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finance (efficiency of management)
The best indication of the operational efficiency of management is? A. net income B. earnings per share C. EBIT D. gross profit I like net income as a metric for operational efficiency because net income is how much money the company has after to paid all the bills and taxes...

finance (bonds to stock)
corporations prefer bonds to preferred stock for financing their operations because? A. prefered stocks require a dividend B. bond interest rates change with the economy while stock dividends remain constant C. the after-tax cost of debt is less than the cost of preferred ...

finance (risk premium)
The risk premium is likely to be highest for A. U.S. government bonds B. corporate bonds C. gold mining expedition D. either B or C I like C the gold mining expedition I that correct??

finance (assumptions)
The cost of capital for common stock is ke=(d1/Po)+g. What are the assumptions of the model? A. growth (g) is constant to infinity B. The price earnings ration stay the same C. The firm must pay a dividend to use this model D All of the above are assumptions of the model I ...

finance (higher interest rate)
A higher interest rate (discount rate) would? A. reduce the price of corporate bonds B. reduce the price of preferred stock C. reduce the price of common stock D. all of the above I remember reading about the relationship between interest and bonds/stocks. When the FR raises ...

finance (asset turnover)
Total asset turnover indicates the firm's A. liquidity B. debt postition C. ability to use its assets to generate sales D. profitability I can't remember the name of the ratio right now, but I remember reading about an asset ratio that is a metric for asset turnover...

finance (firm's net income)
If a firm has a break-even point of 20,000 units and the contribution margin on the sirm's single product is $3.00 per unit and fixed costs are $60,000, what will the firm's net income be at sales of 30,000 units? o.k. the break even amount will be 20,000 units time $3...

finance firm's sales on credit
In general, the larger the portion of a firm's sales that are on credit, the: A. lower will be the firm's need to borrow B. higher will be the firm's need to borrow C. more rapidly credit sales will be paid off D. more the firm can buy raw materials on credit This ...

finance after tax profit margin
The ABC Corp. had net income before taxes of $400,000 and sales of $2,000,000. If it is in the 50% tax bracket its after-tax profit margin is: A. 5% B. 10% C. 20% D. 25% 400,000 take away 50% for taxes leaves 200,000. 200,000 after-taxes divided 2,000,000 total sales = 10% B ...

finance dividend payment
I had a light bulb go off above my head. this question is not about the math or is a play on words..... the after-tax cost of $200,000 dividend ......after-tax is the key the only way to get to $200,000 after-tax of 50% is to have $400,000 or more before taxes, so...

finance dividend payment
Assuming a tax rate of 50%, the after-tax cost of a $200,000 dividend payment is? A. $200,000 B. $100,000 C. $-100,000 D. none of the above please talk me through this one ...I am completely lost

finance mortgage payment
What is your monthly mortgage payment on a loan for $150,000, at 6% for 20 years? I used my TI-83.... N=20*12 I%=6%/12 PV=150,000 PMT=0 FV=0 PMT=-1074.646 FINAL ANSWER IS ...$1074.65 per month the negative sign represents a cash outflow

Finance (board of directors)
A corporation's board of directors A. is selected by and cna be removed by management B. can be voted out of power by the shareholders C. has a lifetime appointment to the board D. is selected by a vote of all corporate stakeholders I read in the text book that a board of ...

finance (structure of interest rates)
Some analysts believe that the term structure of interest reates is determined by the behavior of various types of financial institutions. this theory is called the: A. expectations hypothesis B. segmentation theory C. liquidity premium theory D. theory of industry supply and ...

finance (General Motors Stock)
When Patricia sells her GM common stock at the same time that Brian purchases the same amount of GM stock, GM receives: A. the "spread" between the Bid and Ask of the transaction B. The dollar amount of the transaction, less brokerage fees. C. only the par value of ...

finance (inventory financing)
thank you

finance (inventory financing)
The extent to which inventory jinancing may be used depends on A. marketability of pledged goods B. price stability of goods C. perishability of goods D. all of the above Well if I were a loan officer at a bank I would want to know all of this infomation prior to approving a ...

finance (saving for $1,000,000)
thank you

finance (saving for $1,000,000)
At age 5, how much would you have to save per month to have $1 million in your account at age 65, if your investment rate was 10% per year? Assume no taxes and compounding on a monthly basis. I use my TI-83..... N=(65-5)*12 I%=10%/12 PV=0 PMT=0 FV=1,000,000 I used the solver ...

thank you for expanding the answers with words that I better understand o.k. A - is not conservative it is aggressive in my opnion B - is more conservative than A, but risky, I might end up living under a bridge and robbing liquor stores. C - is always risky (not conservative...

