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Find the general term of the set. {8, 12, 16, 20, 24, . . .} 8n 4n + 4 3n + 5 5n + 3

20 g of CO2 is placed in 0.75l Bottle and sealed. what is the pressure in the bottle if the temp is 25C?

. A person hired a firm to build a CB radio tower. The firm charges $100 for labor for the first 10 feet. After that, the cost of the labor for each succeeding 10 feet is $25 more than the preceding 10 feet. That is, the next 10 feet will cost $125, the next 10 feet will cost...

The Jacksons, a family of two adults and two dependent children under the age 16, had gross annual income of $68,000 for 2004. Determine their standard deduction, exemption, and child tax credit amounts; as well as their marginal and average tax rates assuming their filing ...