. English

    Is the comma in the right place below? Did you know, Dad, that the the colonists broke all the treaties signed by Philip and his father? Do the commas go there because to set off a nonessential appositive?
  19. science

    That only one phenotype would have been produced without change.
  20. integrated science

    find the resultant force on a .150kg baseball if gravity is pulling down and it is hit at a 45 degree angle with 50N of force by a baseball bat.
  21. Mrs.Sue i have the CORRECT ANSWERS ! you go to Connections academy
  22. science

    the core turns in to a white dwarf. So go from there .
  23. history

    Which of the following is true of the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.)? A. It was founded in Russia. B. It made business leaders create new methods to deal with labor issues. C. It had very little influence over the labor movement. [D. It was devoted to organizing ...
  24. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    1 is correct
  25. Math

    Pilar picked 12 apples.she gave 1/4 to Dwayne 1/4 tot Murphy and 1/4 to Kelley .how many apples did each get
  26. Math

  27. English

    Can you check these? Neither the tourists nor their guide has/have time to photograph the gazelle? I think has because guide is singular. Neither my spaniel nor my neighbor's terriers do/ does tricks. I think do because terriers is plural.
  28. English

    Which verb should I use and why? Either the wild dogs or the baboon makes or make that howling sound. I think since dogs is plural it should be make?
  29. Chemistry

    Suppose a student titrates a 10.00-mL aliquot of saturated Ca(OH)2 solution to the equivalence point with 13.65 mL of 0.0234 M HCl. What was the initial [OH − ]? What is the experimental value of Ksp?
  30. physics

    a block with a velocity 4m/s slides 8m across a rough horizontal floor before coming to rest.the coefficient of friction is.
  31. MATH Fractions

    tony has 15 pennies in his pocket. 5/8 of his coins are pennies. how many coins does tony have in his pocket?
  32. Fractions

    thank you very much
  33. math

    a region has 12 equal squares, what is the number of squares in 1/3 of the region
  34. English- Anyone who has read The Odyssey

    Nachelle, Thanks. you are right!!!
  35. English

    How about this one? During the next few days, I would explore the city. Preposition is during and object is days?
  36. English

    Window and right? Should I include the as the object of the preposition?
  37. English

    Out in the first one To in the second one?
  38. English

    I think window or the window for the first one I think the right or just right for the second one?
  39. Science -- I can't find my original post...

    In a closed room with an electric system controlled by a thermostat, would hanging a load of laundry to dry in that room require the system to work harder to maintain the temperature of the room?
  40. English

    Last one, The flood destroyed everything in its path. Any predicate adjectives?
  41. English

    In this sentence, When the dam broke, it sounded explosive. Is explosive an adverb or an adjective?
  42. English

    Water rose almost to the top of the dam. Is the a predicate adjective?
  43. math

    jenna has two lengths of ribbon, one 24 inches one 36 inches. she want to cut the ribbon inot equal lengths and not have any left over. what lengths can she cut the ribbon?
  44. English

    What are the adjectives in this sentence? Many families headed for a favorite beach last week during the hot weather. Many, a, favorite, last, the, hot
  45. Math

    well this is the question. try dividing it can help a lot. If u divide 64/6 it has a whole number and a remainder. so comment if the answer u got s correct. ANSWER: 10 remainder 4.
  46. Chemistry

    Thank you DrBob, that helps a lot!
  47. Chemistry

    Two competing corporations are submitting data to the US Military to create chemical hot packs. The Military has stipulated that each hot pack may cost no more than 85 cents and must result in at least a 20degrees Celsius rise in temperature when activated. Which of the ...
  48. history

  49. Calculus Area between curves

    Consider the area between the graphs x+6y=8 and x+8=y2. This area can be computed in two different ways using integrals First of all it can be computed as a sum of two integrals where a= , b=, c= and f(x)= g(x)= I found a, but not b or c. I can't seem to figure out f(x) ...
  50. Calculus Area between curves

