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  1. math

    Grandmother is 3 years younger than grandfather. Nine years ago, the sum of their ages was 105. How old are they?
  2. chemistry

    its whats in our bodies
  3. math algebra

    Fill in the missing numbers to complete the linear equation that gives the rule for this table. x y 2 22 3 33 4 44 5 55 y = x + Submit
  4. thermodynamic

    If the energy used to heat up a block of 2kg of copper is 115.8 kJ, what is the temperature it was heated to if the starting temperature was 100oC and the specific heat capacity is 386 J/kgK. please help. thanks
  5. Lesson 9: Energy and the Environment Unit Test

  6. U.s History

  7. Science

    This is Jeffs bonus...its a bunch of bs
  8. Math (please check my answer)

    Congrats bro.
  9. algebra

    How come half the questions posted in here don't even get answered?
  10. Chemistry

    When I push on my refrigerator, there is a force acting on it that wasn't there before. That means it should be experiencing an unbalanced force and begin to move. Why doesn't it?
  11. science

    When I push on my refrigerator, there is a force acting on it that wasn't there before. That means it should be experiencing an unbalanced force and begin to move. Why doesn't it?
  12. Alegebra

    The answer is 244,140,625
  13. Alegebra

    Can I ask how you got 60?
  14. Language Art

    You should add more info about the story you are reading if you expect to get any proper help.
  15. math

    Great job you guys! what a help! next time don't argue its a waste of time and immature. get real!
  16. History

    I think it is D because the British forced more taxes on them causing the "no taxation without representation" statement.
  17. maths

    in the fig ab = ad and ac=ae. prove that bc=de
  18. chemistry

    DNA is approximately 2.5nm in length. IF an average man is 5ft 10 in. tall, how many DNA molecules could be stacked to extend from the ground to the top of the head of an average man.
  19. history (presidents)

    Which of the following lists of presidents is in correct chronological order? A. Roosevelt/Taft/Arthur/Wilson/Grant B. McKinley/Roosevelt/Johnson/Buchanan/Cleveland C. Jefferson/Monroe/Taylor/Harrison/Harding D. Coolidge/Hoover/Adams/Reagan/Lincoln E. Washington/Clinton/Bush/...
  20. Statistic

    A statistic instructor randomly selected four bags of oranges, each bag labeled 10 pounds, and weighed the bags.They weighed 10.4, 10.9 , 10.8, and 9.9 pounds.assume that the distribution of the weights is normal. Find a 95% confidence interval for the mean weight of all bags ...
  21. physics

    A ferryboat traveling at a speed of 30 km/h attempts to cross a river with a current of 5 km/h. What is the boat's speed relative to the shore?
  22. math

    10 - 9 = 1 1 + 19 = 20 20 - 3 = 17 17 - 12 = 5 The floor they will end up on should be number 5.
  23. Math

    The price of an electric fan increased by 25% to $48.75. Find the original price of the fan.
  24. Math

    Your parents took your family to dinner. Your parents wanted to give the waiter a 15% tip. If the total amount of the dinner was $42.00. What should be paid to the waiter as a tip.
  25. writing

    Come on guys, yeah she doesn't give you the answers straight away but she also isn't an ass. She's helped me get to a lot of the right answers and helps me make sure I know what on earth I'm doing.
  26. english

    How important of a factor does money play in the lives and happiness of individuals? is this sentence grammatically correct?
  27. Physics

    1. The mass of Kerry and the sledge together is 40 kg. Sam pushes with a force of 50 N for 4 s. a. What is the value of the quantity: (force x time) during which the force acts? 50 x 4 = 200 b. So what is the increased momentum of Kerry and the sledge? c. What speed does Sam ...
  28. Math

    Please help solve and explain it, thank you. 1. Juan, Steve and Gabriella bought a total of 30 markers at an art store. Juan bought 3 more markers than Steve. Gabriella bought 7 times as many markers as Steve. How many markers did each buy? 2.
  29. American History

