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  1. Math

    Two helicopters ?ying at the same altitude are 2000m apart when they spot a life raft below. The raft is directly between the two helicopters. The angle of depression from one helicopter to the raft is 37° and the angle of depression from the other helicopter is 49°. ...
  2. AP Chemistry

    How long, in seconds, would it take to deposit 10.5 g of copper onto an electrode from a solution of Cu2+ if a current of 2.00 A was applied?
  3. AP Chemistry

    Under what circumstances is the enthalpy of formation of a compound from its elements usually: - positive - negative
  4. Math

    There is 48 students in a class. 7 out of 8 are females what percent are females?
  5. Math

    There is a school that has 6,190 students there is already 216 how many more teachers are needed
  6. Math 7 A

    Note: For questions 5 and 6, remember to show all of the steps that you use to solve the problem. Be sure to use the text box where the question mark (?) first appears to show your mathematical work. You can use the comments field to explain your work. Your teacher will review...
  7. Algebra

  8. Algebra

    A computer store buys a computer for $24 fixes it up and sells it for $91.20. What is the percent of increase in the price?
  9. Social studies

    You know what I quit
  10. Social studies

    it's not that I'm lazy Im not understanding and I need help
  11. Social studies

    Funny ms.sue but u gotta help me
  12. Social studies

    Someone please help me i need it badly
  13. Social studies

    1. Justinian code became the backbone of modern Europe? 2. In what way did Quran affect the role of Islamic women? 3. One great contribution of Islamic golden age was? Etc etc their is 14 Questions
  14. Social studies

    I need answers cause I've been doing this for the past hour
  15. Social studies

    lesson 14: focus on history 7th Please need help 1-14
  16. Math

    Does anyone have any idea on how to do this? I tackled it a few ways and I just can't get it. Thanks.
  17. Math

    An 85-year-old woman in Rotorua, New Zealand, won't have to pay her library fine. A book she borrowed from the local library in 1945 was found during a move. Based on the borrowing rules pasted inside the front cover of the book, the fine should have been over $6,000. ...
  18. Innovation

    A car tire contains air at a pressure of 24 lb/in^2 at 0 degrees C. If the volume of the tire remains unchanged, what will the pressure be when the temperature has increased to 32 degrees C?
  19. history

    what happened to the French. A did the French get defeated or B. is the French still fighting now to this day.
  20. Math

    There are 13 2/3 cup servings per bag. How many 1/2 cup servings does that make?
  21. Geometry

    In triangle XYZ the measure of angle X equals 34 degrees and the measure of angle Z equals 38 degrees find the measure of angle y
  22. math

    An arc of a circle measures 30° if the radius of the circle is 5 cm what is the length of the arc
  23. Science

    Suppose you find fossils of clams in rock high on a mountain. what can you infer about the mountain?
  24. Maths

  25. Science

    Word that means "flat like a plate "(flat land that Is higher than surrounding land"
  26. Math

    An octopus can swim v km/h in still water. When the octopus swims against a current of 5km/h, its speed is decreased by 5km/h. When it swims with a current of 5km/h, its speed it increased by 5km/h. It takes Joey the Octopus the same amount of time to swim 10km with the ...
  27. Maths

    Harry is x years old now. 3 years ago Jenny was twice Harry's age. In three years timthe Ahmed will be 5 times as old as Jenny. Write an expression for Ahmed's ago now.
  28. Math

    How much pure antifreeze must be added to 18 liters of a 20% solution to make a 40% solution ?
  29. Science

  30. Physics CENTER OF MASS

    A thin rectangular plate of uniform areal density σ = 2.79 kg/m2 has length of 37.0 cm and width of 23.0 cm. The lower left hand corner is located at the origin, (x,y)= (0,0) and the length is along the x-axis. (a)There is a circular hole of radius 8.00 cm with center at...
  31. AP Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by titrating a 100.0 mL sample of 0.10 M HF (Ka = 7.2 × 10-4) with 0.10 M NaOH a. Does the solution contain a strong acid with a strong base, a strong acid with a weak base, a weak acid with a strong base, or a weak acid with a weak base? b. ...
  32. math !

