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  1. Math (probability) please help

    In the state of Campana, during the Fall season, it rains 75% of the time and it is sunny 25% of the time (these figures are based on historical data). The local weather service every day announces either “Fair” or “Bad”. In the past, 75% of all the sunny ...
  2. Algebra

    A rain gutter is made from sheets of aluminum that are 11 inches wide. As shown in the figure the edges are turned up to form right angles. Determine the depth of the gutter that will allow a cross-sectional area of 10 in.². Show that there are two different Solutions to...
  3. math please help!

    Translate into an algebraic expressions:120 is increased by d % and increased by 25% . What is the result ?
  4. math NEED HELP!

    How did the temperature change if it increased by 25 % and then decreased by 40% ?
  5. math please help!!!

    thank you for your help.
  6. math please help!!!

    The area of the base of the regular quadrilateral pyramid is 36 cm2 and the area of a lateral face is 48 cm2. Find: Surface area of the pyramid
  7. someone please help!!!

  8. someone please help!!!

    no i need help on this mathematics problem.
  9. math URGENT HELP!!!

    i meant surface area
  10. math URGENT HELP!!!

    The area of the base of the regular quadrilateral pyramid is 36 cm2 and the area of a lateral face is 48 cm2. Find: Lateral area of the pyramid
  11. Math geometry

    Please help , I only need the second part of the question Betty picks 4 random marbles from a bag containing 3 white , 4 yellow and 5 blue marbles The probability that exactly 1 of the 4 marbles drawn is blue is (0.3535) . The probability that at least 1 of the 4 marbles drawn...
  12. math URGENT HELPPPP!

    that makes no sense
  13. math URGENT HELPPPP!

    Regular triangular pyramid has the slant height k=12 cm and lateral area AL = 198 cm2. Find the length of the base edge.
  14. Chemistry

    Calculate the solubility of ZnCO3 in a buffer solution with a pH of 9.83 and Ksp of 1.2x10^-10
  15. Chemistry

    Calculate the ZnCO3 in a buffer solution with a pH of 9.83
  16. Math - Calculus

    Show that if f(x) is continuous and u(x) and v(x) are differentiable functions, then: d/dx ?_v(x)^u(x) f(t)dt=u'(x)f(u(x))-v'(x)f(v(x))
  17. Calculus - Riemann Sum help

    How do I figure out the upper and lower bounds for a riemann sum? This question I'm working on tells me to assume: ?x=2?/n and x_i=i?x and then gives me: n b lim ? sinx_i?x = ?f(x)dx n?? i=1 a Now I'm pretty sure f(x)=sinx, but I don't know how to find a or b. ...
  18. math

    (a) Make a table of values rounded to two decimal places for the function f(x) = ex for x = 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, and 6. Then use the table to answer parts (b) and (c). (b) Find the average rate of change of f(x) between x = 4 and x = 6. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  19. Math

    Let f(x)= -3x+4 and g(x)= -x^2 +4x+1. Find and simplify f(-3)
  20. physics

    A ball is rolled off a table that is 1.25 meters tall and lands on the ground 0.48 meters away. If it took 0.505 seconds for the ball to land, what was the horizontal velocity of the ball? Record your answer to the nearest hundreth m/s (You do not need include units)
  21. math asap

    Solve the proportion using cross products. 8/20 = k/110 (A)99*^* (B)122 (C)3.3 (D)2.9 Am I correct? please asap
  22. math

    1.C 2.A 3.a 4.b 5.a 6.5/9 7.10x=750x14=?,?-10=x,x=?
  23. Social Studies

    1)d 2)c 3)d
  24. Algebra

    less than or equal to*
  25. Algebra

    A department store is offering a coupon for 26% off for any purchases over $100. How much would you spend for a $100 purchase? You would spend $____. Construct a formula a piecewise functiom for the actual cost, C, of the purchase as a function of the original purchase price, ...
  26. pre algebra

    Beth's savings account has $100 to start. She deposited $12 Monday, withdrew $50 Tuesday, and deposited $30 on Friday. What is her total savings now?
  27. Math

  28. PreCalc

    As you ride a bicycle, the distance between your foot and the pavement varies sinusoidally with the horizontal distance the bicycle has gone. Suppose that you start with your right foot somewhere between a high point and a low point, and push down. When you have gone 7 meters...
  29. PreCalc

    The temperature T(t) varies sinusoidally on a certain day in December. The minimum temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit at midnight. The maximum temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit at noon. Let t be the number of hours since midnight (t=o at midnight). a.) Sketch and label a ...
  30. art help please

    I had to do the same project. I took the top part off of pens, the part the u click in and out, and slipped them on toothpicks. I attached the toothpicks to the wooden base. Whenever I wanted to "Tune the guitar" I would turn the pen piece, and stick a glue dot ...
  31. Math

    mike can drive his car 33 miles with one gallon of gas does he need to drive 15000 miles?
  32. Maths

