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  1. Math

  2. Math

    A. A survey of 110 teachers showed that 28 of them have a second job. B. A survey of 90 teachers showed that 27 of them have a second job. C. A survey of 70 teachers showed that 21 of them have a second job. D. A survey of 80 teachers showed that 32 of them have a second job...
  3. Math

    Growth of Plant Sample A Time (days) Height (in.) 1 6 2 12 3 18 4 24 5 30 Growth of Plant Sample B Time (days) Height (in.) 1 2 2 5 3 10 4 17 5 26 Compare the data for the growth of two plant samples. How can you determine which data set is linear? A) Sample B has linear data ...
  4. Math

    A teacher gives each of five students a box that contains 25 red balls, 25 blue balls, 25 green balls, and 25 purple balls. The students each picked a different number of balls out of their box and recorded their results in this table. What can you conclude from the table? A...
  5. english

    the moon was a ball of green cheese. is this a simile or a metaphor?
  6. Math

    Lucy has to work 40.0 hours this week. She has worked a total of 32.8 hours. She reported to work at 7.55 am. What time will Lucy get off today?
  7. Just trying to find the correct size for a project

    If isosceles angles are 45, 67.5 and 67.5 with a height of 5.25" what is the length of the base?
  8. buisness

    Read about Wanda’s complaint to the FDIC. What action did the regulator most likely take in this case? The FDIC found out that a company misreported information to a credit scoring company about Wanda. Wanda contacted the company and asked them to fix the problem. The ...
  9. buisness

    Martha realizes that the microwave she bought is faulty after a month of purchase. The manufacturer of the microwave asks Martha to pay the repair expenses as the fault was with a part that was out of warranty. Martha was unaware of this warranty condition. What should Martha ...
  10. buisness

    Which sentences highlight a unilateral contract? a. Monique goes to a supermarket and picks up a shampoo. She then goes to the counter and pays for the shampoo. b. John offers a ride back home to Jack in exchange for his favorite music DVD for a day. Jack then gives John the ...
  11. Math

    Thank you Scott
  12. Math

    Thank you Scott.
  13. Math

    $24,000X0.04X30years (deposit of $24,000 and compound interest monthly of 4% for 30 years ?
  14. Math

    Solve 24,000X0.04X30years=
  15. Math

    Barbara is tiling her craft room with square tiles. She wants 6/10 of the square tiles to be red. If she used 18 red tiles, how many square tiles will be used to cover the floor . Draw an area model to help solve
  16. math

    Simon owns a small car wash and detailing center. He charges $12 per wash. He pays each of his two employees $12 per hour. The employees each work 40 hours per week. Simon's other costs amount to $450 per week. Simon wants to earn an average profit of at least $3.25 per ...
  17. chemistry

    How to balanced chemical equation and identify the type of reaction for solid ammonium nitrate decomposes into dinitrogen monoxide gas and water
  18. calculus

    The mechanics at lincoln automotive are reboring a 6-in. deep cylinder to fit a new piston. The machine they are using increases the cylinder's radius 0.02 inches each second. How rapidly is the cylinder volume increasing when the bore (diameter) is 3.8 in.?
  19. calculus

    Melissa wants to make a rectangular box with a square base and cover its top and bottom faces with velvet, which will cost her $3 per square inch, and the sides with silk, which will cost her $5 per square inch. The box should have a volume of 1600 cubic inches. Find the ...
  20. english

    During halftime at the local high school, Felipe noticed a cheerleader crying, the coach yelling, and the fans emptying the stands. need to make sure this is the correct puntuatuiom
  21. riddle

  22. riddle

  23. Algebra

    The difference between two numbers is 13. When the greater number is divided by the smaller, the quotient is 2 and the reminder is 5. What are the numbers?
  24. Algebra

    Electrician charged $50 a house call and $65 dollar an hour. The job is 6 hours long Will it be cheaper for him to work 6hrs or 2 3hour jobs?
  25. Algebra

    Electrician charged $50 a house call and $65 dollar an hour. Will it be cheaper for him to work 6hrs or 2 3hour jobs?
  26. Science

    I need to unscramble these letters to make a phrase rorpsggnloadeeasi
  27. Chemistry

    Is the flame coloration a test for the metal or for the acid radical?
  28. statistics

    The weekly study times for all students in a school are normally distributed with μ = 18 hours and σ = 6 hours. If 36 students are randomly selected, find the probability that their mean study time is greater than 20 hours. My work: 20-18/(6/√36)=2/(6/6)=2/1=2...
  29. life orientation

    ways that the human rights violations influences individuals,groups and south african broader
  30. Life orientation

    six ways women and girls abuse influence individuals,groups and the broader south Africa.
  31. English

    As a person in today's society
  32. English

  33. English

    What doors are open to you that may not have been open to generations before us,and why might it be difficult to face these doors
  34. math

