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  1. Science

    When water is mixed with another substance and the mixture will not scatter light, the mixture is a:? 1) suspension  2) compound  3) solution  4) substrate 
  2. math

    The cost cc (in dollars) for the fuel and maintenance of a go-cart is given by c=10x+900c=10x+900, where xx is the number of rides. It costs $25 per ride. How many rides does it take to break even?
  3. math

    A cockroach traveling 2 feet per second takes how long to scurry a distance of 46 feet? seconds
  4. physics

    A 751 kg block is pushed on the slope of a 30? frictionless inclined plane to give it an initial speed of 50 cm/s along the slope when the block is 1.3 m from the bottom of the incline. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What is the speed of the block at the bottom for ...
  5. Algebra pleaseee helppp

    Canasta is played with two decks of 52 cards each plus the 4 jokers. A standard Canasta hand consists of 11 cards. How many hands are possible?
  6. Algebra

    I'm getting a different answer 7.13 × 10^16
  7. Algebra

    In the 2011 Canada general election, 166 Conservatives, 103 NDPs, 34 Liberals, 4 Bloc Quebecois, and 1 Green were elected. If an all party committee is to be formed consisting of 9 Conservatives, 5 NDPs, 2 Liberals, 1 Bloc Quebecois and 1 Green, how many different committees ...
  8. Algebra

    canasta is played with 2 decks of 52 cards each plus the 4 jokers. A standard canasta hand consists of 11 cards. How many hands are possible
  9. Algebra

    Thank you
  10. Algebra

    Write in sigma notation 1/3,2/9,-7/27,14/81,-23/243,34/729...
  11. Algebra

    Graph the solution set of the system of inequalities and give the exact coordinates of the intersection points of the related equations: y>x^2 -8 X+y?1, The closest points I'm getting is (-2.5,-1.8) and (2.5,-1.5) but I feel like they're incorrect
  12. CAlculuss

    Solve the equations algebraivally, test the solution for validity, and graph the system to check your number of solutions. x^2-2y^2=2 xy=2
  13. CAlculuss

    Thank you so much !
  14. CAlculuss

    Convert into standard form. Find any centres, vertices, foci, asymptotes, directices and axes of symmetry. 64x^2-36y^2-512x-216y=-124 I found the centre (4,-3), vertices (8.4,-3) , (-0.4,-3), foci (0.1,-4), (7.9,-3). I'm having a hard time finding the asympyotes,...
  15. CAlculuss

    Find, in standard form, the equation of : the parabola with focus at (3,5) and directrix at x=-1
  16. texas historty

    what action did spain take to prevent the Mexican war of independence from spreading to texas
  17. texas historty

    what questions might steph Austin have asked himself before trying to solve a problem
  18. science

    Why are the oldest rocks on earth on continental crusts?
  19. Equality Studies

    I like to mow my neighbors of colors' lawns for them.
  20. Equality Studies

    What are some steps white Americans can take to check their privilege?
  21. Equality Studies

    Who are some prominent obese role models?
  22. algebra

    because the answer I got was 19.541666...
  23. algebra

    m would be in minutes right?
  24. algebra

    The cost of a long distance call is $0.31 for the 1st minute and $0.24 for each additional minute. How long can you talk without spending more than $5? (Write and solve an equation.)
  25. Algebra

    x > – 5 and x < 2 How would I graph this? the greater and less then signs are confusing me
  26. Algebra

    I wonder if there was a typo in the worksheet. Either way, I'm grateful to you for typing this out for me, I think I get the idea now (which is good, another worksheet has more of the same). Thanks Steve!
  27. Algebra

    (-3a)x = ?(7x)+3 Right, sorry. I meant to put them in but I'm a bit frazzled. This lot of homework is due tomorrow so I'm kind of everywhere.
  28. Algebra

    I can't recall how to simplify square roots and am stuck on the following problem: (-3a)x = ?7x+3 x = -1/4 I am trying to solve for a (since this is part of a group of questions that feed of previous answers, I'm absolutely at a stand-still). Thanks in advance for your...
  29. Math

