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  1. History

    The Supreme Court's decision allowed the federal government to maintain some control over trade within and across state borders.
  2. Algebra 1

    How do I find a, b, c, and d, for cubic equations in word problems.
  3. algebra

    i dont think it is b, but you might be right
  4. algebra

    my answer is D
  5. algebra

    which ordered pair is a solution to the equation y=-5x+4 A.(2,14) B.(5,-29) C.(3,-19) D.(5,-21)
  6. Science

    thanks Ms. sue
  7. Science

    my answer is invention
  8. Science

    PLEASE HELP ITS URGENT contact lenses improve your lives. contact lenses are example of an______? A.skeptical B.experiment C.invention D.evidence E.inference F.prototype G.biased I.hypothesis
  9. algebra

    ok thank you anonymous
  10. algebra

    i think it might be B
  11. algebra

    solve 3/2x-4=16 A.x=20 B.x=13 1/3 B.x=15 1/3 D.30 I got 40/30 but thats not one of the answers
  12. algebra

    ok thanks guys
  13. algebra

    Determine the orderd pair is a solution y=x + 2/7 A.(0,0) B.(-1,2/5) C.(1,2/5)*** D.(2,2 2/5)
  14. algebra

    thank you
  15. algebra

    PLEASE HELP ITS URGENT Pizza costs $1.50 per slice. Use a table and an equation to represent the relationship between the number of slices of pizza bought and the total cost.
  16. algebra

    ok thx
  17. algebra

    oops i did not mean to post that agian what i really wanted to ask is, how can you use an equation to make a prediction from a pattern
  18. algebra

    Give an example of an open equation? my answer is, x + 4 = 7 Until the value of x is found, it is unknown whether the equation is true or false. am i right?
  19. algebra

    Give an example of an open equation? my answer is, x + 4 = 7 Until the value of x is found, it is unknown whether the equation is true or false. am i right?
  20. Math

    people here check your ansers they dont give them to you
  21. history

    Is anybody going to help like Ms. Sue or Reed please
  22. history

    please I really need help
  23. history

    i prommis im not guessing
  24. history

    googled it and i think it might be D. ???
  25. history

    What is the mayflower compact? A. a long-term treaty for trade routes with the duch tea company B. a formal method to establish systematic order on the pilgrams C. an economic agreement to freely make and sell goods to the british D. a formal agreement by the pilgrams abide by...
  26. history

    ok thank you
  27. history

    A,B and C are all good answers but i think the best one is A
  28. history

    im sorry i meant dotting
  29. history

    French took the lead in colonizing the upper Midwest region. From the early 16th century on, French soldiers, missionaries and fur traders left their slight mark upon the St. Lawrence Valley, the upper Great Lakes and points west. For the early French explorers, the more ...
  30. history

    thank you
  31. history

    How were the Spanish able to conquer two great empires with only a handful of soldiers? First, the Spanish had superior military equipment. They were protected by steel armor and had guns. The Aztecs and Incas relied on clubs, bows and arrows, and spears. Also, the Native ...
  32. Science

    I already found the answer with brainly, but thanks anyways.
  33. Science

    It does not say What kind, where, Doing what or the dangers
  34. Science

    How should I prepare for a field study and what should I do if there's an accident?
  35. Science

    thank you Ms. Sue you helped me out alot on this one and others before I really appreciate
  36. Science

    I ment safety symbols
  37. Science

    What do safty symbols look like? What do they mean? provide at least three examples.
  38. algebra

    thank you bosnian this helped alot
  39. algebra

    I think its B
  40. algebra

    Is -7+9 = -9+7 A. true B. False C. Open
  41. Language Arts

    How do you know squeaky won't let gretchen win in Raymond's Run
  42. pre algebra

    Given w+10 what is the answer to w+(w-12/2 square *3)*7
  43. Science

    100% goes to cupcake 5/5 yay thx cupcake
  44. Englsih 10

    no they're not right
  45. Social studies

    Which answer choice lists all of the common nouns in the following sentence? A few days before the race, Squeaky met the girls on the street. (1 point) days, race, Squeaky days, race, street days, race, Squeaky, girls days, race, girls, street••
  46. Language Arts

