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  1. maths

    the length of a rectangle is 4 times than its width. the area of the rectangle is 1024cm2 find the length of the rectangle the perimeter of the rectangle 4 square has the same perieter as that its rectangle. Find the area of the square.
  2. maths

    the length of a rectangle is four times that its width. The area of the rectangle is 1024cm2 find the width of the rectangle
  3. Math; Check my answers please

    courtney has a three digit cards. they are 6 8 and 3. what is the largest number that courtney can write using these digit cards?
  4. math

    The amount of your bil is $3.10.You give the cashier $5.00. Complete the table to show how the cashisher might return the change.
  5. English

    what is the character porter in Act II Scene 3 trying to say with his puns?
  6. English

  7. Geometry

    1 and -3
  8. Spanish

    its andar, not andas then its plural
  9. Spanish

    the first one is wrong its supposed to be 1. Estudias mucho? say Si, me gusta estudiar mucho. which means do you study a lot.
  10. spanish 6th grade

    ¿Cual es tu comida favorita?
  11. spanish

    a verlas
  12. spanish

    it is b
  13. Art

    Choose Camilla D'Errico she is a good contemorary artist
  14. English

    write it on Camilla D'Errico
  15. Art

    Maybe it helps them express themselves on paper
  16. German

    start it with meine nameh ist
  17. Literature

    like paint a picture through words. choose some words that are expressive
  18. Algebra

    i think its 4
  19. Quantitative analysis

    come on some one answer this question
  20. art 101

    for like 2d and 3d buildings
  21. english

  22. math

    No idea
  23. English

    What is a verb? An action word like run,walk,play! There are also "being" verbs and "sense" verbs. Here is a great site on verbs. (Broken Link Removed)