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integral calculus
A cylindrical tank of radius 3 ft length 8 ft is laid out horizontally .The tank is half full of oil that weighs 60 pounds per cubic foot. a.)determine the work done in pumping out oil to the top of the tank. b.)determine the work required to pump out the oil to leave 4 feet ...

probability and statistics
how many different plate numbers can be made using the letters A,B and numbers 0,1,2,3 if each must contain 2 letters and 3 numbers.

1.) Find the solution set of 2sin squared θ-1= 0 if 180 degrees is less than or equal to θ is less than or equal to 360 degrees 2.) prove: 2cotθ/cot squared θ -1 = sin2 θ sec2 θ

Angular Momentum
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Angular Momentum
A long thin rod of mass M = 2.00 kg and length L = 75.0 cm is free to rotate about its center as shown. Two identical masses (each of mass m = .421 kg) slide without friction along the rod. The two masses begin at the rod's point of rotation when the rod is rotating at 10....

Physics Angular Momentum
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Physics Angular Momentum
A bullet with a mass m = 4.83 g and initial speed of 330 m/s passes through a wheel which is initially at rest as in the gure. The wheel is a solid disk with mass M = 2.29 kg and radius R = 18.6 cm The wheel rotates freely about an axis through its center and out of the plane ...

r would equal that if we were looking at the momentum of the ball about the circle and not at the support point

A ball (mass m = 250 g) on the end of an ideal string is moving in circular motion as a conical pendulum as in the gure. The length L of the string is 1.67 m and the angle with the vertical is 37 degrees A) What is the magnitude of the angular momentum (kg m2/s) of the ball ...

a mass of 0.2 kg is whirled at 12 revolutions in 2 sec in a horizontal circle at the end of o string0.8m long.(a)angular velocity (b)linear velocity (c) central acceleration (d) central force