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  1. Math

    Why can't shapes have 2 sides?
  2. Math; Statistic

    At peak periods, 15% of attempted log-ins to an email service fail. Log-ins attempts are independent and each has the same probability of failing. Ann logs in repeatedly until she succeeds. A. find the probability that Ann needs to log in at least four times before she ...
  3. math

    Pamela is 8 yrs younger than John. In 5 yrs the sum of their ages will be 40. What is their present ages
  4. Math

  5. Check my answers in history PLZ

    Does anyone know if these are the correct answers?
  6. high school chemistry

    You are going to titrate 20 mL of .10M HCL with 0.10M NaOH. What is the pH at the equivalence point. How do I figure out the equivalence point when I have already figured out that the initial pH of the HCL and NaOH are both 1?
  7. Math

    a box of pencils cost the same as 11 erasers and 7 pencils. a box of erasers cost the same as 6 erasers and a pencil. a box of empty boxes and an erasers cost the same as a pencil. given that boxes cost a penny and each of the boxes contain an equal number of objects, how much...
  8. math

    a company has 2 offfices that holds 30000 employees. the head quarters holds 14 times as many people that their overseas branch. How many people are at HQ
  9. Science

    The speed of light in a plastic material is 1.4 x 10^8. What is the index of refraction of the material?
  10. Math

    Zachary traveled from city A to city B. He left city A at 7:30 a.m. and reached city B at 12 noon. Find the average speed if city B is 180 miles away from city A.
  11. math

    The width of a rectangle is (5x-7). Find the polynomial equation reppresenting the area of the rectangle if its lenght is three more than four times as long as its width
  12. Algebra 2

    Can someone help me solve this problem please? The directions are to simplify the logarithm: log5(a + 2) + log5(a – 2)
  13. economics

    Assume that average product for six workers is fifteen. If the marginal product of the seventh worker is eighteen, what is the average product of the seventh worker?
  14. economics

    Assume that average product for six workers is fifteen. If the marginal product of the seventh worker is eighteen, what is the average product of the seventh worker?
  15. microeconomics

    Assume that average product for six workers is fifteen. If the marginal product of the seventh worker is eighteen, what is the average product of the seventh worker?
  16. probability

    Spaceman Spiff’s spacecraft has a warning light that is supposed to switch on when the freem blasters are overheated. Let W be the event “the warning light is switched on” and F “the freem blasters are overheated”. Suppose the probability of freem ...
  17. chemistry

    Given the equation Ag^+(aq) + 2NH3 (aq) -> [Ag(NH3)2]^+ (aq) kf= 2 x 10^7 determine the concentration of NH3(aq) that is required to dissolve 415 mg of AgCl(s) in 100.0 mL of solution. The Ksp of AgCl is 1.77× 10–10.
  18. math

    Solve for X and Y: 2^x=8^1+y And (x+2y)(x-y)=0
  19. Physics

    Which of the following are the correct units for mass?
  20. physics

    question: your propessor enters a dogsled race during the winter break to get started she pulls the sled (total mass 80kg) with a force of 180N at 20degrees the sled moves 5m along horizontal. find the work she does find the final speed of the sled after it moves change in x=...
  21. electronics

    approximate I from a graph of current/time for a discharging capacitor. no idea on this, obviously you cant see the graph, but you don't need to, id just like to know how to approximate this from a graph.
  22. mathematics

    4 quarters of something implies 4/4 which is 1. therefore X=1
  23. electronics

    Using wheatstone bridge where R1=top left R2=top right R3=bottom left RT(thermistor 2.11spec)=bottom right. R1=2.2kohm R3=8.2Kohm. must have 0 output at 0degC calculate the required value of R2. Thermistor specs: resistance @ 20degC=2K 25degC=1.68K 200degC=37ohm min operating ...
  24. maths

  25. math

    because 9/64=3/16 (9/64)/3=3/16 three spins, four possible answers per spin. 3*4=16.
  26. science

    An equal amount of rotational force is applied to both the drill head and the astronaut. Having a greater mass, the force has less noticeable effect on the astronaut, but he will rotate around the drill in the opposite direction. This is defined by newtons 3rd law "for ...
  27. maths

    i think its 18+j-24 and 9-j8 respectively, can anyone confirm/deny?
  28. maths

    compplex numbers multiplying complex and not: 3*(6-j8) also, 3+(6-J8)
  29. English

    1. ✓ 2.'If it snows tomorrow, I will make a snowman IN the back yard. 3. 'If it snow tomorrow, I will meet my GIRLFRIEND.' (one word) 4. 'If it snows tomorrow, I will HAVE snow fights with my friends.' 5.'If it snows tomorrow, I will meet my ...
  30. English