    First student bought art, math and history books for $72. a+m+h=72 Second student bought art, chemistry and history books for $80. a+c+h=80 Third student bought chemistry, math and history books for $61. c+m+h=61 Fourth student bought art, math and chemistry books for $57. a+m...
  30. Math

  31. Social studies

    5. What effect on the Columbian exchange does this image illustrate? (A). The population boom of domesticated animals that escaped into the wild. (B). The conversion of the physical environment.*** (C). The introduction of milk cows to the North Americans of the Midwest. (D). ...
  32. Social studies

    2. According to the map, how did people first arrive in North America? (A). They traveled by boat from Africa. (B). They sailed across the Atlantic ocean. (C). They migrated from South America to North America. (D). They walked or paddled from Asia to North America.*** 3. ...
  33. algebra

    Chris can be paid in one of two ways. Plan A is a salary of ?$380 per? month, plus a commission of 9?% of sales. Plan B is a salary of ?$656 per? month, plus a commission of 3?% of sales. For what amount of sales is Chris better off selecting plan? A?
  34. math

    zeros are real number? true or false
  35. math

    the seat of real number is the union of the set of irrational number true or false?
  36. math

    a wire whose length is at most 114cm,is bent to form a rectangle.If the length of the rectangle is 5cm longer than the width, what is the maximum area of the rectangle?
  37. math

    the largest among three positive consecutive odd numbers is greater than the sum of -4 and the product of 3 and the smallest number. Determine the three numbers. z>-4+3 is the equation I have made but I do not know what to do next.pls. help me. thank you.
  38. Chemistry

    A saturated solution of NH4Cl was made using 500g of water at 90 degrees. the solution was cooled to 50 degrees. what mass of NH4Cl was crystallized
  39. Social Studies

    it's D
  40. Macroeconomics(PLEASE HELP)

    4. Techniques of Production Resource Resource Prices Land $4 Labor $2 Capital $5 Entrepreneurial Ability $3 Possible ProductionTechniques I II III IV 4 6 8 9 6 7 9 9 5 4 3 2 1 1 1 2 a. Which technique is the most efficient? b.  If the most efficient technique is used and ...
  41. The End of the Cold War

    Can someone help me
  42. The End of the Cold War

    1. Which is the best example of how Reagan dealt with the Soviet Union from a position of strength? A. development of the strategic defence initiative B. U.s withdrawl of the salt II treaty from senate approval C. Reagan condemning martial law of Poland D U.S support of the ...
  43. Math

    Ned answers to the Exponets and Divsions test
  44. Math

    1. x^9/X^2 x^11 X^7 7 X^5
  45. ChemistryPLEASE HELP!

    Is calculating the molar mass part of determing the ions for #1 and then the mol for #3
  46. Chemistry

    I'm not sure how to do these and when I looked it up, maybe there was a diff. vocab used. Please help! 1.) How do you do atom/ion inventory of : Cu3(PO4)2 A. _____ formula units Cu3(PO4)2 B. _____ atoms Cu C. _____ atoms P D. _____ atoms O E. _____ ions Cu2+ F. _____ ions ...
  47. English

    Would "“The chain that bound her here was of iron links..." be a hyperbole? If not, than what literacy device is this?
  48. Physics

    A billiard ball 0.62 kg moving at 8.2 m/a elastically strikes a bowling ball, 3.2 kg moving in opposite direction at 1.2 m/s Calculate final velocities The kinetic energy before the collision The kinetic energy after the collision

    Each year, 64 college basketball teams compete in the NCAA tournament . Sandbox . com recently offered a prize of $10 million to anyone who could correctly pick the winner in each of the tournament games. A. How many games are required to get one championship team from the ...
  50. Math7/8

  51. U.S History

    idekrightnow is correct 8/8
  52. Physics

    A ball is shot from the top of a building with an initial velocity of 20 m/s at an angle ? = 39° above the horizontal. If a nearby building is the same height and 55 m away, how far below the top of the building will the ball strike the nearby building?
  53. Finance

