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Look at my previous post.... Can anyone please answer my science question??? well what's the question? Well, did u look at my previous post??? Hey Lance!! Thanx sooo much!! I got the problem right! I owe u one! Hey Lance!! ...

Science (Cont.)
Can anyone please answer my science question???? PLEASE!! if nobody on here is answering, try doing a little research on other websites i need some help on my homework

algebra 1 PLEEZ HELP!!!
well.... this problem is really easy to approach.... which value is th x coordinate of the intersection of 3x+y=15 and x+2y=10? a.) 3 b.) 4 c.)-3 d.)-4 C. --- (-3) how did you get that though???

Wow!! This is an awesome website!! Thank you soooo much!!! I owe you one!! Hey! I need help on a question in science... The question is: After proteins are made by the ribosomes, how do they leave the cell? What is this process called?? I seriously don't get it!! Please ...