    no its not
  33. Chemistry

    The answer is the 5*6.022E23? How?
  34. physics

    Your CECS graduation tassel hangs from the rear view mirror of your graduation gift, a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 with Mr. Fusion garbage fusion generator!!! Your tassel hangs plumb or vertical when driving at a constant speed on a level highway. When accelerating you observe the ...
  35. Algebra

    50x+10(x)+140+20(2x+4)=1720 50x+10x+140+40x+80=1720 100x+220=1720 100x=1720-220 x=1500/100 x=15 15 fifties 29 tens 34 twenties
  36. Chemistry

    Hi DrBob, the rates are NOT given which is why I am having such an issue trying to work with rate and K both as unknowns.
  37. Chemistry

    An atmospheric scientist interested in how NO is converted into NO2 in urban atmospheres carries out two experiments to measure the rate of this reaction. The data are tabulated below. A: [NO]0 = 9.63 × 10-1 M, [O2]0 = 4.1 × 10-4 M t(s) 0/3.0/6.0/9.0/12.0 [O2] 4.1/...
  38. Physics

    A child bounces in a harness suspended from a door frame by three elastic bands. (a) If each elastic band stretches 0.210 m while supporting a 7.35-kg child, what is the force constant for each elastic band? 114.33 N/m (b) What is the time for one complete bounce of this child...
  39. Math Someone plz plz plz help!!!

    Jorge plans to paint a bedroom wall that is shaped like a trapezoid. The bottom edge of the wall is 22.5 feet long, and the top edge of the wall is 9.5 feet long. If the wall is 8 feet tall, what is the area of the wall? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth if necessary.
  40. Business Law

    Celia and Mary are going to open a boutique. the opening of the boutique is delayed because the purses have not delivered after 60 days. They had a contract with the supplier specifying that the purses must be delivered within 30days. Can Celia and Mary cancel the contract?
  41. Connexus Help

    i go to connexus but i am in 6th grade and i need help with my assemnet
  42. Physics- just verfiying an equation

    update: for the u, I don't what happen to it but its supposed to be an omega sign--I guess the formatting got a little messed up
  43. Physics- just verfiying an equation

    hello, so i'm doing a physics project where I have found the following equation for centripetal force: Fcent=mrù^2 Where f= centripetal force m=mass r=radius ù=angular velocity my question is to make centripetal force greater, does that mean mass, radius and ...
  44. Math

    Monthly payments on a house valued at $84000 with 4.9% compound interest over 30 years
  45. Physics

    A man on a motorcycle plans to make a jump as shown in the figure. If he leaves the ramp with a speed of 29.5 m/s and has a speed of 28.0 m/s at the top of his trajectory, determine his maximum height (h) above the end of the ramp. Ignore friction and air resistance.
  46. math

    One 15 pound bag of lawn fertilizer covers 350 square feet. Garden Depot sells full bags of fertilizer for $7.89. What will the cost of enough fertilizer to cover a 42 foot by 80 foot lawn?
  47. physics

    An airplane travels 3900 km at 810 km/h, and then encounters a tailwind that boosts its speed to 950 km/h for the next 3000 km. What was the average speed of the plane for this trip? 3900+3000 6900 6900/8 862.5
  48. Physics

    10.58 m/s
  49. Math

    Find the surface area of the a square pyramid.The A = 3 m and H = 4.5 m?
  50. geography

    well that wasn't nice
  51. statistics

    A casting director wishes to find one male and one female to cast is his play. If he plans to audition 5 males and 7 females, in how many different ways can this be done? DO NOT put a comma in your response.
  52. Math

    I can't unscramble this. GONUENRIC It deals with Geometry.
  53. LA - 1 question

    Thank you so much Santana!
  54. physics

    1. A billiard ball of mass mA = 0.4 kg moving with a speed vA = 2 m/s strikes a second ball, initially at rest, of mass mB = 0.4 kg. As a result of the collision, the first ball is deflected off at an angle of 30.0o with a speed v’A = 1.2 m/s. Taking the x­axis to be ...