A conservative financing plan involves A. heavy reliance on debt B. heavy reliance on equity C. high degree of financial leverage D. high degree of combined leverage This question is making my brain hurt, it seems straight foward, but I am still rather inexperienced with basic...

finance 3 questions
Some analysts believe that the term structure of interest rates is determined by the behavior of various types of financial institutions. This theory is called the A. ANSWER Expectations hypothesis B. Segmentation theory C. Liquidity premium theory D. Theory of industry supply...

finance 2 questions
9. When Patricia sells her General Motors common stock at the same time that Brian purchases the same amount of General Motor's stock, General Motors receives: A. The spread between the bid and ask of the transaction B. The dollar amount of the transaction, less brokerage ...

finance (please review my thought process and ans)
4. A conservative financing plan involves A. ANSWER Heavy reliance on debt B. Heavy reliance on equity C. High degree of financial leverage D. High degree of combined leverage I chose (A) because financial leverage is the use of debt financing. 5. At age 5, how much would you ...

I answered 31 questions for this homework assignment, please tell me which ones are wrong, so I can fine to my study plan. Thank you for your help. 4. A conservative financing plan involves A. ANSWER Heavy reliance on debt B. Heavy reliance on equity C. High degree of ...

finance 32
32. the financial markets allocate capital to corporations by A. reflecting expectations of the market participants in the prices of the corporation's securities B. requiring higher returns from companies wih lower risk than their competitors C. rewarding companies with ...

finance 34
34. The retained earnings of the firm belong to A. creditors B. preferred stockholders C. common stockholders D. bondholders I chose (C) common stockholders, because the equity section is divided into two accounts 1. common stock and 2. retained earnings. The common stock ...

finance part 2
11. Whit a Subchapter S corporation A. corporate income is taxed as directed income to stockholders B. stockholders have the same liability as members of a partnership C. the number of stockholders is unlimited D. life of the corporation is limited 12. Some analysts believe ...

1. The belief that investors require a higher return to entice them into holding long-term securities is the viewpoint of the A. the expectations hypothesis B. segmentation theory C. the liguidity premium theory D. market credit crunch theory 2. The market allocates capital to...

english 3
Why did Ratcliffe replace the original president?

or is it better to start with Le meilleur metier pour moi est un medecin.

How do you say my dream job is to be a doctor? Mon meilleur metier est ....

Is DNA found in the nucleus, cytoplasm, or both? Is RNA found in the nucleus, cytosplasm, or both?

algebra- FINAL UNIT!!
Hi! My name is Jason, I needed help studying for tomorrow's test. The exam is on number problems. EX. One positive number is 4 times another. IF 240 is divided by each number, the greater quotient exceeds the lesser by 15. Find the two numbers. Also, there will be some ...

Accounting Question
Below are two questions from my accounting class. I am not sure how to approach this kind of problem. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! ------------------------------ The following trial balance of Trane Corp. at December 31, 2001 has ...

What is the pH value if you take into account that the 8.00 mL of 0.10 M HCl was first diluted with 100 mL of water and titrated with 1.60 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH i know that the concentration of HCl after diluting is .008M but than im not sure how to convert that to mols which ...

4th order dark fringe and 2nd order bright fringe spaced 2.5 cm aparte appear on the screen placed 1 m behind the double slit. What is the spacing of the slits if the wavelegth ofincident light is 500nm? First I converted the numbers: x= .025m wavelength= 5x10^-7m L=1m d=? I ...

A powerful particle accelerator, called Large Hadron Collider, will be able to accelerate protons to 14TeV(tetraelectravolt)(1TeV= 10^12eV) of energy. a)what is the relativistic mass of a proton that has a total energy of 14TeV? (express you answer in MeV/c^2) to convert 14Tev...

If the distance between two slits is .05mm and the distance to the screen is 2.5m find the spacing between the first and second order bright fringees for yellow light of wavelenght 600nm. d=5x10^-5m L=2.5m wavelength= 6x10^-7m x=? x=wavelength*L/d =(6x10^-7)(2.5)/5x10^-5m =....

What country did cuba win its independence from at the start of the 20th century ?

short story, part 1
examination number 00778700

I'm having trouble with a specific problems to write about. I was thinking about writing about the Opium Bride problem due to the cultivation of opium poppies. From the article, the problem seems to be eradication leads to a rise in Taliban support.

