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  1. Physics

    A 50-kg soccer player jumps vertically upwards and heads the 0.45-kg ball as it is descending vertically with a speed of 30 m/s. (a) If the player was moving upward with a speed of 4.0 m/s just before impact, what will be the speed of the ball immediately after the collision ...
  2. College math-please help

    the answer if got for the second part was 23589.83 and rounding to the 0.01% not sure how to achieve that part of the answer.
  3. College math-please help

    for the first one I got 3497.05 if rounded to the hundredths of a point, the answer is 3500? correct?
  4. College math-please help

    find the absolute change between the closing for the Dow Jones ind. average between Jan. 27 - 20,093.78 and Nov. 21 of 23,590.83 round to the hundredths of a point. and round to the nearest 0.01%. thank you.
  5. math

    my first answer is 3497.05. found to the hundredths of a point is 3500. correct?
  6. math

    If Dow Jones closes at 20,093.78 in Jan. and in Nov. if closes at 23,590.83, what is the absolute change between the closing figures and what is the relative change between the closing figures?
  7. Math-second part to the tub

    how many gallons of water were in the tub initially before the plug was pulled? what would be my function equation for the line in the form of y=mx+b
  8. Math

    6 gallons every second is drained?
  9. Math

    after 30 seconds, there are 14 gallons of water left in the tub. One minute after you pull the plug, there are 9 gallons left. assume that the numbers of gallons varies linearly with the time since the plug was pulled. what are the two ordered pairs and what is the rate of ...
  10. math

    thank you
  11. math

    you have a bond original value was $100 paying 8.5% interest compounded annually and was 100 years old. what amount is that now owed on this bond to you.
  12. APY-math

    thank you
  13. APY-math

    find the annual percentage yield (to the nearest 0.01%). a bank offers an APR of 3.1% compounded daily.
  14. graphing

    a union charges each employee a one-time $100 initiation fee plus $25.00 union dues eachh month. my equation for the function is y=$25 x + 100. how do i graph the function for the domain of 0 months to 12 months. please help
  15. math

    a union charges each employee a one time $100 initiation fee plus $25 union dues each month. my equation for the function is y=$25 x + $100. how do I graph this over a 12 months.
  16. math

    the cost of a banquet is $95.00 plus $15.00 for each person attending. write an equation that gives total cost as a function of the number of people attending. what is the cost for 77 people?
  17. Math

    the population of a city of 750,000 people is devastated by an unknown virus that kills 20% of the population per day. how many people are left after a week? write the exponential equation to the situation.
  18. Math

    the population of a city of 750,000 us devastated by an unknown virus that kills 20% of the population per day. The use the equation to find: how many people are left after a week. write the exponential equation to solve and use what each variable represents.
  19. math

    in 2001 it was estimated that 189 kg of plutonuim still remained. the half life of this plutonuim is 24,000 years. how much will be present in 24,000 years from 2001? please help
  20. math

    the current population of a threatened animal species is 1 million, but it is declining with a half-life of 20 years. how many animals will be left in 60 years?
  21. math

  22. math

    the half-life of a certain drug in the bloodstream is 4 hours. what fraction of the original drug dose remains in 24 hours?
  23. Math

    overall, his present salary is what % more than his original salary. and his present salary is what % of his original salary.
  24. Math

    if salary increased by 10% last year and then 8% this year. and original salary was $50,000 per year. what is present salary since he has received the two raises? find the relative change between his original salary and his present salary. overall his present salary is what % ...
  25. Math

    you have exactly $50.00 to spend on taxable groceries. they charge 4.3% sales tax on food. What is the most you can spend on food, pre-tax?
  26. Math

    Draw a circle with 5cm radius. Inscribe a triangle with side ratio 5:6:7 in it.
  27. Math (Ms.Sue please help!)

    Are you sure that the answer choices are correct?
  28. Math (Ms.Sue please help!)

    D is the answer. 12+11+19+15=57. 57 is the amount that was losted.
  29. Math! Help Hurry!

    Thank for explaining.
  30. Math! Help Hurry!

    Where are the math tutors?
  31. Math! Help Hurry!

    I am sorry. Just forget that I even posted the question.
  32. Math! Help Hurry!

    Writeteacher I need help with everything because I don't understand. It is so confusing!How do you figure out the volume? If you give my the equation them I can figure out the problem.
  33. Math! Help Hurry!

    I am not spamming.The question below are different. And all of these questions are on a quiz. This my second time doing it and I failed. I have tried to figure it out and I came up with nothing. And I if I don't get at least some instructions on how to do it Correctly, ...
  34. Math! Help Hurry!

    A chest shaped as a rectangular prism can hold 576 wooden cube blocks with edge lengths of 1/4 ft. What is the volume of the chest?
  35. Math! Help Hurry!

    Thank you for explaining.
  36. Math! Help Hurry!

    Tasha has foam blocks stored in a box that measures 3 1/4 ft long by 3 ft wide by 1 ft tall. Each foam block is a cube with 1/4 ft edge length. How many blocks can fit into the box? A)156 B)312 C) 624 D) 2496
  37. Math! Help Hurry!