    Sheet Metals has an outstanding loan that calls for equal annual payments of $12,600.47 over the life of the loan. The original loan amount was $72,000 at an APR of 8.15 percent. How much of the third loan payment is interest? $5,868.00 $4,725.89 $4,896.48 $5,009.16 $4,687.53
  54. Finance

    I figured it out!
  55. Finance

    You want to purchase a new condominium that costs $287,500. Your plan is to pay 25 percent down in cash and finance the balance over 15 years at 3.75 percent. What will be your monthly mortgage payment including principal and interest? $1,568.07 $1,333.33 $1,708.16 $1,221.43 $...
  56. American Government

    @Writeacher? wth I didn't know you were the boss of this website, and that you limited each student to only two guesses? AHAHAHAHAHAHA
  57. american goverment check answers

    Anon is right once again, thanks b
  58. Algebra

    The arch of the bridge below is half an ellipse, a "semi-ellipse". The arch is 148m long and has a height of 48m at the center. The height of the arch is 10m at point p. What is the distance from p to the center?
  59. american goverment check answers

    Thx anon!
  60. Math

    the area of a rectangle is given by the expression (x^3+7x^2+11x+2) in^2. The length of the rectangle is given by the expression (x+2) in. What is an expression for the width of the rectangle?
  61. American Government

    CORRECT @answer check
  62. Chemistry (HELP AGAIN)

    You were finding (g) but the question is asking to CALCULATE THE MOLES OF HYDROGEN GAS PRODUCED which I'm really confused about because I don't know how to go about this question now knowing the chemical reaction that occured. I'm sorry but can you find the Moles. ...
  63. Chemistry(HELP) MathMate

    Thank you. Is there any chance that you could write it mathematically from your explanations. I have a hard time trying to decipher the work from standard form to numbers. I really appreciate the explanation though!
  64. Chemistry

    Also, In this experiment hydrogen gas is collected over water and can be referred to as a "wet" gas. Why is "wet" gas as an appropriate term for this? Is it because hydrogen gas is collected over water, which is wet?
  65. Chemistry! Help

    I don't understand how you would calculate the moles with a chemical equation given the 7.00 g of Magnesium.
  66. Chemistry

    A.) Write a balanced chemical Eq'n for a reaction between MAGNESIUM & HYDROCHLORIC ACID. Answer: Magnesium + Hydrochloric Acid Mg (s) + 2 HCL (ag) ---- MgCl2 (aq) H2(g) B.) Assuming 7.00 g of Magnesium completely react according to the above Eq'N, calculate the MOLES ...
  67. algebra

    Elimination method or substitution method. 1. 3/5x = 1/2y + 11 2. 3x + 8y + 13
  68. Science

    Each heating element has a resistance of 5 ?. The current passing through each element is 0.4. Calculate the total resistance of the six heating elements.
  69. math

    A restaurant offers seven different main courses,,eight types of drinks and four kind of desserts. How many different meal consisting of main course,a drink and a dessert does the restaurant offer?
  70. Math

    When calculating area, you always multiply. Area= Length X Width.
  71. Math

    Many times, the author of an assignment will include common mistakes as answer choices. You then need to check your answer by making sure it makes sense. If she buys more than twice as much as she did the first time, will the answer be greater than or less than the amount she ...
  72. Math

    Since the problem says "2 1/2 times" you are going to multiply. If you are getting the same answer dividing, you are dividing incorrectly. My guess is that you are not flipping the second fraction before multiplying when you are dividing (to divide fractions, you ...
  73. Math

    If your teacher wants to keep it in fractions... Convert 21 7/8 into an improper faction of 175/8 and 2 1/2 into 5/2. Multiply together and reduce/ convert to mixed fraction of 54 11/16.
  74. 8th Grade Journalism

    1. Suggest- The principal received the exam results and announced over half of the students who took the exam failed the exam. 2. The administration recently conducted talks to determine... 3. A faulty ladder killed a construction worker last week... Basically- try to make the...
  75. chemistry

    The actual question is: A sample is analyzed to determine its iron content (as Fe2+0 via a redox titration with potassium chromate as the titrant. In the titration Fe2+ is oxidized to Fe3+ and CrO4(2-) is reduced to Cr3+. What is the percent by mass of iron in the sample if 0....
  76. chemistry

