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Consider this system of linear equations: 22x ? y = -23 (equation 1) 11x + 12y = 1 (equation 2)

Social Studies
Why didn't President Johnson want rich, white southern landowners to return to power? This isn't a question on a test. I just want to know why. Can someone help me? @Ms. Sue @WriteTeacher Thanks! :D

A hotdog costs $1.27 more than twice the price of a sod. Write an expression that shows the price of a hot dog in relation to the price of a soda. Then evaluate where the soda costs $99.

3/4 yard

its 3/4 yards


I've read on how to do it and yet I still don understand thsi question On a given blueprint, 1 inch = 12 feet. If the dimensions of a recreation room on the blueprint are 2 inches × 1.75 inches, what are its actual measurements?


Social Studies
It was B i got it right

Social Studies
Ok thanks anyway

Social Studies
Sorry here is the excerpt that goes with the question: "The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let...

Social Studies
My answer is C

Social Studies
Which of the following statements best summarizes Washington's viewpoint on American foreign policy? A) The United States can take advantage of Europe's ambition B) The United States should limited interaction with Europe's ambition. C) Europe's interests are ...

Social Studies
Thanks Ms. Sue

Social Studies
Someone please help!!!!

Social Studies
Why did Washington reject the advise of both Jefferson and Hamilton and adopt a policy of neutrality? A) The nation could not afford another war so soon after the Revolution. B) Washington was timid about taking military action. C) Washington feared that war would divide the ...


which of the following colors schemes include grey white black and grey

Language Arts
Some might correctly say that the prelude to summer is •autumn •winter •spring •a symphony

Elsa has a job transporting soft drinks by truck. Her truck is filled with cans that weigh 14 ounces each and bottles that weigh 70 ounces each. There is a combined total of 820 cans and bottles in her truck. Let x be the number of 14-ounce cans in her truck. Write an ...

Word Problem
Ivanna takes classes at both Westside Community College and Pinewood Community College. At Westside, class fees are $98 per credit hour, and at Pinewood, class fees are $115 per credit hour. Ivanna is taking a combined total of 12 credit hours at the two schools. Suppose that ...

Health. Please check answers
BBB are the answers 💯%

Which of the following differswhen comparing the deep ocean to the interdial a.need of energy b.salinity c.the amount of sunlight on phytoplankton

a scuba diver dove from the surface of the ocean to an elevation of −99 9 10 feet at a rate of −30.7 feet per minute. After spending 10.75 minutes at that elevation, the diver ascended to an elevation of −18 9 10 feet. The total time for the dive so far was ...

The answer should be 175 * 25 + 150

Math!! Help ASAP
I believe so. Not 100% sure though.

“The Cold Equations”: "Our time is up, Gerry—I have to go, now. Good—" Her voice broke in mid-word and her mouth endeavored to convolute into crying.

1. Which food would be a poor nutritional choice to make from its food group. a. apple juice- fruit b.cheddar cheese- dairy c.salmon- protein d.sweet potato- vegetable

Which of the following is most likely an example of a predator adaptation. a. warning coloration b.keen eyesight c.thick body armor d.spines

english 4
Descriptive Phrases

Jerry sent 40 text messages. Kyle sent 25 text messages.

Language Arts 8A
WOW! woah dude that's deep.

2 skirts

1st grade

science 3 questions
I need help with 2


Liam has a bag containing five red, two blue, five green, six yellow and two white marbles that are all the same size and shape. what is the probability of randomly choosing a green marble on the first pick, not replacing it, and then randomly choosing a green marble on the ...

If the gravitational force on you is 670N on the earth, how strong is the gravitational force on you on the surface of a neutron star that has the same mass as our sun and a diameter of 20.0km ? Take the mass of the sun to be ms = 1.99×1030kg , the gravitational constant...

this is easy: each child will get 12 pieces.