Hi I'm writing a research proposal and I'm not sure if my thesis is specific enough or needs improvement. Thesis: Currently in Afghanistan, the lack of an effective method of regulation of the production of the opium poppy continues to obstruct Afghanistan's ...

The standard solution of FeSCN2+ (prepared by combining 9.00 mL of 0.200 M Fe(NO3)3 w/1.00 mL of 0.0020 M KSCN) has an absorbance of 0.510. If a trial's absorbance is measured to be 0.250 and its initial concentration of SCN– was 0.00050 M, the equilibrium ...

An equilibrium constant A. is small when the products are favored in the reaction. B. is the same, regardless of the initial concentrations of reactants. C. is calculated by dividing the concentration of the reactants by the concentration of the products. D. is independent of ...

Social Studies

Social Studies
How did various inventions impact the economic development of differing areas of the country (North, South, and West)? Please help :)

why does a weather balloon get bigger as as it rises from Earth's surface? I don't understand how this relates to "kinetic molecular theory"

1) If the kelvin temperature of a gas sample in a steel tank increases to three times its original value , what will happen to the pressure? I think It will increase. Is this correct? By what factor does the gas pressure change? 2) A gas sample at a constant pressure shrinks ...

Science 4th grade
wata hek is apening here baby girl buger

While on vacation, Kevin went for a swim in a nearby lake. Swimming against the current, it took him 8 minutes to swim 200 meters. Swimming back to shore with the current took half as long. Find Kevin's average swimming speed and the speed of the lake's cuurent.

how many significant figures are in: 6.626 times 10 to the 23?

does a ball moving at a constant speed around a circular track produce acceleration?

a. Vt= w*r = (1.2*10^-15)*(2.2*10^20) = 264000 m/s b. w= period/time 1.2*10^-15= 2pi/t t= 5.2*10^15 seconds t= 1.7*10^8 yrs

simplifying radicals
helo! i know how to simplify radicals but.. I don't get this one. behind of the radical (square root sign) there is a big gap before the number. Many people are saying it's a typo, but.. i don't know. there are a couple like that. example problem: square root of &...

.. its a hypothesis. how can someone help you when its your opinion? no offence but, if you're asking how to write a hypothesis, just google "how to write a hypothesis". the only thing these people will give you is a link to some site you can find by googling.

Physics => speed of sound variation
I'm sorry. I know this question was asked a while ago, but I'm having trouble figuring out how you did your integration of dt T = integral of dt = integral of dh/v from h1 to h2 (from 0 to 9000m) did you use substitution dh = t dv? Thanks!

in B+4 = (3/4) (C+4) = (3/4) C + 3 B-4 = (1/2) (C-4) = (1/2) C - 2 may I ask where you got the +3 and -2?

In four years Cathy¡¯s cat Byte will be three fourths as old as Cathy will be. Four years ago, Byte was only half as old as Cathy was. How old are Cathy and her cat? I am struggling to solve this two variable word problem. please help.

Oh okay. Could Cl2 be (aq) though? Like dissolved in water as a molecule?

I figured the equation, but I just wasn't really sure about the states. From what I know Cl2 and Br2 could be (aq) or (g) and the 2Br- and 2Cl- should be both (aq). But I'm not really sure.

Whats the balanced net ionic equation for Chlorine reduced by Bromine?

hi! im having some problems with my word problem. Ann regularly swam .4 km in 20 min at the school pool. Swimming in a river against the current, she swan .25 km in the same time it took Ann to swim .75 km with the current. Dind the speed of the current and the time it took ...

i did what u wrote above. but did not have the answer right. The answer from the book is 13.9 kJ

How much heat would be released by the condensation of 5.40 g of steam at 100 °C and the subsequent cooling of the water to 25 °C? [ÄHvap = 40.7 kJ/mol at 100 °C; Cp for H2O(l) is 4.18 J g-1 °C-1]

w = width l = length p = perimeter p = 2w + 2(2w + 2) 34 = 2w + 4w + 4 - distributive property 34 = 6w + 4 30 = 6w - move the 4 to the other side 30/6 = 6w/6 5 = w to check that w + w + (2w + 2) + (2w + 2) 5 + 5 + (2(5)+ 2) + (2(5)+ 2) 10 + 12 + 12 =34

which two equations represent perpendicular lines: y= 2x-9 y= 1/2x+9 y= -1/2x+9 y= 1/2-9

write an equation for (-5) and y-intercept (0,5)


what are irrational numbers?

algebra 2..again
Try it this way... 2y^3 - 10y^2 + 12y Switch A&C to make it easier (always acceptable, just remember to keep your signs): 12y - 10y^2 + 2y^3 Factor out a GCF, in this case it's 2y: 2y(6 - 5y + y^2) Next, factor a trinomial: 2y(2 - 1y)(3 - 1y) This trinomial is your final ...

