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I have a problem that I can't seem to figure out. Could you show me how it's done? Thank You :) 5sqrt(3x) + 3sqrt(3x) What is 5a + 3a? Answer: 8a

I have 2 problems that are hanging me up. Can you show me how? What values for x must be excluded in the following fraction? x-3/-8 Simplify: 6-(a/b) over 24/b take out a 6. -(a/b) over 4/b

factor 3a^2(a-b)-6a(a-b)+21(a-b) Can you show me the steps? I'm just not getting it :( You can take a 3 out of everything. 3[(a^2)(a-b)-2a(a-b)+7(a-b)] You can also take out (a-b) 3(a-b)[(a^2)-2a+7] I'm pretty sure this is your answer. Thank You. This was a big help...

Rewrite the middle term as the sum of two terms and then factor completely. 25x^2+35x+12 Is the following true or false? x^2+2x-3=(x+1)(x-3) Can you show me how to do these two problems? Thank you for any help you can give me. If the middle is the sume of 20 x and 15 x ... 25x...