    Which of the following was John Rolfe's chief contribution to Virginia's economy A. His alliance with the Powhatan through his marriage to Pocahontas B. His invention of a better way to grow short-staple cotton C. His innovations in cultivating tobacco D. His ...
  30. math

    a student is painting one wall of a room. a square window is located in the middle of the wall to be painted. the window measures 3 feet on one side. the area of the wall, not including the window, is 80ft squared. find the height of the wall to the nearest tenth.
  31. math

    can u please help me with this math problem. i don't get how to do this question. Mrs. Mabie has a rectangle swimming pool that measures 25 feet by 14 feet. She wants to have a cement walkway installed around the perimeter of the pool. The combined area of the pool and ...
  32. Government US

    Which statement best describes the introduction of an argumentative essay?
  33. alg2/trig

    Which expression is defined for all real numbers? a) x + 3/x^2 b) 5/(x + 2)^2 c)4/(x − 2)^2 d)7/x^2 + 3
  34. geometry

    Find the length of a side of a square whose perimeter and area have the same value. help? perimeter of a square is P=4s & the area of a square is A=s^2
  35. anatomy'

    disease is an unhealthy state of a. organ system b.the entire body c. an organ d.all are true
  36. math

    solve the absolute value problem : 3x+|4x+5|=10
  37. Basic Statistics

    Q1. A population has a mean of µ = 80 with σ = 20. a. If a single score is randomly selected from this population, how much distance, on average, should you find between the score and the population mean? b. If a sample of n = 4 scores is randomly selected from this...
  38. MATH

  39. HHS

  40. HHS

    What is the molality of a solution in which 15g of I2 is dissolved in 500g of alcohol?
  41. English

    what news of julilet does Romeos servant Balthasar bring?
  42. math

    Julian is interested in building a new house. Three architects have given him plans. The first plan is for a house that will be 2,250 square feet. The total cost of the house will be $281,250. The second plan is for a house that will be 2,400 square feet. The total cost of the...
  43. spanish

  44. physics

    The force shown in the figure below is the net eastward force acting on a ball. The force starts rising at t=0.020 s, falls back to zero at t=0.062 s, and reaches a maximum force of 55 N at the peak. Determine with an error no bigger than 25% (high or low) the magnitude of the...
  45. stats

    A survey was done recently by the Royal Bank with Ipsos Reid (reported in Globe and Mail Aug 16 2010) about financial issues that university students face. (Data used here is based on that survey, but randomized to be still within the margin of error of that survey.) The ...
  46. math help

    A survey was done recently by the Royal Bank with Ipsos Reid (reported in Globe and Mail Aug 16 2010) about financial issues that university students face. (Data used here is based on that survey, but randomized to be still within the margin of error of that survey.) The ...
  47. Algebra

    Damon, Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.
  48. Algebra

    Explain why x^2 +5x + 8 is prime(not factorable) How do you know? Give 2 examples of a prime polynomial(can't be both binomials) Give 2 examples of polynomials that are not prime(they can't be both binomials),factor them,explain what you did to factor them. How would ...
  49. algebra

    Thank-you Damon
  50. Environmental Science

    microorganisms can't break down plastics because... I'm stuck between a) plastics are made from oil d) plastics don't occur in nature. Both of them are true, but I'm not sure which is the most true.
  51. communication

    When someone weighs their response to a health issue that they are confronting, knowing that they need to go to one healthcare facility or another for treatment, or, one physician or another for care...........what impact does reputation and word of mouth have on the direction...
  52. communication

    within the workplace.......let's try to apply the health belief model to that environment......when you have a mix of cultures and socioeconomic status and difficult is it to get folks to 'move' together? How much should each person change in...
  53. summoner's tale

    what is funny about the summoner's tale
  54. spanish 2

    How do you say ways to get around in spanish and directions around the city
  55. spanish 2

    how do you say start, beginning, end, stay in spanish
  56. making a travel guide

    i need help creating a powerpoint of a travel guide about flordia
  57. Algebra

    How do you factor x-5x^3-6x^3? Thanks!
  58. Factoring

    Can you show me how to factor x-5x^2-6x^3, and why each step is done? I'm not sure how to factor something where the x is in front instead of the highest power, and something with both a ^2 and ^3 variable. Thanks!
  59. Algebra

    Why does 5x/6x^2 become 5/6x? How did x-x^2 become an x on the bottom? Thanks!
  60. Algebra

    How do you factor an x^3 as in x^3+5x^2+6? Is there a general rule you can follow?
  61. Algebra

