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  1. Physical science

    What type of intermolecular forces exist in each liquid
  2. maths

    There are 8 red,6 green,10 blue. What is the probability of picking a green marble?
  3. chemistry

    Equivalent weight=Mw÷valence =40÷2 20g 1N:20g:1000ml ?:4g:100ml So 1N:20g ?:4g ?=0.2N Therefore 0,2N =2N
  4. life orientation

    Violence against women are individual empowered and do they understand their human rights or when their right of other are being violated provide five reasons for your analysis and standpoint
  5. life orientation

    answer for the impact of corruption and fraud
  6. Life orientation

    Any1 with memo of life orientation plz🙏snd or watsup to this 10z 0715175846 plz
  7. life orientation

    life orientation anonymous
  8. english

    I need help.I want to write prepared speech about english is the language of opportunity, why bother to teach indigenous language.
  9. English,sepedi,agriculture,economics,lifesciences,maths literacy & life orientation

  10. geography

    On a map of a scale of 1:1, two places are 3 cm apart how far apart are they on the ground
  11. math

    Point A=(0,0)and B=(3,0).Which of the following choices of C will make traingle ABC a right traingle? I try to work it with vector for whe I subtract (0,0) to (3,0) and gives me (-3,0) this only give me straight line.
  12. programming principles

    Calculation of tax in Uzapia The United Nations have just recognised a new country called Uzapia. Uzapia has a currency called Zubies (ZB). The Uzapian tax system is highly simplified and meant to be fair. They have system where all their income is converted to one single ...
  13. Agriculture,life science,maths literacy,geography

    After finishing matric ,will i qualify to be lawyer,geologist,IT,police or teacher?
  14. life orientation

    research on processes of campaigns and prtests
  15. krugersdorp High school

    Its a circuit that has to have a darkness-detector sensor
  16. English

    A speech on Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not women
  17. science

    A 1,59 block of wood is placed on the edge of a table 1,2m above the floor.the block is stuck by a bullet,mass 0,01kg,moving @an unknown,horizontal velocity.After the impact,the bullet is embedded in the block,which falls to the floor.the block strikes the floor with a speed ...
  18. life oriantation

    Definition of service delivery protest?
  19. Life orientation

  20. english

    why bother to teach ENGLISH
  21. speech

    i need the answers
  22. speech

    ENGLISH is the language of the opportunity
  23. maths lit,business studies,life science economics

    what can i study for or what career field i should follow?
  24. maths lit,business studies,life science economics

    what i can study after matric?what career field i should follow?
  25. Chemistry

    Wouldn't Kc be equal to products/Reactants??
  26. Mathematics

    The gragh of f(x)=ax squared q is sketched below. point a(2
  27. science

    the aim of this experiment is to determine how much lead oxide can be made from 4,0g of lead nitrate.calculate the mass of lead oxide you should make.
  28. Physical sciences

    An object has an excess of 50 electrons, What is the charge on the object
  29. life orientation

  30. physics

    You are given a 1kg trolley of unknown mass. Explain how the mass of the unknown trolley can be determined if a mass meter scale is not available
  31. physics

    Explain in terms of the conservation of momentum why the ratio of the masses of a bullet and a gun must be carefully considered
  32. Accounting,business studies,economics and maths literacy

    Bcom in accounting science
  33. physical sciences

    One pushes north the other south
  34. economics

    Explain the economic logic behind Opec's decision to reduce output
  35. life orientation

    Identify and describe three environmental issues that cause ill health, crisis and disasters
  36. life orientation

    what are way in which the human problem impact of hiv and aids in the community?
  37. Tourism, history, geography, and maths literacy

    Can i become a social worker
  38. Life Orientation

    Describe three health hazards in my community
  39. Life Orientation

    What are the environmental health hazards that cause ill health,accidents,crises,and disasters within my community or any other community within south africa and globally and a good describtion of each
  40. math

    An interior decorator must mix red and white paint in the ratio of 2:5 in order to obtain the correct colour pink. If she needs 28 litres of pink paint, calculate how much red paint and how much white paint shem must use to obtain the right colour.
  41. mechanics

    A crate of mass 80 kg stands on level ground. A worker exerts a horizontal force of 120 N on the crate. If the coefficient of friction between the crate and the ground is 0.25, and F N is the magnitude of the frictional
  42. mechanics

    A body of mass 10 kg is moving in a straight line. Its velocity decreases from 5 m/s to 3 m/s in a time of 2 s. The change of momentum of the particle, in kg m/s, in the direction of motion isĻ
  43. mechanics

    A particle of mass 10 kg is acted on by a resultant force, F newtons. If the position vector of the particle is given by r = 6ti + (4t + 8t2)j, then F is equal toĻ
  44. mechanics

    A mass of 8 kg is connected to a mass of 3 kg by a light, inelastic string which passes over a smooth pulley. The tension in the string isĻ
  45. life orientation

    explain 5 factors that contribute to the substance abuse
  46. Life orientation

    What are the realistic and appropriate ways to deal with drug addiction?
  47. maths

    what is a dual intercept method and how is it applied?
  48. life orientation

    Five ways which you critically discuss how hiv/aids can impact on the teenager
  49. maths

    calculate speed,if john travels 220km for 2 hour 30 minutes ,your answer must be in km per hour
  50. Mathematical Literacy Grade10

  51. 10th grade..rearabetswe secondary school

  52. physics

  53. life orientation

    enviromental factor that causes ill health,accidents,crises?
  54. chem101

    i dnt know were to begin
  55. Life orientation

    Poverty is the major factor that cases ill health on our communities.There is a lack of nutrition on people who does not get enough food.