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A weightlifter holding a 500 kg barbell waist high carries the barbell at a constant height and a constant speed to a rack 2 m away, and places the barbell on the rack at the same height at which he was carrying it. How much work does the weightlifter do on the barbell?

I missed the day that the teacher gave this problem and he will not be back until in the morning. I have no idea where to start other than the forces diagram. I was out sick for 4 days.

A woman pulls a 23 kg suitcase using a rope attached to the suitcase at an angle of 38 degrees to the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction of the suitcase with the floor is 0.3 and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.2. a) Draw a situation and a force diagram of...

algebra 1
-4/3x-3 what is the answer to this problem write the fraction for it please Are you sure you typed it right? Is it negative 4 divided by 3 times x minus 3?