    A few questions on simplifying rational expressions... 1). 15x^2/10x this simplifies to 3x^2/2 according to my book. But I would think it should be 3/2x since x^2-x=x. Why not? 2). Simplify 3xy/xy+x. How come the (xy)'s don't cancel so you are left with 3/x? 3). Can ...
  62. Dividing Rational Expressions

    x^3-8/x^2-4 divided by (x^2+2x+4)/(x^3+8). This becomes ((x-2)(x^2+2x+4)/(x+2)(x-2) times ((x+2)(x^2-2x+4))/(x^2+2x+4). I understand that (x-2)(x^2+2x+4)=(x^3-8) when I distribute it, however, if I didn't have the help of my book, I'd have no clue how to come up with ...

    why would you want a teacher to write you a college recommendation? WHAT ARE REASON WHY THEY WOULD BE A GOOD RESOURCE

    What are some good topics for a senior project to do?
  65. pre calc

    is 4,5, and 6 as well
  66. pre calc

    list the positivve integers between -3 and 7.
  67. algebra

    how did you do that
  68. algebra

    solve. 3x/2 + 8-4x/7=3
  69. social studies

    I need facts about infectious diseases in Ecuador
  70. social studies need more info

    which link to use?
  71. social studies need more info

    What does Ecuador plan to do about infectious diseases and what can the united nation do about it>
  72. social studies

    What does Ecuador plan to do on Infectious Diseases and what the United Nations plan to do>?
  73. social studies

    where do i go?
  74. social studies

    What can the United Nation do about this as well?
  75. social studies

    so the government is like weak they really don't want to help with the cause
  76. social studies

    What does Ecuador plan to do on Infectious Diseases?
  77. chemistry

    Why are water molecules polar?
  78. algebra need help

    Determine whether the geometric series converges or diverges. 27 + 18 + 12 + 8 + . . .
  79. algebra II

    Determine whether the geometric series converges or diverges. 27 + 18 + 12 + 8 + . . .
  80. english 3

    ok thank you I will try tha!!
  81. english 3

    can you give me some ideas of what to talk about
  82. english 3

    okay I will use the movie the blue lagoon
  83. english 3

    How can I compare Lord of the Flies to another work like a book or a movie? What should I inclued in the comparison in the powerpoint to make it creativity?
  84. chemistry

    The densities of the liquid and solid states of a substance are often similar. Explain.
  85. pre calc

    The terminal side of an angle in standard position goes through the poin (-2,5). Find the values of the 6 trig function sin cos tan csc sec cot
  86. pre calc

    1. com- 50 degrees sup=140 degrees 2. com = 1 degree sup= 91 degrees
  87. pre calc

    Find the complement and supplement of each angle. 1. 40 degrees 2. 89 degrees
  88. chemistry

    13 times 6 =78
  89. chemistry

    Determining a Molecular Formula from an Empirical Formula 1. A compund has an experimental molar mass of 78g/mol. Its empirical formula is CH. What is its molecular formula?
  90. algebra check these answere please

    so what to change #2 to? could you fix that one for me thanks
  91. algebra check these answere please

    Four quilters are preparing patches for a quilt. When finished, the quilt will contain 200 patches. The quilters’ contributions thus far are in the table below. Name Number if patches Lia 65 Brian 17 Elle 88 len 6 Find the probability that a randomly chosen patch: 1. Will...
  92. Independent and dependent events

    these are the answers for them
  93. Independent and dependent events

    can you show me how to start
  94. Independent and dependent events

    A six-sided-cube is labeled with the numbers 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, and 3. Four sides are colored red, one side is white, and one side is yellow. Find each probability. Tossing 2, then 2. Tossing red, then white, then yellow.
  95. ap stats

    Continuous Random Variable, I Let X be a random number between 0 and 1 produced by the idealized uniform random number generator described. Find the following probabilities: a.P(0less than or equal to X less than or equal to 0.4) b.P(0.4 less than or equal to X less than or ...
  96. history

    are there more beside that one person
  97. history

    What other poets wrote about the Middle Passage besides Robert Hayden?
  98. stats need help

    so for c. do i subtract the amounts of the two
  99. stats need help

    Violence in School, I An SRS of 400 American adults is asked “What do you think is the most serious problem facing our schools?” Suppose that in fact 40% of all adults would answer “violence” if asked this question. The proportion p of the sample who ...
  100. chemistry

    so a= 1.075*10^16
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