    A prism is completely filled with 96 cubes that have edge length of 1/2 cm. What is the volume of the prism?
  38. Math! Help Hurry!

    A rectangular prism has a length of 8 in., a width of 4 in., and a height of 2 1/4 in. The prism is filled with cubes that have edge lengths of 1/4 in. How many cubes are needed to fill the rectangular prism?
  39. Math and Hurry Please!

    Thank you for explaining.
  40. Math and Hurry Please!

    A prism is completely filled with 2304 cubes that have edge length of 1/4 cm What is the volume of the prism?
  41. Math! Help Hurry!

    Two vertices of a right triangle have the coordinates (?2, 5) and (9, 5) . What is the length of the side formed by these vertices?
  42. ELA AND HELP!!!!!!

    Which word should be capitalized in the sentence below? Will your wife be joining us on the tour of the district courthouse, judge? A) judge B) wife C) district D) courthouse I think the answer is d.
  43. Science

    Which of these is found inside the solar system? A) Moon B) Nebula C) Galaxy D) Black hole
  44. Science and Hurry!

    The Gulf Stream current shown here makes the waters of the North Atlantic A) warmer. B) cooler. C) more dense. D) less nutrient rich.
  45. Science and Hurry!

    How do ocean currents influence the climate of a place? A) They transport heat over large distances, affecting the wind that blows over the land. B) They bring cold water from the poles, reducing the temperatures along the coasts. C) They draw out moisture from the wind, ...
  46. Science and Hurry!

    That is what I thought. But thank you for explaining it to me so that I can understand why it is the answer.
  47. Science and Hurry!

    What causes land breeze and sea breeze? A) The differential heating of land and sea by the Sun results in the movement of air. B) Hot air from the sea blows over the land because there is a high pressure area over the sea. C) Cold air blows from the land over the sea because ...
  48. Math and Please Help!

    According to the distributive property, 6 (5 + 3) = A) 6 (5 + 3) B) 6 (3 + 5) C) 6 × 5 + 3 D) 6 × 5 + 6 × 3 I think it might be b.
  49. Math and Please Help!

    Jade is painting a rectangular wall. The wall is 4 1/4 yd long and 2 2/3 yd high. The formula for the area of a rectangle is A=bh. What is the area of the wall? I think the answer is 11 and one thirds.
  50. Science!

    I meant b or d or even a. I really need help.
  51. Science!

    What changes would a cold front bring to a warm, dry area? A)extended period of rain B)several gray skies C)dry and asunny skies D)rain or thunderstorms I think it is either a or d but I am leaning more to a, so please help!
  52. ELA and Please Hurry!!!!

    Thank you for your help.
  53. ELA and Please Hurry!!!!

    LoL I am in a hurry because I want my homework done early.
  54. ELA and Please Hurry!!!!

    I need help with this but I think the answer is b. Which of these statements LEAST reveals the author's favorable bias toward the Road Race? A) Not only is the race special because it takes place on a special day, but it also has a rich, over three-decade tradition. B) By ...
  55. ELA and Please Hurry!!!!

  56. ELA and Please Hurry!!!!

    Not only is the race special because it takes place on a special day, but it also has a rich, over three-decade tradition. While the Boston Marathon can declare it is the oldest road race in America, few 10K’s can claim they’ve been around longer than the Peachtree ...
  57. if the difference of two positive integer is 4,and

    12 and 8
  58. Principles of economics

    Differentiate between Public and Private goods. Make sure you state their characteristics and substantiate your answer with examples in each case.
  59. Language Arts

    Are you sure
  60. art

    D B C
  61. Physics

    1.) jet plane traveling 1800 km/h (500 m/s) pulls out of a dive by moving in an arc of radius 6.00 km. What is the plane's acceleration in g's? 6.) A child on a merry -go-round is moving with a speed of 1.35 m/s when 1.20 m from the center of the merry-go-round. a.) ...
  62. Maths

    If events A and B are such that they are independent and p (a) = 0.3 and p(b) = 0.5 Find p (a n b) and p (a u b)
  63. Science

    1 false 2 C 3 D 4 B 5 D 6 A 7 B 8 A Promise these are right not lying
  64. math 8th grade

  65. Science

    Who needs all of the answers I have them no LYE
  66. Statistics

    The melting point of gold is known to be approximately 1,060 degrees centigrade. This is, of course, an average figure, for unavoidable ‘experimental error’ causes more or less variation from this figure whenever the test is actually performed. The best measure of ...
  67. maths

    This type of triangle does not exist. because, for any trangle some of any two sides should be greater than third side. so, 2.5 + 2.5 = 5.0 < 14 hence, this triangle does not exist.
  68. calculus

    The graph of a function f is shown. Use the differential equation and the given point to find an equation of the function. dy/dx=4x+(9x^2/(3x^3+1)^(3/2)) and the point (0,2) using the substitution method of integration.
  69. math

