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social studies 7th
I think it started in 1861; therefore, 1861-1865. That's what I am finding with several different sites on a web search as well. You may want to confirm--JJ


You lean over the edge of a building that is 106 meters above the ground and throw an object straight upwards. This object takes 3 seconds to reach its maximum vertical displacement above your hand and then falls to the ground. From the moment it leaves your hand, how long ...

You've done the math to learn how many $20 bills Aunt May has that equals the $10,000. Based on how many $20 bills, spending 1 a day, you have answered the "how many days"! You've got it and done all the work; just think how the number of $20 bills relates to...

12 gray out of 64. Find the percent: 12 divided by 64 = ?? (you'll get a decimal, no need to move decimal to make a percent--just keep the decimal for the next step. Next step: 400 x the decimal found above = ?? and this answer will tell you how many gray sweatshirts to ...

18 dimes = 1.80 7 qtrs = 1.75 Total = the $3.55 Can you work it backwards, as I have no idea how to set an equation. It was instinct for me to see that initially I had to break the 55-cents down and then work with the $3.00. I'm sorry I can't help with setting the ...

Hi Kayla, First determine your definition of a "prime number. (It can only be divisible by itself or 1, evenly.) Replace "n" with a number and add 1 to it; then test the definition. e.g., if N = 1; then 1 + 1 = 2 (Is 2 a prime number?) try again, e.g.if N = 3; ...

I am doing homework and supposed to write down prime numbers up to 50, this is what I wrote down. (1,3,5,7,11,13,17,22,23,2731,33,35,37,41,43,45,47) Is there any numbers missing?

Are these prime number correct all the way up to 50 (1,3,5,7,11,13,17,22,23,25,27,31,33,35,37,41,43,45,47 ) What kind of tens are prime

Suppose you are given that z = c y2/x3 where c is some number. For a particular value of c, x and y, z is equal to 129. Suppose x is decreased by a factor of 2.3 and y is decreased by a factor 7.9. What is the new value of z?

To find an average get a total of the entries and divide by the number of entries. In this problem get a total of the expenses for the 4 weeks. Then, take that total and divide by 4 to get the average. Hope that helps! JJ

Referring to the diagram, if c = 32 and theta is equal to 57.6 degrees, find the difference in the length of sides a and b. Another words determine the length of side a, determine the length of side b, and then subtract b from a (a - b). (For example if a = 10 and b = 2, then ...

1. You first need to find how many cm in an inch by going to a conversion chart or manipulating how many inches in a meter. It is much easier to go to a conversion chart. i.e, 1-inch = ?? cm. (Be sure you are going in the right direction. In other words you do NOT want to find...

two circles c1 and c2 meet at the points A and B. CD is a common tangent to these circles where C and D lie on the circumference of C1 and C2 respectively. CA is the tangent to c2 at A. When produced DB meets the circumference of C1 at p. Prove that PC is parallel to AD

Oh My! I was at that site a couple of times tonight and earlier this week. That's where I began my argument with the apostrophe and got twisted thinking that "speaking" was a participle, and as you can see, I got tangled. I have bookmarked with seeing your ...

Another bell just rang. Apostrophe "s" means "his" in the old English, so with substituting "his," my light bulb confirms your answer. The gentleman's--his speaking. Oy Vey! Where was my head. . . .Onward, now! Thank you, again!

Ah Ha! Nothing about MT is easy--LOL! I have to laugh at myself; since I started MT I feel like my years of background in both grammar and copy editing have had the rug pulled from underneath, causing me to have mono conversations that feel like they may need RX at times--LOL...

Thank you Writeacher! Did I "goof" thinking that "speaking" is a participle/adj modifying English? TIA-JJ

I'm on the fence about apostrophe or not in the following sentence. The possessive is not coming immediately before a noun or gerund; however, the English does belong to the gentleman. I realize a noun can show ownership to a noun that may have an adjective in front of the...

Grammar MT
You may want to check context and spelling of "mail." Diseases in the 3rd ed BOS no longer use the apostrophe s in front of the word disease, syndrome, etc; however, it would stay if the word disease, syndrome, etc were not included in the sentence, but implied. You ...

An apple of mass 0.1kg is thrown from a 123 meter high building at an angle of 45 degrees with an initial velocity of 5. How long does it take for the apple to hit the ground? (assume g = 9.8 m.s-2)

Tricia and janine are roommates and leave Houston on Interstate 10 at the same time to visit their families for a long weekend. Tricia travels west and Janine travels east. If Tricia's average speed is 12 mph faster than Janine's, find the speed of each if they are ...

mod 4 child care management
Supervising your staff each day and scheduling regular staff meetings are part of the _______ management approach. A. negative feedback C. preventative B. goal-oriented D. educational

child care management mod 4
Teachers in child care centers should meet which of the following educational qualifications? A. High school graduate B. High school graduate with some college course work in child development or early childhood education C. Two to four years of college (associate’s or ...

operating system
here is my code but have an error !! there are different classes. // this class creates the variables we are going to use in the threads public class Qs { int n; //creating an integer value boolean valueSet = false; //creating a boolean statement //creating a method with a ...

operating system
Two processes communicating using (memory locations “variables” or files).