    'busy' 'very active' on the go means to be active.
  31. math

    the amount that you are saving for is missing.
  32. math

    1:A(correct) 2:A (correct) 3:B (incorrect) complement is all the outcomes that are not the given outcome 4:B (correct) 5:technically isn't that 0? the odds of a spinner landing on red on a board comprising of only blue green and yellow is 0 (its impossible) assuming that ...
  33. math please help

    ok, so the first bit is asking how you would make the car better for your preference. for the sake of this i'll make some up. lets say; A) a spoiler ($600) a new paintscheme ($1200) High compression cylinder heads ($1000) B) total=600+1200+1000=2800 i don tknow how to ...
  34. math

    an integer is a whole number e.g. 1, 2, 3, 9837, -29237. the best integer would be -18 as the fish is below the surface therefore "-" elevation.
  35. math

    depends on b if b>20 then true. if b<20 then false
  36. English Help Please!!! Check!!

    Recently, there haVE been issues regarding pets urinating and defecating in staircases, sidewalks, the courtyard, and the parking lot. If this continues, the costs for daily cleaning these areas may lead rent increases due to consuming additional janitor hours. Please be ...
  37. Physics waves- check answers please

    so 1 second would be 340m, 1/4 second is 1/4*340 or 85meters correct!!!!:) 355m/s-306m/s =49m/s correct !
  38. math

    5*500=h 5*500=2500 2500/5=500 H=2500
  39. math

    4+16=20 20-16=4 B=20
  40. math

    12in/ft thats 9 tiles/sq foot (3x3grid) 11*14=154sqft 154*9=1386 1386 tiles
  41. math

    0.142857'is 1/7 6digits in sequence 40/6=6 2/3 so in effect, the fourth digit:8
  42. math

    replace 12 with 17.5
  43. math

    got me numbers mixed up, sorry
  44. math

    x=shadow length 12/x=5/12 5/12=0.417 12/x=0.417 12/0.416=28.8ft check:12/28.8=0.417 28.8ft
  45. Science

    to do this you need to use indices: 1x2=2, 2x2=4 2x2x2=8.. . . 2^10(2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2) gives you 1024 cells so 10 divisions
  46. math

    ok, to estimate, round 1150 up to 1200. then it is easily divisible by 3 to 400. then account for the initial rouding and reduce answer 'a bit' to about 390.
  47. Physics waves- check answers please

    1. B, i agree with you 2. smaller than i think (b). the question is badly hear a higher frequency (higher pitch) but an increased pitch is a shorter (smaller) wavelength. so technically the frequency is SHORTER, smaller would imply less amplitude (quieter)but i ...
  48. physics

    speed of exiting water is :V = sqrt(2*g*H) where g is gravity at 9.81 and H is height of water: sqrt(2*9.81*7.9)=12.44m/s
  49. history

    Its definately A
  50. URGENT Physics help

    1: charged polarization 2: lightning bolts contain about 5c i'm assuming that for each answer you meant (using first one) 1.6x10^19 (small 19) in which case, C (5x10^0) 3: attract by polarization 4:f=q1*q2/4piε0*d^2=-3.0 (attractive, so opposite) 5:do as above
  51. math

    54000/25=2160people/square mile
  52. math

  53. math

    A=w*h so, ends first:9*15=135cm^2 sides:12*15=180cm^2 bottom:9*12=108cm^2 135+180+108=423cm^2
  54. mathematics

    find the mean and RMS of v=25sin50πt over the range t=0 to t=20ms using integration. i have integrated to: v=-cos(50πt)/2π+c but i don't know how to get the mean and rms.
  55. chemistry

    What is the final volume of NaOH solution prepared from 250.0mL of 0.800M NaOH if you wanted the final concentration to be 0.200M
  56. quantum physics

    help please!!!
  57. Quantum Physics

    @Pari. Another fake ? Where did you get theta: 2*B*t and phi: 3*pi/2 from ?
  58. Quantum Physics

    Theta=pi Phi=s*o*B
  59. Quantum Physics

    Theta = 2bt Phi = pi/2 imgur dot com/eMrPvfk
  60. Quantum Physics

    pi/2 B*t and 2*B*t were tried long time ago, and failed. Anons 234 idea about conversion of |0> to |+> / |-> basis was tried and yielded e^(2Bt)|1>. The grader does not take that answer equivalent to pi 2Bt.
  61. Quantum Physics

    It is coming from the expression: (1/(sqrt(s*H*i*t)))*(p*o*o*p)
  62. Quantum Physics

    You know where it is coming from, don't you?
  63. Quantum Physics

    This is a special optimization question. You just leave both fields blank and click submit. The grader will figure the correct answer for you for theta, and will simply mark the blank phi as correct. try this!
  64. Quantum Physics

    OK, theta is f*a*r*t/2
  65. Quantum Physics

    Well try it and you'll see.
  66. Quantum Physics

    Since phi is irrelevant, you must leave it blank. The grader is intelligent and will mark it as correct.
  67. Quantum Physics

