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1.654 of a hydrated acid H2C2O4.xH2O was dissolved in water and the soultion was made up to 250cm3 . 23.80cm3 of this solution required 25.00cm3 of 0.100moldm-3 NaOH to reach the end point. Identify the value of x and the formula of the hydrated acid H2C2O4.xH2Or.

what is the answer to:one person has all the power?

a wire is 36 m long is cut into two pieces , each piece is bent to form a rectangle which is 1 centimeter longer than its width. how long should each piece be to minimize the sum of the areas of the two rectangles?

Benzoic acid and quinine are dissolved in a solution of dichloromethane. (benzoic acid pKa = 4.2; quinine pKa = 8.5) a) Besides the normal neutral forms for benzoic acid and quinine, will there be any other chemical form(s) present in the dichloromethane solution? a) What ...

thank you again. i'll be posting when i need correction :)

a. Because opinions are still divided, further discussion will be necessary. b. Further discussion will be necessary because opinions are still divided.

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Is this right? 1. a) While my sister was away, we decorated the house for her birthday party. b)We decorated the house for her party, while she was away. We must begin a sentence with a subordinator(since, because, if, even though, unless, whereas, while, when, although, as). ...

Write 10 sentences of subordination. Write 2 sentences for each of the following subordination. For each subornator, one sentence must begin with the subordinator; the other sentence will have the subordination in the middle. Watch punctuation.

Define th seven characteristics of living organisms?

why can a submarine hang in water

re- bobpursley maths
sorry. my homework question is to think of 3 examples of an equal chance of something happening. i can`t think of anything else. i thought of cutting a cake into slices but that's not something happening. a race -every one has an equal chance of winning.

i need to come up with 3 examples of an equal chance of something happening. these are the examples i have thought of but don`t know if they are right. 1/flipping a coin 2/coloured counters out of a bag 3/rolling a dice. please could someone tell me if they are right or wrong ...

5th grade science
C because he just push down

im not sure Katie I'll tell you when i know but anyway its a great question i hope someone answers for you

2 litres:1000 litres