    Evaluate the definite integral: sqrt(8-2x) lower limit=-7 upper limit=0 I got -(1/3)(8-2x)^(3/2) and it was wrong. Please Help! Thanks in advance!
  51. Calculus

    Yes I figured it out thanks
  52. Calculus

    Sketch the region enclosed by the given curves. Decide whether to integrate with respect to x or y. Then find the area of the region. x+y^2=42, x+y=0
  53. English

    Which word fits these sentences? A Persian rug with beautiful patterns lay/laid on the floor. I think lay for present tense? The temperature has raised/risen four degrees in the past hour. I think risen because there is no object?
  54. English

    One more... After the ceremony, the queen lay/laid her crown in its glass case. I think laid for past tense.
  55. English

    Which word fits these sentences? A Persian rug with beautiful patterns lay/laid on the floor. I think lay for present tense? The temperature has raised/risen four degrees in the past hour. I think risen because there is no object?
  56. English

    Which word fits these sentences? A Persian rug with beautiful patterns lay/laid on the floor. I think lay for present tense? The temperature has raised/risen four degrees in the past hour. I think risen because there is no object?
  57. English

    I think he learned and had been waiting.
  58. English

    What about these? In 1919 he learned/is learning about a contest in which he could win $25,000. People in Paris had been waiting/will have been waiting for him for hours, and they met his plane with a huge celebration.
  59. English

    Which words go in the following sentences. Young Charles was born in 1902 and was growing/grew up on a farm. Later, although he has studied/had studied engineering in college, he was more interested in flying planes.
  60. English

    In the sentence They are not nuts. They is the subject Are is the verb What is the predicate word?
  61. HCS/335

    How might you apply ethical philosophies and principles that summarize what you perceive to be the top five ethical issues challenging health care delivery today?
  62. Science

    When you inhale, where is there more oxygen, in the lungs or body.
  63. Math

    I would just like someone to check my work and make sure I am doing it correctly before I continue. f(x)=x^2-3x+5 1. f(2) I got f(2)=-7 and g(x)=5x-1 1.g(-3) I got g(-3)=-16 Thanks for any help!!
  64. Beginner Spanish

    I need help please Complete the sentences with the correct forms of conseguir, ir, pensar, querer, or suponer. Nosotros _______ de excursión a las montañas, Toño. ¡Yo____ que vas a dormir todo el fin de semana! No, Carmen. No voy a dormir. Voy a ver ...
  65. English

    How about these? Most of the students prefer acting as his or her/their best job. His or her?
  66. English

    Both plural so top one their and bottom one they? I thought each was singular?
  67. English

    Which pronoun? That is the month many of the classes put on its, their own plays. Easpch of the classes chooses the play they, it will put on.
  68. Math

    You need to put carpet in a rectangular room that measures 12 feet by 17 feet at a cost of $27.50 per square yard. Assuming that you can buy precisely the amount of carpet you need, how much will the carpet for the room cost? I came up with $1870.00 but Im, not sure if I am ...
  69. math

  70. Calculus Homework

    You are blowing air into a spherical balloon at a rate of 7 cubic inches per second. The goal of this problem is to answer the following question: What is the rate of change of the surface area of the balloon at time t= 1 second, given that the balloon has a radius of 3 ...
  71. Calculus Practice Problems

    A filter filled with liquid is in the shape of a vertex-down cone with a height of 12 inches and a diameter of 18 inches at its open (upper) end. If the liquid drips out the bottom of the filter at the constant rate of 3 cubic inches per second, how fast is the level of the ...
  72. Calculus Practice Problems

    A boat is pulled into a dock by a rope attached to the bow (front end) of the boat and passing through a pulley on the dock that is 4 m higher than the bow of the boat. If the rope is pulled in at a rate of 3 m/s, at what speed is the boat approaching the dock when it is 8 m ...
  73. Calculus Homework

    Let A(t) be the (changing) area of a circle with radius r(t), in feet, at any time t in min. If the radius is changing at the rate of dr/dt =3ft/min, find the rate of change of the area(dA/dt) at the moment in time when r = 16 ft dA/dt=
  74. math

