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38 divided bye 6

Maurice needed to cut a piece of wood for this project that measures 4 and 3/4 inches. how much wood will he have left if the board that he is cutting from is 8 inches long? show your work.

three friends are sharing 36 cookies. jerry states that he wants 25% of the cookies, Gary wants 1/2 of the cookies and Terry wants 0.75 of the cookies. how many cookies does each person want? can each person get what they want? Explain your answer.

college algebra
Find the local maximum and minimum values of the function and the value of x at which each occurs. State each answer correct to two decimal places. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) U(x)=x√(5-x)

If 5x-3y-4=4x-2y-12 find x and y. I really just want to know HOW you would find it.

algebra 1 page 167 did you hear about...
Did u hear about....The farmer who named his pet rooster robison because it crew up. A)(2,0),(0,3) B)(2,0),(0,-3) C)(-3,0),(0,5) D)(-3,0),(0,-5) E)(4,0),(0, -2) F)(2,0),(0,-4) G)(5/2),(0,5) H)(-3,0),(0,9/2) I)(-6,0),(0,-3/2) J)(-3,0),(0,-4) K)(5,0),(0,-2) L)(-3,0),(0,3/2)

yes cuz if joe you add 10+2=12 so joe would have enough money.

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