    Thx anonymous! ANONYMOUS IS RIGHT
  56. physics

    An Olympic diver falls from rest from the platform 10m high. At what velocity does the diver hit the water is acceleration in 9.8m/s^2. Do I assume "rest" means a initial velocity of 0? Could the formula be: d= (vf^2-vi^2)/2(a) ? as in d=10, a=9.8 vi=0 vf = √(d...
  57. algebra 2

    Mine didn't come out right though?...
  58. algebra 2

  59. algebra

    A rental company purchases a truck for $14,500. The truck requires an average cost of $6.75 per day in maintenance. (a) Find a linear function that expresses the total cost C of owning the truck after t days. C(t) = 1 (b) The truck rents for $55.00 a day. Find a linear ...
  60. algebra

    The rate at which water evaporates from a certain reservoir depends on the air temperature. The table below shows the number of acre-feet (af) of water per day that evaporate from the reservoir for various temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature, °F af 40 760 60 ...
  61. algebra

    A piece of pottery is removed from a kiln and allowed to cool in a controlled environment. The temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) of the pottery after it is removed from the kiln for various times (in minutes) is shown in the following table. Time, min Temperature, °F 15 ...
  62. college algebra

    There were 39,000 desktop publishing jobs in the United States in 2000. It has been projected that there will be 64,000 desktop publishing jobs in 2010. (a) Using the BLS data, find the number of desktop publishing jobs as a linear function of the year. N(t)= _____? (b) Using ...
  63. work force leadership

    A supervisor needs to produce metal nameplates for bicycles. Two machines are available. The first requires a single die that costs $600. The plates will take 3 minutes each to produce at a total cost of $60 an hour. The second machine requires no initial expense but takes 6 ...
  64. How long will it take the investment to double?

  65. science

  66. Chemistry

    Im studying for the MCAT and i found this question in my old chem book. i can't figure out how to derive the formula they are talking about... Nitrogen monoxide reacts with oxygen to give nitrogen dioxide. 2 NO(g)+ O2(g) --> 2 NO2(g) The rate law is -[NO]/&#...
  67. Chemistry

    Im studying for the MCAT and i found this question in my old chem book. i can't figure out how to derive the formula they are talking about... Nitrogen monoxide reacts with oxygen to give nitrogen dioxide. 2 NO(g)+ O2(g) --> 2 NO2(g) The rate law is -[NO]/&#...
  68. Chem

    Book doesn't have an answer for this one. Im just lost as to how to apply the ideal gas law to the rate law and constant. P=MRT => 155atm=(2mol)(0.0821)(298k)?
  69. Chem

    where does the rate law and rate constant come into play?
  70. Chem

    Im studying for the MCAT and i found this question in my old chem book. i can't figure out how to derive the formula they are talking about... Nitrogen monoxide reacts with oxygen to give nitrogen dioxide. 2 NO(g)+ O2(g) --> 2 NO2(g) The rate law is -[NO]/&#...
  71. Chem

    Im studying for the MCAT and i found this question in my old chem book. i can't figure out how to derive the formula they are talking about... Nitrogen monoxide reacts with oxygen to give nitrogen dioxide. 2 NO(g)+ O2(g) --> 2 NO2(g) The rate law is -[NO]/&#...
  72. chemisrty

    A 50.0 mL solution of 1.2 M HCl at 24.1C is mixed with 50.0 mL of 1.3 M NaOH, also at 24.1C, in a coffee-cup calorimeter. After the reaction occurs, the temperature of the resulting mixture is 29.8C. The density of the final solution is 1.05 g/mL. Calculate the molar heat of ...
  73. Algebra