Calculate the heat that must be supplied to a 488 g stainless steel vessel containing 441 g of water to raise its temperature from 38.7◦C to the boiling point of water 100◦C.

If you begin with 10. liters of 0.15 M NaCl, what mass of NaOH can be formed? 2 NaCl(aq) + 2 H2O(liq) ¨ H2(g) + Cl2(g) + 2 NaOH(aq)

math help please??
I have the same exact question and I need help with it too.

what is a set of atleast twelve numbers that have the following landmarks: maximum:8 Range:6,mode:6,median:5 Show a bar graph of the data

what is a set of atleast twelve numbers that have the following landmarks: maximum:8 Range:6,mode:6,median:5 Show a bar graph of the data

A pelican flying along a horizontal path drops a fish from a height of 5.1 m. The fish travels 6.1 m horizontally before it hits the water below. What was the pelican’s initial speed? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . Answer in units of m/s

7th grade Math quick help Ms. Sue
If yall think that looking up answers is bad, then y r yall doin it??

lmaoooooo im also using ashworth

The answer is c

A sunbather lying on a floating raft that experiences no friction with the water gets up and walks to the western end of the raft. While she is walking, how does the center of gravity of the system composed of her and the raft move? Why? If the mass of the raft is 10 times ...

Physics Angular displacement
A car is traveling with a speed of 25 m/s along a straight, horizontal road. Each wheel has a radius of .25 m. If the car speeds up with a linear acceleration of 2.0 m/s^2 for 6.0 s. Find the angular displacement of each wheel during this time in revolutions.

Physics, Angular displacement
A 20 kg sled is being pulled along a horizontal stretch of snow covered ground by a horizontal force of 30 N. Starting from rest, the sled attains a speed of 2.0 m/s in 12 m. Using the work-energy theorem, find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the sled and the snow.

6th grade math

A painter covers 4 square yards of surface in 1.5 minutes. The area of a tennis court is 800 square yards. Using one of these painters, how many hours will it take to paint a tennis court?

kris scored 630 points on a particular section of a CPA exam for which the score were normally distributed with a mean of 600 points and a standard deviation of 75 points. At a differenttime, kerry scored 540 points on the same section, for which scores were normally ...

what is 5 3/4 divided by 1/3? please show work.

what is dimensions of an acre? and size of football field?

social studies
Which issue did some people think would be a problem related to NAFTA? A. increases in immigrants from Mexico B. decreases in income to governments because of lower tariffs

adv. alg.
list all roots of 1) x^5-3x^4+3x^3-x^2=0 2)8x^3-12x^2+6x-1 3) x^4=16

)SIMPLIFY i^2 square root of -80 2)SOLVE 49x^2+100=0 3)14-i^6 divided by i

adv. algebra
1)SIMPLIFY i^2 square root of -80 2)SOLVE 49x^2+100=0 3)14-i^6 divided by i

what is regular and not regular polygons?

5th grade math
what is the greatest common factor of this number pair? 24,28 what is the least common multiple of this number pair? 27,36

1. find the least common multiple of each number pair 27,36 2. find the greatest common factor of each number pair 24,28

How to write one half percent?.05% or .5%?

5th grade
rectangular arrays for 8. write prime or composit

The amount of matter in an object is its______. The amount of matter in a given space or volume is its_______.

Is 70.21 = 7.210 ?

Which pair of basic questions guides geographers in their work

7th grade 3D math

To Al and all students

Would there be a comma after a question mark in this sentence. "When are we going to the zoo?" Anthony asked. "I want to see the elephants."

Corporations that do not issue financial securities such as stock or debt obligations: A) will not be able to increase sales. B) cannot be profitable C) generate sufficient funds to fulfill their needs D) do not face double taxation of thier profits I read and read and I think...

I have to use a 1 parallelogram, 1 square, and 2 small triangles -they are cut out of paper-. I have to make trapezoid out of those. Any ideas

According to my physics book with the answers in the back, this is correct.