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statistics ***pls help!
for each of the following, assume the 2 samples are selected from populations with equal means and calculate how much difference should be expected, on average, between the 2 sample means. a)each sample has n = 5 scores with s^2 = 38 for the first sample, and s^2 =42 for the ...

The coefficient of kinetic friction between a refrigerator (mass 93 kg) and the floor is 0.12, and the coefficient of static friction is 0.35. If you apply the minimum force needed to get the refrigerator to move, what will the acceleration then be?

A 5.4 g bullet leaves the muzzle of a rifle with a speed of 334 m/s. What force (assumed constant) is exerted on the bullet while it is traveling down the 0.95 m long barrel of the rifle? ___N