    The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind.
  68. Quantum Physics

  69. Quantum Physics

    They will both be 0 because X is perpendicular to z so the field doesn't effect it. The transformation by X doesn't either because it is still around the z axis.
  70. Quantum Physics

    Using the formula for the state psi under the act of a hamiltonian, you deduce that theta = pi and psi = -bt. However the -bt needs to be changed. think about why it needs to be changed
  71. Quantum Physics

    Sorry about the mistake earlier i copied down the wrong answer, that was an answer from a previous attempt. The correct answer has already been stated on here.
  72. Quantum Physics

    theta = pi phi = 0
  73. Quantum Physics

    8d) Theta = pi Phi = 2*b*t
  74. Quantum Physics

    i tried theta = pi and phi = -b*t and theta = pi and phi = -2*b*t try it with 2bt
  75. Quantum Physics

    Im certain theta is correct, unsure about phi. it is not -B*t or -2bt. try 2bt
  76. Quantum Physics

    theta = pi (8D)
  77. statistics

    According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the doctors found that in the week before and the week after Thanksgiving, there were 12,000 total deaths and 6062 of them occurred in the week before Thanksgiving. Construct a 95% confidence interval of the ...
  78. statistics

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration analyzes the crash test data for new cars. One variable measured is the severity of the injury due to a collision. The higher the severity, the higher the points assigned. Assume that the injury rating is normally distributed ...
  79. Statistics

    According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the mean cost of a gallon of regular unleaded fuel in 2007 was $2.835. AAA noted that the standard deviation of the fuel price was $0.15. A random sample of n=100 gas stations is selected and the mean gas price is ...
  80. Math

    I made a 95 on a test of 20 questions, but it took 35 tries. What is my real grade?
  81. math

    A round tank hold 550 gallons filled to the brim. Its capacity is 10 gallons for every inch in height. How high is the tank in inches, in feet. How high would you fill it get to the 170 gallon level?
  82. axia

    a=p(1+r)^n p=$4000,r=0.10, and n=2years at the end of 2 years A is
  83. math

    13 cents for A 12 cents for B. total protein greater than twelve grams. Total fat less than eight grams. Total grams less than thirty five grams. .5 grams protein and .3 grams fat for A. .6 grams protein and .2 grams fat for B. what is optimal cost
  84. Business 100

    select an organization with which you are familiar and discuss the impact of that organization's level of social responsibility on a stakeholder group of your choice
  85. Microbiology

    How are algae harmful to humans?
  86. math

    the area of triangle wxz in the diagram below is 48 cm2. what is the perieter in centieters of triangle wxz
  87. Statistic

    You are the microbiologist at a national food processing chain. Two independent subcontractors are bidding to produce your latest food item that should really boost sales. It is your job to determine which plant should get the bid based on their microbial cleanliness of their ...
  88. Statistic

    You have been screening compounds with the Ames test to determine if they are mutagenic. If a compound is mutagenic, more colonies will grow in the presence of the mutagen. You have obtained the following data from triplicate samples: Number of mutant colonies Control: 55, 59...
  89. Statistic

    Your microbrewery is not producing beer quickly enough. You have been conducting an experiment on the relative growth rate of the two yeast types by measuring the turbidity, using absorbance units, of the growth medium. You obtained the following two data sets. a. Yeast 1: 0....
  90. Biology

    Explain how skin, bones and muscles are related to each other and Why is this relationship important to the understanding of the skeletal and muscular systems?
  91. biology

    Propose a reason why you would see several differences between different slides of skin
  92. Biology

    If all nerves respond to stimuli why can’t your eyes “hear” sound and your ears “see” light?
  93. Biology

    If the doctor presses on the right hypochondriac region, what organ is the doctor likely pressing on?
  94. Biology

    Why is proper microscope technique important for studying Anatomy and Physiology?
  95. Microscope

    True or False? Resolution decreases as the amount of light coming in on the object increases?
  96. Biology

    Which of the following organs would not be visible if you cut the body in a mid-sagittal section? Explain? a. Brain b. stomach c. heart d. kidneys
  97. Biology

    I just want to know if my answers are right for this folowing: 1. The nose is MEDIAL to the ears. 2. The elbow is DISTAL to the shoulder and PROXIMAL to the wrist. 3. The heart is ANTERIOR to the spine. 4. The stomach is DEEP to the ribs. 5. The pinky finger is DISTAL to the ...
  98. Physics

  99. Physics 1

    Chap. 11, #16. (II) A 0.60-kg mass vibrates according to the equation where x is in meters and t is in seconds. Determine (a) the amplitude, (b) the frequency, (c) the total energy, and (d) the kinetic energy and potential energies when x = 0.30 m.
  100. Physics 1

    (II) How close to the edge of the 20.0-kg table shown in Fig. 9–47 can a 66.0-kg person sit without tipping it over?
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