I am having trouble finding the next two numbers in this series: 1, 1/4, 1/9, 1/16, ...

Pigskin Geography
What is the most arid and wettest cities in the U.S. (Football)?

In korea, I used to attend speed reading classes. I'll tell you 1 teeny secret. you read in 1 big Z per page. its really hard at first, and there are more "secrets" :D but that's mostly what it is. I'm not the best, as there are people who read far faster...

... make the equation clearer. is it d = c-s/n ; d/n = c-s ; or d/n = c-s/n ?

My teacher assigned homework today that says to "specify the intersection and the union of the given sets." 1 problem is : {10,-6,-2} and {-2,2,6} i believe what she is requesting is 2 venn diagrams. one for intersection and one for the union. I've made the ...

Algebra - 2 more questions... ^^
Thank you for helping on the other problem, but could you maybe explain how I should solve these two problems? 1. In 1985, Barry was 13 years old and his father was 43. In what year will Barry's age be two-fifths of his father's age? 2. The length of a certain ...

Hi I was wondering if I could get some help on this word problem... Penny collected some change in preparation for a garage sale. She collected two more nickels that twice the number of dimes and eight fewer quarters that twice the number of nickels. If the value of the ...

american history
I was wondering if anyone here knew a site with a copy of the constitution. I googled it but... i cant seem to find it.

when 18.66 g of magnesium react with 22.28g of oxygen, 30.94g of megnesium oxdie forms. If all the magnesium reacts, how many grams of oxygen remain un-reacted?


The degree measures of two angles of a triangle are consecutive even integers. If the measure of the third angle is 50 degrees more than twice the measure of the least angle. Find the measure of each angle.

:P please help on #3.. i don't get it... I tried drawing something and then made an equation.. but... :(

I found something for u in return for your help^^ go to : h t t p : / / w w w . p h y . d u k e . e d u / ~ r g b / C l a s s / p h y 5 3 / p h y 5 3 . h t m l *** (without the spaces) do control F (find) and type in : This is a block whirled on the end of a string it will go ...

ohh.. ^^ thank you :D now... any1 up for the next 2? ^^

problems about angles: Hi. I needed help on some problems for the math section that we are doing in class. I am trying out some problems in my math book, but they prove quite difficult. 1. In a certain parallelogram, if the measure of one angle is 30 degrees more than the ...

The establishemnt of regional trading blocs may lead to a decline in global trade follwoing these reason. Explain why. 1. Sufficent trade diversion occurs 2. Government increase tariffs to nonmember nations to offset lost tariff revenus from coutntries participating in ...

Statistics - Probability
Viruses reach networks by requests for communication that are identified as packets. A security system can detect them if at least one such packet is observed by a network sensor. Assume that the probability of observing a single packet sent from a new virus is .001. The virus...

Explain the main factors that affect the Earth’s temperature.

Global warming
Explain the effect of clouds on global cooling Describe the relationship between carbon dioxide levels and deforestation. Explain how rising global temperatures are connected to rising sea level.

Global warming
1) Explain the effect of clouds on global cooling. 2) Describe the relationship between carbon dioxide levels and deforestation. 3) Explain how rising global temperatures are connected to rising sea level.


My teacher told me that this sentence is ambigious. Can someone help me to fix this. "One of the main impacts is the transmission of many infectious diseases carried by insects, such as malaria and dengue which are sensitive to temperature, humidity, and changes in forest...

What is the definition for Saturated Fats, and Unsaturated Fats?

okayyy... help please?!?
my question is still not answered, so I was making sure you actually saw it... its down there.. its topic is math, name : Jason

help please?!

How do you figure out the slope without drawing the graph? I kinda forgot. I have a chart with data, and I need to know the slope please help thank you

OH MY LORD..... thank you so so so so so so so so so so VERY MUCHO. THANK YOU ^^

Hi I was working on an essay for my project, and I forgot what the word was for cancer that is not deadly... it was _______ cancer, but I just forgot. Ever experience when you are working talking, the words on the tip of your tongue, but you don't know it?.... ugggggg so ...

Hi! i don't get this problem... I was wondering if you could help. The problem is: x-y=9 3x+(y+4)=51 What is S and what is L?

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