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A fisherman's scale stretches 4.2 cm when a 3.0 kg fish hangs from it. What will be the amplitude and frequency of vibration if the fish is pulled down 2.3 cm more and released so that it vibrates up and down?

CRT 205
Exercise 6-6 Identify any examples of fallacies in the following passages. Tell why you think these are fallacies, and identify which category they belong in, if they fit any category we’ve described. 1. Letter to the editor: “I would like to express my feelings on ...


Find all points with integer coordinates that are a distance of square root of 29 from (-4,3) how do u do this?????!?!?!?!

unscramble letters to create a french word: sforpti

A farmer planted a field of Bt 123 corn and wants to estimate the yield in terms of bushels per acre. He counts 22 ears in 1/1000 of an acre. He determines that each ear has about 700 kernels on average. He also knows that a bushel contains about 90 000 kernels on average. ...

Those in late adulthood suffer depression at a higher rate than any other age group. Which is the strongest predictor of depression?

As we age, our physical functioning deteriorates. This is most likely due to reduced efficiency in basic cellular processes. One cause of this is thought to be:

Considering what studies reveal about personality and how it can affect development, which of the following is true?

Morgan is a 57-year-old man whose children are off at college. According to Erikson, in order to fully develop generativity in middle age, Morgan needs to:

1st grade
How does wheat turn into flour?

what is the force on a body of a mass 77-kg when its acceleration is 4m/s^2?

Suppose you short-sell 100 shares of a stock at $55 with a commission charge of 0.5%. You also payu commission charge for purchasing the stock to cover the short-sale. What is your profit if you close the short-sale at $54?

solve algebraically for 8x-y=4 and 5x 3y=17

1. How did Linnaeus's system differ from that of Aristotle? 2. What changes in technology made people beging to realize that there were probably more than two kingdoms?

10th grade
these nuts

40 1/2 feet plus 122 3/8 feet plus 56 1/7 feet =

in a family with two children, what are the probabilities of two boys, the first is a girl the second is a boy, neither is a girl, at least one girl, assuming that the birth of boys and girls is equally likely.

What is social facilitation and how has the definition evolved"

I need help on passive voice. Is the following sentence passive voice? The results of the aptitude test were told to us by the principal.

Surface waves cause the most damage, but they are ironically called _____. Loose waves Love waves Light waves Lemon waves

6 x (5min 29s)

(x^2+6x+9) + (y^2-4y+4)= 12+9+4 is equal to (x+3)^2 + (y-2)^2=25 How, if this works, is it related to a perfect square quadratic? Have we seen this work done before with something other than circles?

I need help trying to figure out how my teacher got from (x^2+6x+9) + (y^2-4y+4)= 12+9+4 to (x+3)^2 + (y-2)^2= 25

how many grams of kno3 should be used to prepare 2.00 l of a 0.500m solution

how many grams of kno3 should be used to prepare 2.00 l of a 0.500m solution

how many grams of kno3 should be used to prepare 2.00 l of a 0.500m solution

how many grams of kno3 should be used to prepare 2.00 l of a 0.500m solution

if the ratio of the diameters of two spheres is A to B then what is the ratio of their volumes

I have to write a essay explain a crisis and having a hard time thing of one that would be full of information. so i need a topic.

pre algebra
-2 over three + -4 over 5

find dy/dx x=sin y

Math 156

Physical Geography
70 degrees N 0 degrees S 15 degrees E 44 degrees N 160 degrees W 88 degrees S 90 degrees N 90 degrees W 1) how many of the above grid lines run half-way around the world? 2) how many of the above are seen as points on the globe? 3) how many run east-west? 4) how many of the ...

I have to write an essay that has to do with definitions that are arguable. and i cant think of a one. please help me thank you

some times its (cold) u r down and sad other times its (hot) u r happy and uprising

complete and simple subject
in this sentences (Some people like to take classes to learn new things.) i think that the complete subject is (some people) and the simple subject is (some) i need help understanding how i can find a complete and simple subject in a sentence

complete and simple subject
i think that the complete subject is (some people) and the simple subject is (some)

complete and simple subject
where is the complete and simple subject in this sentence (some people like to take classes to learn new things.)

housewhole item less ten 90 degree

Algebra 1/2
I'm so confused about this worksheet too! I got the front side done but not the back, it's hard.

how far would a geese fly at a speed of 40 mile per hour for a time of 16 hours

With a cattle act

5th grade Math

In society today, some families don't have essential needs of financial stability, attention of their parents, and a comfortable household to grow up in a stable environment which lead to a dangerous future ahead. Comparing to that and our own vision of a model of an ...

How do I list multiple titles on a title page for an APA paper? For a final, there are 3 separate topics that will be covered, all broadly related, but not enough for a single title. Instructions were to include a single title would these be listed according to ...

American Gov
Use the link below to explore the exit poll results for past elections. Choose the poll results for your state. Research and take notes on the polls and the data provided. Then, write down ten results from the polls that indicate something interesting about the relative ...

Social Studies
Why is killing innocent people during war a bad thing?

