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  1. Engineering Fund.

    A large box whose mass is 19.0 kg rests on a frictionless floor. A mover pushes on the box with a force of 235 N at an angle 34.8° below the horizontal. Draw the box's free-body diagram and use it to determine the acceleration of the box. m/s2
  2. Physics

    A group of engineering students constructs a slingshot to launch water balloons. The angle of launch is 30° and the initial velocity of the balloon is 14 m/s. The students launch a balloon from the roof of a building and the balloon lands 42 m away from the building. How ...
  3. Physics

    A rock is thrown vertically from the edge of a cliff that is 500 ft high. It takes 6.5 seconds for the rock to hit the ground at the base of the cliff. Assume air resistance is negligible. (a) What was the initial velocity (magnitude and direction) of the rock? (b) What was ...
  4. Physics

    An object moves such that its x-coordinate is given by x(t) = 6.0 m - (1.5 m/s2) t3 and its y-coordinate is given by y(t) = (8.0 m/s) t - (1.0 m/s2) t2. What is the acceleration of the object at t = 3.5 seconds? Express your answers in unit vector notation.
  5. Physics

    Rain is falling steadily but there is no wind. You are in an automobile that moves on a straight, flat highway at a constant speed of 80 km/hr. You see from the drops on the side window that the rain is falling at an angle of 58° measured from vertical (relative to the car...
  6. Physics

    A car can be driven around a 120 m radius curve at constant speed without sliding if the maximum centripetal acceleration is 0.130g. (a) What is the maximum speed that the car can travel around the curve without sliding? (b) If the car was on a circular race track with this ...