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Does this question even make sense: A 7900 kg helicopter carrying a 1100 kg load is accelerating upwards at 1.2 m/sec squared. What is the force of air resistance pushing down on the helicopter?

a 25,000 kg helicopter carrying a 7200 kg load is accelerating up at 1.2 m / sec squared. What is the force of air resistance on the halicopter?

why would the force of the air ONLY act on the frame? Isn't it also acting on the helicopter?

Select any of the subordinate groups from Ch. 1 of the text, provided below. Because the chapter does not list all subordinate groups, you may select any other group that has a documented history in the United States. Subordinate Groups: Native Americans, African Americans, ...

What strategies do you use for revising a paper? How do you know when to accept feedback from another source? What makes feedback valuable to you?

For this assignment, you will create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Your presentation must briefly summarize how psychological disorders are classified including the role of the DSM IV. Your presentation must have at least one slide for each of the major ...