@DrBob222: is that the answer?

yes i did that but the answer i get is weird

*** I meant Kp = 4.0 x 10^18

In an equilibrium mixture of HCl, Cl2 and H2, the partial pressure of H2 is 4.2 mPa and that of Cl2 is 8.3 mPa. What is the partial pressure of HCl at 500 oK given that at that temperature Kp = 4.0 x 1018 for H2(g)+ Cl2(g)--> 2HCl(g)

Entalphy variation for C5H6COOH.

algebra 2 review

How many moles of chloroethylene contain 5.47×10^26 molecules?

DNA breaks apart when the _________ bonds between bases break??

The two equal angles would be represented by x each and then the 3rd angle would be 2x + 16 to represent the 16 more than twice. The sum of the three angles is 180 degrees, so 1x + 1x + 2x + 16 = 180. combine like terms (x's). Now you should have a two-step equation of ...

Since the angles are all compared to the second angle, let x (also known as 1x)= 2nd angle; therefore first angle which is twice the second = 2x and the third angle which is three times the second = 3x. All angles of a triangle have a sum of 180 degrees. 1x + 2x + 3x = 180 now...

Solve 1/2x - 7 = 21

College Algebra

4th grade math
Deez nuts

English - Native speakers
Okay, I know conductor is also a person who checks if passengers in buses or trains have tickets. Also called a ticket collecter. The woman/man helping a woman give birth is a MIDWIFE What do you mean by indefinite time contract? I can't answer that The accounts are a ...

Hi! I need to work out how much water is used per minute in my showerhead, per toilet flush, each dishwasher load, washing machine cycle and taps. How would you suggest I do this if I cannot access the information online? Thanks

Hi! I need help. I have worked out total rainfall, I have the monthly average (given by beauro) and I worked out the mean rainfall each month. My teacher says I need to work out the amount of rainfall in m-cubed that would fall on the roof each month. How would I do this? ps. ...

Okay so you're writing about social networking aren't you? Broaden it a bit. Basically you are talking only on how it helps you stay connected. Why don't you add in about how its changed the way we keep up with current events NOTE: Libya and Egypt organised revolts...

Hmmm good question. Is it becuase they have an obligation to sociaty as leaders? Is it because they exist in society as well? Is it because without society they wouldn't survive? Is it becuase it is a sign of being a good person? Is it because businesses have got alot of ...

Okay read through it. Where you take breaths or give pauses add your commas, where you don't I'd take them away. Where you say words that you haven't typed add them and where you don't say words, take them out of your text. Good luck!

I'd guess d... But I'm not sure

world history
Think about it: US financed TWO WORLD WARS. Right so all that money comes right in. ONly entered WW2 after pearl harbour so not a long period of war left, ditto on ww1, only entered last year of war. So obviously would have spent less and been in better shape than the other ...

If you appeal it your trail will go to the Corte d'Assise d'Appello. you might appeal to the Cassarzio but only the law will be reviewed and you will have a new trial scheduled int eh Corte d'Assise d'Apello!

Firstly, don't expect a quick resolution, the court system takes forecver. Secondly, you have no right to a lawyer before you see a judge Thirdly, it will probably be the Corte d'Assise because accessory to murder is pretty serious.

I'm assuming by processed you mean how does it go through the court heirachy?

What do you mean by processed?

Take out the comma in the first sentance. It should read and looking. change everything after help manage to: help manage the sales department of JR's Fashions. change the comma after position are to a semi-colan. ...for the position are; scheduling appointments ...

English - Native speakers
Yep that's exactly right!

English - Native speakers
yeah, so place names capatilized all else normal text.

English - Native speakers
Generally no,you don't write them with capitals. The exception is place names like North Daktoa or the South Pole. See when you use north in the way you said in the second sentance its a common noun, like car or sun. Its confusing, I know. Does this help?

Hi! I'm working on a math assignment and I was wondering if someone could check my math on this. PLZ! Create a model of Tank B. Find the approximate capacity Assuming that the overflow pipe is 100cm below the top of the tank, therefore the revised overflow height equals 0....