    A rounded number for the speed of an insect is 5.67 per second. What are the fastest and slowest speeds to the thousandths that could round to 5.67 meters per second?
  35. Chemistry

    How man kilojoules of energy are needed to vaporize a 28.6g sample of liquid benzene at its normal boiling point of 80C?
  36. Biology

    There are at least 4 different ways that humans have genetic variation, a. Using one of these four ideas explain why you do not look like another person in this room. b. To continue further with this thought use another one of the genetic variation ideas and explain why you ...
  37. math

    Name 2 digit factors whose product is greater than 200 but less than 600
  38. probabilities

  39. Algebra

    A mother takes 48 minutes to mow the lawn when she works alone using a gas mower. Her daughter takes three times as long using a reel mower. How long would it take them to mow the lawn together?
  40. Biology

    a. A human cell is placed in a container of sugar water. Explain what would occur, if the cell membrane is impermeable to sugar. I know that the water in the cell is the high concentration and will go to the sugar water which is the low concentration. b. Another cell is placed...
  41. Algebra 2

    Can this expression be factored? 4x^2+9 My homework assignment says to factor completely and this is one of the problems but I don't think this expression can be factored. Am I wrong? If so how do I factor it.
  42. f5 math

    Mr. Chan buys some flour with $80. The price of flour is $x per kg. If the price is increased by $2 per kg, he will buy 2 kg less than with $80. Find the value of x.
  43. Chemistry

    You make a solution using a solute (5g) in water (total volume 100ml). The molar mass of the solute is 110 g/mol. What is the molarity? What is the concentration reported as % by mass?
  44. Algebra

  45. algebra

    what is the absolute value of -(33)
  46. Math

    Find the simple Interest; Principle $ 300 Rate 6.5% Time 1/2 year
  47. Accounting

    If a hotel rents a room for $2500. and there is an advance payment of $500, how is this posted in the city ledger
  48. Advanced Pharmacology

    You provide the manufacturer’s recommended dose of an antibiotic, which is 10mg/kg IV for a 100kg patient. You then draw a level 30 minutes after the dose. Assume rapid distribution and neglible clearance/metabolism over the 30minute period between the time of ...
  49. statisic

    The current rate of success is 70% for 200 students. When the new test is implemented, the rate increases to 85% for the 50 students who pass the test and are allowed into the program. Is this difference significant?
  50. math

    how many edges , vertices and faces does a cylinder have? some say 0 edges,0 vertices, and 2 faces but others say 3 faces, 2 edges and 0 vertices. Which is it? thank you.
  51. Math

    I am not sure what happened but I got the answer .. 153,954 is correct. thanks for the help.
  52. Math

    Mrs. Hart, at age 65, can expect to live for 25 years. If she can invest at 5% per annum compounded monthly, how much does she need now to guarantee herself $900 every month for the next 25 years? math - Reiny, Friday, April 3, 2015 at 3:05pm Present Value = 900(1 - 1.0041666...
  53. math

    Reiny, 153,954.05 is coming up wrong. any suggestions?
  54. math

    Mrs. Hart, at age 65, can expect to live for 25 years. If she can invest at 5% per annum compounded monthly, how much does she need now to guarantee herself $900 every month for the next 25 years?
  55. Science

    b 3 n
  56. Government

    is it d
  57. accounting

    If preferred dividends are limited to the stated rate of dividend, the preferred stock is: A. noncumulative B. Cumulative C. participating D. Nonparticipating
  58. Statistics

    If a committee of 4 students is selected from a class of 16 students, how many ways can this be done?
  59. Physics

    Suppose that the swimmer in the figure below has a swimming speed relative to the water of 0.40 m/s, while the speed of the current is 2.2 m/s. If it takes the swimmer 200 s to cross the river, how wide is the river
  60. Math

    Proportion - If a 30-foot tree cast an 18-foot shadow, find the length of the shadow cast by a 24-foot tree.
  61. 4th grade grammar

  62. Math

    A club has three different committees each of which needs a chairperson. How many ways can the chair people be selected if only 10 people are eligible for these positions, and no one can chair more than two of the committees
  63. Math

    Each digit of a four-digit PIN can be any number from 0 to 9. What is the percentage of PINs with no digit repeated more than twice?
  64. History

    what was true of the secretary of state William henry seward
  65. Math

    Oh I see. Thank you
  66. Math

    What does it mean instead of at the top, the power is at the bottum Like instead of 2^4 The 4 is wrote smaller and below and beside the 2
  67. Math

    Determine the largest possible integer n such that 942! is divisible by 15n.
  68. Math