  47. Math - calc

    f'(x)=2x+6 Integrate to get the graph's function: f(x)=x^2+6x+c where c is the constant of integration. Sub in the pt (6,3) to solve for c and hence have a fully-defined function for the graph. Finally, sub x=5 into the function to find f(5).
  48. Chemistry

    8) ( 1 point) What is the maximum number of grams PH? that can be formed when 3.4 g of phosphorus reacts with 4 grams of hydrogen to form PH?? P? (g) +6H? (g) ? 4PH? (g) * 3.7 g 6.8 g 45 g 270 g 10. Lead nitrate can be decomposed by heating. What is the percent yield of the ...
  49. Math help! Check my answers ASAP!

    @:) I agree completely. Some of your responses are just too far. You act like you are smarter than everyone here. You can be really rude some times.
  50. Math

    Marcus bake loaf of bread of banana bread for a party he cut the loaf into equal size . At the end of the party there were 6 pieces left . Explain how you can find the number of pieces in the whole loaf if Marcus told 1/3 of the loaf was left
  51. math

    While working on the roof of his house, John leans a 15 foot ladder against a second story window. If the distance on the ground between the base of the ladder and the house is nine feet, at what height does the ladder reach the second story window? In your final answer, ...
  52. riddle

    day-it a new day but you've had the day already like if today is 1st its a new day but in life we lived this day last year and the year before....
  53. Language Arts

    Can you help please
  54. Algebra 2

    I need to somehow find the ordered pair, domain, and range
  55. Algebra 2

    I don't know anything about functions
  56. Algebra 2

    Evaluate the function when x=1. f(x)=4x-2. Write the input and output as a set of ordered pairs, and identify the domain and range of the ordered pair. (6 points) Ordered Pair: Domain: Range: Write an equation of direct variation that passes through the point (9,-1). (4 ...
  57. Technology

    Hann you did got it right because I helped my friend with the question and my answers were right
  58. Algebra 2

    Where did the 23 come into play?
  59. American History

    Check my answers? 1. In what way was the government of ancient Athens different from the united states A) Athens was a direct democracy in which citizens ** B) Athens was an oligarchy ruled by the wealthy members of the council of five hundred C) Athens was a republic in which...
  60. English

    but yea does somebody wanna post the answer
  61. English

    She said you "prickly low life" lmao
  62. Social Studies

    spooky is more correct than Savanna but spooky is not 100% correct.
  63. Social Studies

    Savanna reed is 100% right, Thank you Savanna reed for the good grade you helped a lot.
  64. S.S

    C B D is Right
  65. Social Studies

    The Unidentified, :D, Unkown, and shy are 100% correct A,C D B thank you all for the good grade
  66. Physical Science

    A man jogs 8 km/h for 5 hours. How far did the man jog?
  67. Please check my answers(Social Studies)

    Jarzzapan and Angelica is better are 100% right I just took it and got them all right thank you jarzzapan and angelica you were a big help
  68. Social Studies

    Adventure is 100% correct thank you Adventure for the good grade you helped me a lot.
  69. Social Studies

    this was no help
  70. Social Studies

    twighlight is 100% correct
  71. history

    bob is right
  72. algebra 1

    What is the answer psydag
  73. Social Studies Help

    starry is 100% correct thx starry
  74. LA

    Jayce, Jarzzapan, wtf are 100% correct just took the test and got all right. Thank you Jayce, Jarzzapan and wtf. D C B D 100%
  75. History PLZ HELP ASAP!!!

    anonymous is right
  76. Social Studies

    dang stuff just went down hard!!!
  77. Algebra

    2a raised to 2 - 4b raised to 3 - 8c raised to 4 divided by 2abc
  78. physics

    A playground merry-go-round of radius 2.00 m has a moment of inertia I = 255 kg·m2 and is rotating about a frictionless vertical axle. As a child of mass 25.0 kg stands at a distance of 1.00 m from the axle, the system (merry-go-round and child) rotates at the rate of ...
  79. physics

    The system of small objects shown in the figure below is rotating at an angular speed of 2.0 rev/s. The objects are connected by light, flexible spokes that can be lengthened or shortened. What is the new angular speed if the spokes are shortened to 0.15 m? (An effect similar ...
  80. physics