Problem Solving
The answer I got was $116.54 weekly. If you divide his bi-weekly in half and multiply by 52 (weeks in a year), then divide by 12 (months).

Social Studies
I agree with you. I will let my parents know so they can talk to the teacher and I'm not going to answer this question when the question is false. I have one more question. Some people believe that war is wrong because innocent lives are being killed. How can I expand on ...

Social Studies
Why are Protests during war are unethical and unpatriotic. This was a bonus question that are teacher gave us worth 10 extra points.

the volume, in liters, of 835 g SO3 at STP

Its in my science text book. It was talking about new technology advancements.

What does this mean? artificial intelligence could enable radical shifts in the balance of power.

What does a quarantine area mean?

explain Romeo and Juliet Scene 4 A street near the Capulet house.

yes sorry

Algernr 2
Can someone please help me with these equations. 2x(x+2)(x^2 - 2x + 4) = 0 and Simplify (be sure to rationalize all denominators) 3/[SQRT(5) - 2]

If 2.50 g of CuSO4 are dissolved in 9.4 102 mL of 0.34 M NH3, what are the concentrations of Cu(NH3)42+, NH3 and Cu2+ at equilibrium? i tried doing Cu2+ first and i did Kf=5e13= salt/cu2+ nh3+^4 and i did molesCuSO4/.94 L = .01666 M salt so then i did .01666M/[cu][.34-(4*....

hard probability question
correction, on actually is one

hard probability question
four different written driving tests are administered by the MVD. on of these four tests is selected at random for each applicant for a drivers test. if a group consisting of two women and three men apply for a license, what is the probability that a. exactly two of the five ...

"X" is used to indicate a variable group amongst a class of compounds (though usually a halogen)

I need to find the surface area and volume of a right regular hexagonal prism. The height is 10cm and the sides of its base measure 18cm. You round to the nearest hundredth.

College Algebra
3 6 8x +27y Factor the binomial

unscramble this word ienerpgcd

Uhm, to get the length of the diagonal, you should compute it using pythagorean theorem sqrt(.1^2+.1^2)=0.141



4th grade
If a car is traveling 60 miles per hour, how far does it travel in one minute? Thanks

uc probation
My question was can a student be put on academic probation if his gpa falls below a 2.0 during a SUMMER SESSION?

Can you help me unscramble this Spanish word: Doucra?

9th grade Lit. B
What are the type of clauses? Give examples of clauses.

algebra with pizzazz
why did king kong eat a truck?

25.8 degrees Celsius

What property is shown? 9.5 + 6.1 + 2.3 = 9.5 + 2.3 + 6.1 5.1(7.4 - 3.1) = 5.1(7.4) - 5.1(3.1) Round to the nearest tenth 1.58 (divided by) 1.1 Change each measurement to the given unit 5.17 kL = _ km 2km 7 m = _ km Find each product mentally using the distributive property 3(...

well is the answer 2,3,5 and 29

what r the factors of 870

6th grade
on a 30-board used for factors. pick two different numbers on the 30 board that will give you the largest number when you multiply them together

12th grade

social studies
mexico city is surrounded by mountains. what effect has this had on the air quality in this city?

Solve : 2x - 3 = 5

how do I set this up

f(x)=4sinx/1+cosx find f'(x) this is what i got and i dunno what i did to get it wrong (4cos(x)+ 4cosx^2-4sin(x)^2)/cosx62

Let f(x)=9sinx/2sinx+4cosx Then f'(x)=________ . The equation of the tangent line to y=f(x) at a= pi/2 can be written in the form y=mx+b where m= _____and b=_____

Find sec theta if sin theta = -4/5 and 270 degrees < theta < 360 degrees.

Do enzymes speed up or slow down chemical reactions?

the bright yellow light emitted by a sodium vapor lamp consists of two emission lines at 589.0 and 589.6 nm. what are the frequency and the energy of a photon of light at each of these wavelengths? what are the enegies in kJ/mol

1. Determine whether the following arguments are valid or invalid. If valid determine whether they are sound. Be sure to explain what validity is and how you determine whether an argument is valid or not. Explain your answers in as much detail as you can. There is no length ...

12th grade math help!!!!
if (x,y) are the coordinates of a point p in the xy plane then x is called _______ of p and the _______ of p

where can i find information on queen latifah. i have to write a biography about her..

lol dud

No space?!? Lol I need help!

if 20 counters are the whole set,what fraction of the set is 16 counters?

Can you please tell me if my paragraph is correct? Thanks. Tenia hoy un mal dia. Primero me cai de mi cama. Entonces no habia agua caliente. Finalamente la parte peor de toda eq que camine' en heces del perro. El dia es desmesurado.

How do can we help marshes

It was 47F today. How many degrees above freezing is this? Number Sentence____________________ Answer____________

2 thirds of 25

I need help

Math Analysis
A quartic polynomial Q(x) with real coefficients has zeros 2+i and 3-2i, find the other two zeros.

yes, but you put the commas like this: 1,800,000

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