    Joan is 'y' years old. Her father is 4 times as old as she is and 28 years older than her brother. A-Find in terms of y, the age of Joan's brother. B- If 'y' =12, how old is her brother?
  70. maths

  71. math

    what other shapes can form with 24 metres
  72. math

    How many rectangles can you make with 24 metres
  73. physics

    While taking a rest on a tree branch, a daring cowboy sees a wild horse running towards the tree he was on. he wants to land on the horses back when it passes under the tree. if the horse is running at a constant velocity of about 2 m/s and the vertical distance between the ...
  74. physics

    a contestant projects a coin with a speed of 7 m/s at an angleof 60 degrees to the horizontal. When the coin leaves his hand, the horizontal distance between the coin and the dish is 2.8m. The coin lands in the dish. calculate the horizontal component of the initial velocity ...
  75. maths

    Area is 8.64squre units. Ratio of the side lengths 3:4:5 means it is a right angled triangle. Hypthenuse is the diameter of the circle, 6cm length. Other sides are 3.6cm and 4.8cm. So the area is 1/2 *3.6*4.8 = 8.64
  76. maths

    This is a right angled triangle with the sides ratio 3:4:5. It can easily be shown that the radius of the incircle of this triangle is 1, that is one third of the smallest side(3). So that is of the given triangle is 1/3*6039 = 2013. Hence the area of the incircle is phi * ...
  77. math pre calc

    solve for X marticies 2 0 5 4 -1 3 =2 6 x -7
  78. math pre calc

    gaussian elimination x+Y+Z=-2 X-y+5z+22 5x+y+z=-22
  79. math pre calc

    at the pittsburch zoo, children ride a train for 25 cents, adults pay $1 and seniors pay .75. on a given day, 1400 passengers paid a total of $740 for the rides. there were 250 more children riders than adults and senior riders combined.find the nu,ber of each type of rider. ...
  80. Science

    Do y'all sill need the answers ??? Because I have them
  81. math

    im in an online school :p
  82. math

    Funny that's a question on my last math test
  83. Chemistry

    (740-390)/760=.46Atm .46atm(3.0K)=n(.08206)(293.15k) 1.38=n(24.056) n=.054 mols CO2 mols CO2=mols MgO g/.054mol=40.31mm of MgO g=2.177g MgO 2.177gMgO/2.85g total samp =76.4percent
  84. Advanced Alegebra

    How do I solve the following problems? My homework was to correct a puiz that I failed, but I do not know how to solve these problems..please help! Solving systems of equations using elimination: 7.) 10x - 10y = 0 5x - 4y = 8 Answer (8,8) I got the right answer because this ...
  85. Physics

  86. statisitcs

    suppose you got 75 items corrct on a 100-item, six alternative, multiple-choice exam what would your score be after we corrected for guessing?
  87. statistics

  88. algebra 2

    how can you tell when y is a function of x on a graph
  89. algebra 2

    If f(x) = int(x), find the given functional value. 1. f(-9.1)
  90. ThermoChemistry

    c_hot = (4.184J/g*K)(18mL)(1g/mL) c_cold = (4.184J/g*K)(19mL)(1g/mL) Use: 0 = c_hot(T_f - T_initial,hot)+ c_cold(T_f - T_initial,cold) Solve for T_f and remember to convert temperature back to C from Kelvin and vice versa. Best of luck, ChemVantage Loather
  91. Physics

    Two objects are connected by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley, and two objects are on either side of the string. There is a hanging object off the vertical side of the incline weighing 10.0 kg. The 3.50 kg object lies on a smooth incline of angle 37.0°...
  92. algebra

    how would I simplify 1089b^7t^5/891t^2b?
  93. psy

    Explain the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components of postpartum depression
  94. physics

    If the back of the truck is 1.5 {\rm m} above the ground and the ramp is inclined at 24{\rm ^{\circ}}, how much time do the workers have to get to the piano before it reaches the bottom of the ramp?
  95. MicroEconomic

    Strictly speaking, perfect competition has never existed and probably never will. Then why study it?
  96. Managerial Economics

    Strictly speaking, perfect competition has never existed and probably never will. Then why study it?
  97. Physics

    A car moves from a point located 26.0 m from the origin and at an angle of 35.0° from the x-axis to a point located 56.0 m from the origin and at an angle of 60.0° from the x-axis in 2.50 s. What is the magnitude of the average velocity of the car?
  98. 3rd grade

    There are 32 more apples than oranges at a fruit stand. How many apples and oranges could there be?
  99. Physics Please Answer

    1. to make a secure fit, rivets that are larger than the rivet hole are often used and the rivet is cooled (usually in dry ice) before it is placed in the hole. a steel rivet 1.871 cm in diameter is to be placed in a hole 1.869 cm in diameter at 20 degree celcius. to what ...
  100. PHYSICS

    1. to make a secure fit, rivets that are larger than the rivet hole are often used and the rivet is cooled (usually in dry ice) before it is placed in the hole. a steel rivet 1.871 cm in diameter is to be placed in a hole 1.869 cm in diameter at 20 degree celcius. to what ...
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