    In a circus performance, a large 5.0 kg hoop of radius 3.0 m rolls without slipping. If the hoop is given an angular speed of 3.0 rad/s while rolling on the horizontal and allowed to roll up a ramp inclined at 10° with the horizontal, how far (measured along the incline) ...
  81. physics

    A 1400-N uniform boom at ϕ = 70.0° to the horizontal is supported by a cable at an angle θ = 20.0° to the horizontal as shown in the figure below. The boom is pivoted at the bottom, and an object of weight w = 2250 N hangs from its top. (a) Find the tension ...
  82. physics

    A person bending forward to lift a load "with his back" (Figure (a)) rather than "with his knees" can be injured by large forces exerted on the muscles and vertebrae. The spine pivots mainly at the fifth lumbar vertebra, with the principal supporting force ...
  83. physics

    A 3.25-kg object is attached to a vertical rod by two strings as shown in the figure below. The object rotates in a horizontal circle at constant speed 6.60 m/s. (a) Find the tension in the upper string. N (b) Find the tension in the lower string. N
  84. Chemistry

    C + 4 HNO3 = CO2 + 4 NO2 + 2 H2O
  85. Chemistry

    10 C + 20 HNO3 = 10 CO2 + 20 NO2 + H20
  86. physics

    In a popular amusement park ride, a rotating cylinder of radius R = 3.10 m is set in rotation at an angular speed of 4.20 rad/s, as in the figure shown below. The floor then drops away, leaving the riders suspended against the wall in a vertical position. What minimum ...
  87. physics

    Suppose a 1800-kg car passes over a bump in a roadway that follows the arc of a circle of radius 18.4 m as in the figure shown below. (a) What force does the road exert on the car as the car passes the highest point of the bump if the car travels at 9.24 m/s? (Neglect any ...
  88. physics

    An air puck of mass m1 = 0.24 kg is tied to a string and allowed to revolve in a circle of radius R = 1.4 m on a frictionless horizontal table. The other end of the string passes through a hole in the center of the table, and a mass of m2 = 1.3 kg is tied to it (see the figure...
  89. pysics

    A 50.0-kg child stands at the rim of a merry-go-round of radius 1.65 m, rotating with an angular speed of 3.00 rad/s. (a) What is the child's centripetal acceleration? m/s2 (b) What is the minimum force between her feet and the floor of the carousel that is required to ...
  90. physics

    A rotating wheel requires 6.00 s to rotate 27.0 revolutions. Its angular velocity at the end of the 6.00-s interval is 97.0 rad/s. What is the constant angular acceleration (in rad/s) of the wheel?
  91. physics

    A centrifuge in a medical laboratory rotates at an angular speed of 3,550 rev/min. When switched off, it rotates through 54.0 revolutions before coming to rest. Find the constant angular acceleration (in rad/s2) of the centrifuge.
  92. math

    ...Ok. And you answers are?
  93. Health Sciences

    I am still looking I will try to help you guys if I can okay thank you
  94. Physics

    A partide of mass m moves along a trajectory given by x= a cos δ1 t and y = asinδ2 t . Find rand y component of the force acting on the patde, potential energy, kinetic enenev of the partide and hence show that the total energe E= KE + PE =1/2 m(a*2 δ1*2+ b*2 &#...
  95. Physics

    A pendulum is constructed of a mass m connected to a mass ess rigid rod of lengthl. As shownin the figure, the other end of the rodis suspended from a point on the ring ofradius R. The pendulum is free to swing in a vertical plane that is also the plane of the ring. The ring ...
  96. Science

    if you have four questions YourSaviourJeffry is 100% correct!
  97. geometry

    Two overlapping identical circles have radii of 6.17. The area of their overlapping sections is 42.7. How far apart are the centers of the circles? Answer is 6.55
  98. geometry

    sinè = x/r and 20 = rè, but thanks anyway. you got me thinking on the right track.
  99. geometry

    Two persons each hold the end of a 20 ft long jumping rope. How far apart should they stand if they hold the rope 4.5 ft off the ground, and the middle of the rope just touches the ground? Assume the arc formed by the jumping rope is circular. I know that this problem involves...
  100. gtuc

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