    The ratio of the lengths of strings that play the guitar notes D and B is 27 to 16. If a string 64 cm long plays a B, what is the length of the string that plays a D?
  74. Introductory Algebra

    My teacher is 67 years old.
  75. calculus

    An electron, travelling at 2000 m/s, is suddenly influenced by an extreme deceleration of 3000 m/s2. How fast is it going 0.03 s later?
  76. algebra

    m+3(m-4)=16 2z-4(9-3z)=62 2b+8/5=-12
  77. math

    -n+8n=35 4x-7-7x=-1 -22+3k+6=-28 -2(m+7)=-22 m+3(m-4)=16 2z-4(9-3z)=62 2b+8/5=-12 g+4/7=6 9-3h/5=-6 4m-16/12=-3
  78. math

    -3h=9(2-3h) 5(t+7)=2(s+9) 6(s+4)=3(s+9) 2(p+2)=1.8-2-0.2(p+5)
  79. math

    30-2s=4s 13q-48=-3q 5z-43=2z+80 8f+11=-7f-19 9b-10=-b-18
  80. math

  81. math

    solve the equation -n+8n=35
  82. math

    doug earned $40 from weekend job. he spent 1/4 of it on cd and 1/5 on movie ticket. how much money does he have left?
  83. trig

    A computerized spin balance machine rotates a 35-inch-diameter tire at 400 revolutions per minute. (a) Find the road speed (in miles per hour) at which the tire is being balanced. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) (b) At what rate should the spin balance machine be ...
  84. math

    what is the lcd of 1/2 and 2/3
  85. math

    what is the least common multiple of 8,10
  86. Intro to Computers

  87. socialstudies

    and really who gives them wikipidia any way
  88. socialstudies

    A the answer is A sheesh just say it and get it over with and ms. sue before you say anything i know what i did so give me any of the crap your giving avery body else
  89. Psychology

    The voltage at a receptor site has just changed from -70 millivolts to -75 millivolts as a result of an _______ and will ________. a). inhibitory postsynaptic potential;increase the likelihood of an action potential. b). excitatory postsynaptic potential;decrease the ...
  90. Statistics

    No typo, that is how the question reads. Can you check my answers? 1. 0.54 2. 0.52 3. 0.140608 4. 0.405224 5. 0.4746
  91. Statistics

    Ricardo's car rental offers five different types of vehicles, compact cars (CC), midsize cars (MC), sport utility vehicles (SUV), vans (V), and luxury cars (L). Historically, if a random individual comes to rent a vehicle, the following probabilities apply: P(CC) = 0.16 P(...
  92. math

    a cookie recipe calls for 2 1/4 cups of flour.the yield of the recipe is two dozen much flour goes into each cookie?
  93. 7th Grade

    All about plants
  94. Math

  95. math

    What is the scenario for the question the capacity of a beaker is 150 m.l.. how many beakers can be filled from a 4 L container?
  96. beginning algebra

    the rays won 33 fewer games than twice as many games as they lost. the total games played was 162. how many wins and how many losses did they have?
  97. english

    Im doing a 8 paragraph project report on cherokee indians, i need a introduction, final draft, six body paragraphs and a conclusion for a total 8 paragraphs please help me it due the 12
  98. Math

    Binary: 1cm,2cm,4cm,8cm,16cm 1. 1 2. 2 3. 1+2 4. 4 5. 5+1 6. 4+2 7. 4+3+1 8. 8 9. 8+1 10. 8+2 11. 8+2+1 12. 8+4 anyways you get it
  99. Chemistry

    ....question. what is the concentration of the sulfuric acid? Are we to assume that this is pure sulfuric acid, no water?
  100. math

    customers in 14 years = 51,200 (1-0.038)^14 Did they give you a formula for this?
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