    Is this statement true? Give an example to support your answer. "If two numbers are divisible by another number then their difference is also divisible by that number". I think that its like this: 3 and 4 is divisible by 12 then 4-3=1 so the answer is no?
  33. Social studies last one :)

    Thanks again Mrs. Sue and I got a 100!
  34. Social studies last one :)

    What is likely a major of weakness of empires? They lack recourses. They conduct far-flung trade. They make enemies. This one maybe A. They have superior weapons.
  35. Social studies

    Thank you!
  36. Social studies

    How has Aztec culture survived in Mexico? The Mexican military uses Aztec fighting tactics. Mexico still uses the Aztec calendar. The Mexican people have adopted many Nahuatl words into their language. My choice An Aztec Palace in Mexico city serves as the capital building.
  37. French

    Hi Page, You need to make sure you add in amounts of the different ingredients. France is on the metric system, so their recipes usually have quantities in grams (g), liters (l), soup spoons (c. a s.), and coffee spoons (c. a c.). Otherwise, here are the changes I would ...
  38. Curriculum Areas it yourself, if you don't want to, just write a for all of them
  39. math

    Same question on my homework, the answer is 12x8x5, volume is 480.
  40. english

    a)Lying about where he lives
  41. Science

    Number 9 is actually is C
  42. Math

    Sara and Jenny can both do flips in the air. The ratio of the number of flips Sara can do to the number of flips Jenny can do is 3:8. Jenny can do 120 more flips than Sara. If Sara increases the number of her flips by 3 and Jenny decreases the number of her flips by 12, what ...
  43. math

    php. 30000.00 just multiply the numbers.
  44. engineering

    any help is greatly appreciated. I am so hopeless now. Water tower problem. The pressure in each house is 250 kPa and the average pressure drop is 50kPa. What should the height of the water tower? Height of the water level in the tower. What is the diameter of the water tower?
  45. chemistry/engineering

    Wet sugar, containing one-fifth water by mass is conveyed through an evaporator in which 85.0% of the entering water is vaporized. Taking a Basis of 100 kg of feed to the evaporator A barrel of oil contains about 6 million Btu and about 1000 Btu is needed to evaporate one lbm ...
  46. Geometry

    I still don't get the answer steve? I calculated, but nothing close.
  47. Geometry

    A circle has a center at (8,2). The point is (3,7) is on the circle. What is the area of the circle to the nearest tenth of a square unit? A. 22.2 B. 44.4 C. 157.1 D. 314.2 (I've been stuck on this question for a while) thanks!!
  48. geometry

    The endpoints of the diameter of a circle are at (1,2) and (7,-6). What is the circumference of the circle, to the nearest tenth of a unit.
  49. geometry

  50. geometry

    So what would I do after that?
  51. geometry

    What is the perimeter of rectangle WXYZ, with vertices W(-3,7), X(-5,4), Y(1,0), and Z(3,3) to the nearest unit.
  52. geometry

    Jenny is building a rectangular garden around a tree in her yard. The southwest corner of the garden will be 2 feet south and 3 feet west of the tree. The northeast corner of the garden will be 1 foot north and 4 feet east of the tree. If jenny paves a path around the garden ...
  53. math

    Julia spent 1/3 of her money. Then she lost 1/2 of the rest. She now has $10 left. How much did she get for her birthday?
  54. Finite Math

    Can someone please help me. I am not sure to work the following matrices. If A^4 = -3 4 -4 5 and A^5= 4 -5 5 -6 What is A? Can you show me how you got this? Thank you so much ;)
  55. ECO 372

    Aggregate demand management policies are designed most directly to?
  56. Finite Math

    Thanks Steve!! You're a life saver ;) Katy
  57. Finite Math

    Can someone help me out with this! Thank you in advance :) Frank’s Fruit Stand sells fresh fruit as well as fruit dipped in chocolate and covered with chopped almonds. Each dipped banana requires 6 grams of chocolate and 3 grams of almonds to coat. It takes 6 grams of ...
  58. BUS 599

    According to double-entry accounting, which of the following is a correct statement regarding transactions?
  59. analytical chemistry

    DrBob222, it is me again. Continue the question 5mL of a solution A (unknown concentration) was transferred into sic 25mL volumetric flask. The following volumes of a standard solution of A with with a concentration 75ppm were added to the flask: 0mL, 0.5mL, 1mL, 1.5mL, 2mL, ...
  60. Analytical Chemistry

    DrBob222, thank you for your answer Thanks to your suggestion, my final answer is 7.48447 ppm (unknown concentration) However, I am just wondering why Prof. gave the graph of excitation spectrum of A. One reason I can think of is that I use the highest intensity which is 100 ...
  61. Analytical Chemistry

