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The magnitude of the electric force between two protons is 2.3 x 10^-26 N. How far apart are they?

Kevin, I looked up how to get the solution and came up with the formula v = at as Damon says, with V = velocity, A = Acceleration, and T being time. SO velocity = acceleration x time. In our problem, we are give velocity and acceleration, with the unknown being time. 5.05 = 2....

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Hahaha all these answers are incorrect some of them are right for Conexus but you will mostly fail using these answers. I have the right ones.

A uniform solid sphere rolls down an incline. What must be the incline angle (deg) if the linear acceleration of the center of the sphere is to have a magnitude of 0.16g?

Calculus (Urgent Help)
I believe that it is asking you to take the derivative of the given function, then set it equal to zero. Remember that when you take the derivative to use the product rule. Then find all points on the unit circle between 0 and 2pi and you should come out with 7 x values. Hope ...

I need Some more opinions on my paragraph for an essay of mine. Any help appreciated Mein guten Freunds name ist Meaghan. Sie ist Freundlich Klein Intelligent und Tolerant. Sie hat langes blondes Haar. Sie spricht und liest Spanisch. Ich gehe herumhägen mit Freunden am ...

General Chem
given the pH (7.15)of a solution at 25deg C what is the H3O+ and OH-

General Chemistry
find [H3O+] and [OH-] 1)a solution that is 5.8×10−2 M in [HBr] and 1.9×10−2M in [NO3]. 2)a solution that is 0.780% HNO3 by mass (Assume a density of 1.01 g/mL for the solution.)

For this question you must fallow the 2 main rules of mechanisms. 1)The slowest elementary (RDS)step must match the rate law of the given rate law. 2)The mechanisms must match the given reaction after crossing out the intermediates of the reactions in the mechanisms.

2Fe + (1/2)O2 + 1H2O → 2Fe(OH) when you do a balanced equation the one with the smallest coefficients are almost always best. A way to do these types of equations is to start with balancing the oxygens first then the others, then its just trail and error.

A planet with mass 7 x 1024 kg orbits a sun with a period of 1 Earth's years. The speed of the planet around that sun is constant and |v|=43000 m/s. What is the mass of that sun?

Assume that the sides of triangles are limited to whole-number measures. How many different triangles have a perimeter of 12 meters? Explain how you determined this.

-7 --- + (-5) 12 The negative seven is over the 12

-7 --- + (-5) 12 The negative seven is over the 12

-x^3 + 1.85x^2 - x +0.15 = 0 how can you solve for x? An exact solution or a numerical solution? Exact solutions can be obtained as follows: x^3 - 1.85x^2 + x - 0.15 = 0 First get rid of the quadratic term by substituting: x = (y + 1.85/3) You then obtain an equation of the ...