    Fe2+ is oxidized to Fe3+ and CrO4is reduced to Cr3+ using an unknown sample containing Fe2+ and 0.04322M K2CrO4 solution in a redox titration. I first need to balance the formula, but I don't know what to do with the potassium.
  77. Math

    I got 6 when solving for M but i dont know how to explain
  78. Math

    Im sorry Im new to this how do I solve for M 30+25M = 300-20M
  79. Math

    Two hot air balloons are in flight above a field. The first Balloon is 30 meters above the ground rising 25 meters per minute. The Second Balloon is 300 meters above the ground descending 20 meters per minute. When will the 2 balloons be at the same altitude? What would be the...
  80. anatomy

  81. math 9

    Given Parallelogram ABCD with AB=(3x-5)cm, BC=(2y-7)cm, Cd=(x+7)cm, AD=(y+3)cm
  82. Chemistry

    How many electrons in an atom could have these sets of quantum numbers? n=2 n=5, l=3 n=6, l=1, ml=-1
  83. chemistry

    the word "proof" on alcoholic beverages is defined as twice the percentage by volume. How many ml of alcohol are in a one-liter bottle of 80-proof gin?
  84. chemistry

    how much solute are present in a solution that contains 100.0g of water, and is 9.0% by weight sodium bicarbonate?
  85. chemistry

    how many grams of potassium nitrate are needed to prepare 250.0ml of a 0.03M potassium nitrate solution?
  86. chemistry

    calculate what volume of sulfuric acid solution(specific gravity=1.07;and containing 10%sulfuric acid by mass)contains 18.50g of pure sulfuric acid at a temperature of 25 Celsius.
  87. chemistry

    what volume of a 0.20M potassium sulfate solution contains 57g potassium sulfate?
  88. chem 15

    The hardness of water (hardness count) is usually expressed as parts per million (by mass) of calcium carbonate. What is the molar concentration of calcium ions in a water sample with a hardness count of 175ppm?
  89. chem 15

    A bottle of a certain ceramic tile cleanser, which is essentially a solution of hydrogen chloride, contains 130 g of HCl and 750 g of water. What is the percent by mass of HCl in this cleanser?
  90. Statistics

    The Citiburg Parks Department has just installed 1100 new lightbulbs with an expected mean lifespan of 64 months and a lifespan standard deviation of 8 months. Assuming normally distributed bulb failure, how many bulbs will need to be replaced after 49 months? Round your ...
  91. Statistics

    The Townville Parks Department has just installed 1900 new lightbulbs with an expected mean lifespan of 75 months and a lifespan standard deviation of 12 months. Assuming normally distributed bulb failure, how many bulbs will need to be replaced after 53 months? Round your ...
  92. algebra

    find the x-intercepts, f(x)=-9x^2-48x-64
  93. Math

    How many 10-inch pieces can be cut from a 6-foot piece of shelving?
  94. math

    amara rode her bicycle 8 miles in 0.5 hours.what was the average rate that she rode her bicycle in miles per hour?
  95. Geometry

    A map has the scale 2.5 inches:.75 miles. The distance from east to west is 6 inches what is the distance in miles
  96. Calculus

    1. Use a graph to estimate the limit. Use radians unless degrees are indicated by θ°. (Round your answer to four decimal places.) lim θ → 0 θ/tan(7θ) 2. Assuming that limits as x → ∞ have the properties for limits as x → c, use ...
  97. Chemistry

    Write the net ionic equation for the equilibrium that is established when ammonium nitrate is dissolved in water. (Use H3O+ instead of H+)
  98. Physics

    A: 4.16 N B: 4.16/588
  99. Social Studies

    What were some of the advantages the continental army had over the British? Select all that apply. Fighting on familiar territory*** A large navy More troops*** Better supplies
  100. Science

    A family is planning to build a raised planting area using a blend of peat moss, mulch, and a rich organic soil in which to grow the plants. they have been told first to place on the ground a layer of material that will allow for a proper drainage each time the plants are ...
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