    Thank you so much DrBob222. I see what I did wrong. Yes you are right. These number 19.979, 29.986 is intensity from fluorescence (emission) spectra data. The intensity of standard 1 is not 0. It is 9.990. So after correction, the equation I got is y= 6.6656x + 9.9777 and R^2 ...
  62. Analytical Chemistry

    5mL of a solution A (unknown concentration) was transferred into sic 25mL volumetric flask. The following volumes of a standard solution of A with with a concentration 75ppm were added to the flask: 0mL, 0.5mL, 1mL, 1.5mL, 2mL, and 2.5L. The excitation spectrum and and ...
  63. chemistry

    Thank you to your suggestion, I have found that path length is 9.7574 mm. But do you know how to write correctly significant number and its uncertainty
  64. analytical chemistry

    Thank you DrBob222. Can you explain further what you mean by saying "Plotting with data not posted"? I think when I can find the intensity of the unknown, I can plug it in the equation. But my problem is that I don't know how to do?
  65. analytical chemistry

    There is a b) question that I am stuck too. If a synchronous experiment is to be performed what would be the offset that you would use
  66. analytical chemistry

    Any help is greatly appreciated 5mL of a solution A (unknown concentration) was transferred into sic 25mL volumetric flask. The following volumes of a standard solution of A with with a concentration 75ppm were added to the flask: 0mL, 0.5mL, 1mL, 1.5mL, 2mL, and 2.5L. The ...
  67. analytical chemistry

    Consider a general reaction where a ligand L and a metal ion Mn+ form a complex with m number of ligands (L) coordinated to each metal ions. Assume the metal is colorless. The ligand and metal solutions were mixed at molar fractions (and same total molar concentration). The ...
  68. Science

    Yeah I really don't understand should I pick c or d??
  69. Science

    Which of the following statements is true? A. There is more water on Earth now than there was millions of years ago. B. There is less water on Earth now than there was millions of years ago. C. There is no way to tell how much water was on Earth millions of years ago. D. There...
  70. science

    A protostar has a high enough___to become a star. A. volume B. mass C. temperature D. brightness Is the answer B? Thanks in advance
  71. Civics

    will MsSue just give answer ? cool
  72. math

    1 and 1/5?
  73. essay

  74. essay

  75. essay

    Sorry, should have looked at rules and proofread. I didn't know that was like a rule :0
  76. essay

    I need to come up with an outline for a essay on the differences between the North usa and South? Any ideas? Thanx if u can help
  77. Math Help

    Hi! I need help with this question. Thanks! Directions: To solve these problems, you need to find the inverses of these 2x2 matrices. a.) D= [-3 -6 6 12] b.) C= [2 1 7 3]
  78. Math

  79. Math

  80. Math

    Answer 4410
  81. Math

  82. Math

    Am suppose to find the compound interest if so could give me the formula
  83. Math

    Cary puts $400 he earned from mowing lawns in the bank for two years at an interest rate of 5%. What would be the total amount of money that he would have in the bank be at the end of two years. I=prt I=400(0.05)(2) I=40
  84. Math

    Find the amount of interest Nina's saving account will earn after 3 years if her initial deposit was $900 with an 8% simple interest rate. I=prt I=900(0.08)(3) I=216
  85. Math

  86. Math

    Answer 200
  87. Math

    I=5000 P=50 R=? T= 6 Answer... About 16 or 17%
  88. Math

    Dr. Morton puts $5000 in the bank and left it there for 6 months. What simple interest rate she needs to have in order to have made $50 at then end of 6 months?
  89. Math

    Thank you
  90. Math

    Monica had a saving a account which paid her an interest rate of 4%. After she had this account for 12 years, she had received $192 in interest. How much money had she put into the account at the beginning of the 12 years? Please help me answer this question step by step
  91. Math

    Is there any key words that I should remember for each of them
  92. Math

    How do you know if a word problem question is asking for simple interest or compound interest? P.s. I already know the formula and what both of them mean
  93. chemistry

    How would you make 1L of a buffer of pH=11 starting with 15g of base, C5H11N:. At you disposal are 1M HCl and 1M NaOH, pH meter, balance, distilled water and glassware. Try to be quantitative in expressing amounts of material that you will use. Given for C5H11NH+ pKa=11.25. ...
  94. Social studies

    Never mind I got the second question thanks for helping
  95. Social studies

    How was 13,14,15 amendments before and how is 13,14,14 amendments now like
  96. Social studies

    I still don't get number 1
  97. Social studies

    How was 13,14,15 amendments before and how is 13,14,14 amendments after
  98. Social studies

    My guess on my first question was that if in early years adult citizen has not pay there taxes they are not allow to vote then. My second is basically how was civil war amendment like before and how is it like now
  99. Social studies

    My first question is "how could a poll tax or a literacy test have been usd to prevent someone from voting? My second question is how was civil war amendments before and after
  100. Social studies

    How could a poll tax or a literacy test has been used to prevent someone from voting? The Civil war Amendments Before. After
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