    Rationalize the denominator and write your answer in lowest terms (2 √ 6 + √ 3)/ ( √ 6- √ 3)
  69. grammar

    have you seen my sister, karla, around here?
  70. grammar

    Question 2. 2. Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. (Points : 1) The oil from Eucalyptus trees which are native, to Australia is known for its medicinal properties. The oil from Eucalyptus trees, which are native to Australia, is known for its medicinal properties...
  71. Math

    Help please
  72. Math

    If a circle is inscribed in a triangle with vertex angles 30o - 60o - 90o , then what is the area of the triangle divided by the area of the circle?
  73. Math

    In a circle whose radius is 13 cm, a central angle intercepts an arc that measures 65o. What is the arc length? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of a centimeter.
  74. Math

    The radius of the inscribed circle is 5. If the length of the hypotenuse of the right triangle ABC is 19, what is the perimeter of the triangle?
  75. Physics

    A cannonball is dropped overboard from a boat. The cannonball sinks toward the bottom of the sea. The mass of the seawater displaced by the cannonball is exactly 2/3 the mass of the cannonball. Find the velocity of the cannonball after 10 seconds after being dropped.
  76. Corporate Finance

    Bond price: Briar Corp is issuing a 10-year bond with a coupon rate of 7 percent. The interest rate for similar bonds is currently 9 percent. Assuming annual payments, what is the present value of the bond? (Round to the nearest dollar.) $990 $872 $1,066 $945
  77. math

    a right triangle has a hypotenuse that is 59 miles long. One side is 1.05 longer than the other. What are the lengths of the two legs
  78. chemistry

    A sample of gas has a volume of 1.30 L at STP. What is the temperature in °C if the volume is 13.0 L at 2.00 atm?
  79. statistics

    The height of an adult male is known to be normally distributed with a mean of 69 inches and a standard deviation of 2.5 inches. The height of the doorway is 74 inches. What proportion of adult males will not fit under the door?
  80. physics

    the barge is like a carrier that is used on rivers to ship things.
  81. physics

    a crew member is walking on a tugboat that is pulling a barge. the tugboat is moving at a constant speed upstream in a river that has a constant downstream current. In the situation above, what is at rest relative to the tugboat?
  82. english

    What is a good thesis statement according to the disagreement of gay marriage?
  83. algebra

    need help with this problem. -(2x-(5x+2)-2+(2x+7)
  84. statistics

    Assume that thermometer readings are normally distributed with a mean of 0.0 and a standard deviation of 1,00. the thermometer is randomly selected and tested. For the case below, draw a sketch , and find the probability of the reading The given values in Celsius degrees) ...
  85. Physics

    A hammer is accelerated at 13 rad/s^2 at a radiius of rotation of 1.5 m. the tangential hammer speed is 20 m/s. a)Determine the angular velocity of the hammer b)the magnitude of the radial component of its linear acceleration c)the magnitude of the tangential component of its ...
  86. quantum physics

    The variance σX^2=⟨(X^−⟨X^⟩)^2⟩ of an operator, X^, is a measure of how large a range its possible values are spread over (the standard deviation is given by σ=sqrt(&...
  87. quantum physics

    Suppose a particle has wavefunction ψ(x,t=0)=Aexp−(x^2/2l^2). What is the average value (expectation value) of p^, ⟨p^⟩, for this state at t=0?
  88. quantum physics

    Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Suppose we have a particle in 1-dimension, with wavefunction Ae^(-|x|/2d). What is the probability to find the particle in the interval [0,d]? Please provide your answer in terms of A, d, mathematical constants such as π (entered ...
  89. quantum physics

    Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Suppose we have a particle in 1-dimension, with wavefunction Ae^(−|x|2d). What is the probability to find the particle in the interval [0,d]? Please provide your answer in terms of A, d, mathematical constants such as...
  90. MATH

  91. lol

    During the bitter struggle over reconstruction policy, Congress overrode Johnson's veto of the
  92. math 4th grade

    thank you
  93. math 4th grade

    I have to follow the pattern .125, .25, .375, .5 ?
  94. math

    What percent of the first 50 positive integers contain no odd digits?
  95. Medical Office

    As a medical office manager what is a fun slogan or buzzwords that I could use to help my employees to remember the coding process the types of procedures and each three CPT categories?
  96. college Chemisrty

    at what kelvin temperature will 25.2 of xe occupy a volume of 645 L at pressure of 732 torr?
  97. Ethics and social responsibility

    You work hard in your office overtime weekends and early get paid well but despise that your coworkers are getting paid the same pay for less work then what you are doing and get promoted ahead of you.
  98. college Chemistry

    What would you expect to be the chemical names of the main gases that were dissolved in the tap water?
  99. college Chemistry

    Conductivity test, what controls the brightness of the light? (hint: think about your tapwater abd NaCl results and why they were different)
  100. College Chemistry

    I assume you are looking to predict the solution of the salt. yes Bob
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