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A piece of paper has a length of 9 inches and width of 4 inches. The paper is rolled to form the shape of a cylinder. What is the largest possible volume of the cylinder?

Sheila has 7y craft sticks. Mark has 4y fewer craft sticks then Sheila and y craft sticks more than Linda. Then Sheila gave 2y craft sticks to Mark and Linda. How many craft sticks in terms of y did Mark and Linda have in the end? If mark had 6 more craft sticks than Linda at ...

what is the magnitude and direction of the electric field 20.0 cm cm directly above an isolated 33.0 10 neg6 c charge?

what is the diameter if a 1.00m tungsten wire whose resistence is 0.22 ohms?

Pb w/D of 11.35g/ml. Pb(lead)3.45cc ?weight in grams

Please help me to correct grammar Task 3 – Unit review (Summary and critique) According to Brown and Hood’s “Academic Encounters: Life in Society” (2002), Intermediate to High Intermediate Level, includes unit 1: Belonging to a group, consists of chapter 1 ...

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