Arect = length x width So you find different factors of the area and you should be able to answer the question competently. As long as you communicate well you might even get extra marks for 'alternate answers'

96=x+y x= 96/2 y=96/2

7th grade
Okay so 2x+1=9 We move the 1 over to the other side of the equal sign, which means the equation now reads 2x=9-1 solve this 2x=8 now we divide both sides by 2 (its the multiplier of x and we want to split them apart) x=4 TaDa! With your brakets 2(2t-1)= 14 Okay so firstly we ...

Well yes probably. If you mean people like refuges or those who are being oppressed in their own country.

Yes I have tried Google scholar, but my teacher is telling us to rely on other search engines as well. Thanks for your help! XD

Are their any search engines I can use besides bing and google? Any places I can access historical journals? Thanks!

3rd grade math

5th grade math
960 divided by 8

The mean weight of 75 2nd graders is 55.7 lbs and the mean weight of 25 1st graders is 42.6 lb. What is the mean weight of the 100 children

A relational database for a real-world client what would be the example ?

soorry i was wrong it is 1.2


solve this problem using the power rule (10x^8) x (10x^10) =

geometry regular polygon

ap chemistry
methanol and ethanol are common organic solvents. if the mole fraction of CH3OH in a mixture of the two solvents is 0.4 what is the mole fraction of methanol in the vapor in equilibrium wih the liquid mixture at room temperature 25 celius. the vapor pressure ofmethanol and ...

Vector vector A has a magnitude of 27 units and points in the positive y-direction. When vector vector B is added to vector A , the resultant vector vector A + vector B points in the negative y-direction with a magnitude of 18 units. Find the magnitude of vector B ?



Language Art
How to write goalie in a possesive form sentence

java programming
This is the code what i tried but its not thw thing i want import javax.swing.*; public class Letter { private String sendername; private String recipientname; private String bodyletter; public static void sender (String nsender) { String name= "a"; } public static ...

java programming
Provide a class called Letter for authoring a simple letter. The letter class has three data fields, the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, a body of the letter. 1. Supply the class constructors (default , and overloaded ) 2. Supply a method. Public void addLine (...

east - 12.04 north - 8.43


Physical Science
A 15 Kg object that is free falling has a total mechanical energy of 13,230 Joules. (A) From what height was the object dropped? (B) What is the velocity of the object when it hits the ground? (C) How long does the object fall?

Suppose in a breeding experiment, you combined 7,000 AA individuals and 3,000 aa individuals, and they mated randomly. After the first generation, what would be the value of p2 (p squared) ? of q2 (q squared)? of 2 pq? what would be the value after the second generation if the...

Programming Java
I have to create an analog clock..What methods should i use

Kate has 35 grams of xenon gas in a 15 liter tank at 11 degrees celsius and 250 atmospheres. If she heats the gas in the tank up to 2500 degrees celsius, what will its pressure be, in Kilopascals?

A puddle holds 150 g of water. If 0.50 g of water evaporates from the surface, what is the approximate temperature change of the remaining water? (Lv = 540 cal/g)

If a 1000-kg car was moving at 30 m/s, what would be its kinetic energy expressed in the unusual (for kinetic energy) units of calories? (1 cal = 4.186 J)

A 2.00-kg block of ice is at STP (0°C, 1 atm) while it melts completely to water. What is its change in entropy? (For ice, Lf = 3.34 ´ 105 J/kg)

A heat engine exhausts 3 000 J of heat while performing 1 500 J of useful work. What is the efficiency of the engine?

A 10-kg piece of aluminum (which has a specific heat of 900 J/kg×°C) is warmed so that its temperature increases by 5.0 C°. How much heat was transferred into it?

Ok thank you

This is my work :) (50miles/hr)x(1.609km/1mile)x(1000m/1km)x(1meter/60sec)x(1hour/60 min) =22.35 meter per second.

what is 50 miles per hour in meters per second ?

what is 50 miles per hour in meters per second?

(6.5 ft) x(1meter/3.281ft) =1.98 meters. Is this a correct way ?

A player height is 6.5 ft.What is his height in meters ?( 1m = 3.281ft)

I have to write a researh paper on Intel Core i3 processor ? I need some ideas

thank u sooo much!!!!!!!:)

Kevin has $6.45 in coins in his cash box. The numbers of quarters is one less than twice the number of dimes. The number of nickels is one less than twice the number of quarters. The value of the pennies is the same as the value of the nickels. How many of each Type of coin ...

computer architecture
How many bits does a word of storage contain on the IBM-PC?

java programming
Enhance bank account class by adding preconditions for the constructor and the deposit method that require the amount parameter to be atleast zero, and a precondition for the withdraw method that requires amount to be a value between 0 and the current balance.Use assertions to...

Calculate Osmotic Pressure

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