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Solve the compound in equality. I don't know how 5>-3x + 4 or 9 to -4x2. THANK YOU!!!

math word problems
On three consecutive passes a football team gains 10 yards, lose 36 yards and gain 41 yards. What is the total net yards. i truely don't understand

Amy paid $77.71 for shoes during a 20% off sale. What is the regular price of the shoes?

Thank you for your help. Your explanation has been one of the clearest I have heard!

from the looks of things I am in good company when it comes to having problems solving algebra equations. I hope you can help with this one I have been working on for two days and still don't understand. I need ordered pairs for y=5x-8 and the y intercept. my pairs are (-4...

where can I locate information on the five pillars of islam by McInerney? It is difficult to trace this person down without a first name. Can anyone help?

health Identify and describe three causes for the increasing costs of health care