    5 stickers
  75. Science

    thanks are u sure there right before i turn them in?
  76. physics

    An astronaut wearing a 20-kg spacesuit jumps on the moon with an initial velocity of 16 m/s. On the moon, the acceleration due to gravity is 1.62 m/s squared. What is the maximum height he reaches?
  77. physics

    An astronaut wearing a 20-kg spacesuit jumps on the moon with an initial velocity of 16 m/s. On the moon, the acceleration due to gravity is 1.62 m/s squared. What is the maximum height he reaches?
  78. Math

    A discount store marks up the merchandise it sells by 55%. If the wholesale price of a particular item is $25, what should the retail price be set at?
  79. Psychology

    What are some examples of an agonist?
  80. Math

    Use Distributive Property. a(b+c) = ab + ac
  81. 4th grade math

    I have letters representing each species. Replace each letter with the number representing the specie. There are 62 Clams. There are 70 Fish. C=62 B= 14+C M= 14+C-9 F=70 I= 1/2*F R= 1/2*F-21 S= 1/2*F-21+10
  82. algebra

    7^3 is 7 multiply by itself 3 times 7*7*7=x 7^9 is 7 multiply by itself 9 times 7*7*7*7*7*7*7*7*7=y You take the answer from 7^3 (x) and multiply it with 7^9 (y) and you get the answer.
  83. Math

    When it says more than it's addition so the equation is 0.25x+2=6 Then you subtract 2 from both side leaving 0.25x = 4 and then divided by 0.25 to get x by itself and then there's your answer!!
  84. physics

    It's an upside down trapezoid. with 50 degrees on the left top corner. a 43 degrees on the right top corner. T2 which is 61N is the shorter line on the bottom on the trapezoid. and M1 is hanging on T2 left side and M1 is hanging on T2 right side. Does that make sense?? ...
  85. physics

    The left-hand cable has a tension T1 and makes an angle of 50 degree with the horizontal. The right-hand cable has a tension T3 and makes an angle of 43 degree with the horizontal. A W1 weight is on the left and a W2 weight is on the right. The cable connecting the two weights...
  86. Chemistry

    K2SO4+ Na2HPO4=? NaHCO3 + Sr(NO3)2=?
  87. Chemistry

    CuSO4+LiNo3 Potassium sulfate+lithium nitrate Can someone help me figure out the equations for these two? Phases aren't required
  88. Math

    Steve mcspoke left home on his bike traveling at 18km/hr. Steve's brother set out 2 hours later , following the same route, TRAVELING 54 per hour. How long did brother have to travel to catch up with Steve?
  89. Math

    Is it 15kmper hour?
  90. Math

    Rod and John ride their bikes in opposite directions. Rod ride 5 miles an hour faster than john. After 2 hours, they are 70 miles apart. How fast is john biking?
  91. Physical Science

  92. financial litercy

    A sales manager has weekends off and has 20 paid vacation days per year, including holidays that fall on weekdays. If her salary is $93,600 per year, what is her pay per workday? A. $325
  93. Language Arts

  94. statistics

    I get .27 but that's not an answer choice.
  95. statistics

    Based on published real estate research, 65% of homes for sale have garages, 20% have swimming pools, and 18% have both features. i. Given that a home for sale has a garage, what’s the probability that it also has a pool
  96. statistics

    I got 2 percent for number two. But I can't solve for number one. Is it 60%?
  97. statistics

    You and your friend decide to get your cars inspected. You are informed that 70% of cars pass inspection. If the event of your car’s passing is independent of your friend’s car: iii. What is the probability that both of the cars pass inspection (6 points)? a. 60% b. ...
  98. Chemistry

    Expected number of moles of copper oxide (using the emprical formula of copper oxide and the starting moles of Cu)
  99. Chemistry

    Moles of Cu in the copper sulfate salt: mass is 90. and there are 5g of copper sulfate
  100. Chemistry

    Calculate the moles of O in 2.57g of Ba(No3)2 I get 33.2m
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