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  1. Biology

    what is the sister phylum to echinoderms, so based on a quick online search I think its hemichordates, Can anyone confirm (my notes dont say what it is)
  2. Biology

    what is the sister phylum to echinoderms, so based on a quick online search I think its hemichordates, Can anyone confirm (my notes dont say what it is)
  3. algebra

    the length of bill's backyard swimming pool is 60ft longer than the width of the pool. the surface area of the water is 1600 square feet. what is the width of the pool?
  4. math

    Kara was interested in going to the mall to buy some new clothes. Once she got there she purchased two shirts that cost $13.42 total. If she started out with $40.00, what percentage of her money did she spend
  5. science

    Which places the types of clouds in correct order from most thick and puffy, to most thin and wispy?
  6. Computers/Database

    So I created normalization steps for this pet and owner table in a database class : Started with Candidate keys, followed by functional dependency break the tables up into tables , then the referential integrity and the end . PET (Petname,PetType,PetBreed,PetDOB,...
  7. English

    Well you don't reallly have to share personal details. Don't tell your teacher this, but you can make up details and stories as long as they still fit into your general life story. If your teacher is only giving you about two pages to tell your entire life, I would ...

    How are presidential vetoes and congressional overrides related to partisan control of government?

    How did the number of pardons granted by President Obama change over the course of his presidency?
  10. Math

    A rectangular room holds a rectangular carpet in the center of measuring 8m by 16m.. The width form the edge of the carpet to each wall is the same. The area not covered by the carpet is 112m. What is the width of the uncovered area around the carpet?
  11. Consitution and Civil Liberites

    1. What is the difference between the due process in the Fifth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment and why is the difference significance? Any help or links would be helpful.
  12. Science

    1. what is a single replacement reaction A. A reaction in which two or more substances react to form a single substance*** B. A reaction in which one element takes place the place of another element in a compound. C. A reaction in which a compound breaks down into two or more ...
  13. Chemistry

  14. AP Chemistry

    Yeah, I just divided the mass and volume and got it right, I really did overthink it. My bad!
  15. AP Chemistry

    Does the pressure and temperature have any relation to the equation? I was thinking they might affect the density of the gas
  16. AP Chemistry

    A 5 gram sample of a gaseous substance occupies 10 L at 48?C and 697 torr. What is the density of the gas under these conditions? Answer in units of g/L I first started converting the temperature to Kelvin, and the pressure to ATM. I then re-arranged the Ideal gas law to solve...
  17. Government

    1. What happens after a case is accepted and heard by the supreme court?
  18. US Government

    I just have some questions i'd like to know for the future if anyone can help? *why do vice presidents have more responsiblity now than before *What does the 25th amendment have to do with change?
  19. Algebra

    A) how much money the club earns by taking p pet photos. 10p B) the difference between the amount the club earns and the amount for the pizza party. 10p-75 C) Now write two-step inequality for finding the smallest number of photographs that need to be made to pay for the club...
  20. US Government 11th

    The correct answer is Department of State, please take time to read your text book, this is a very common question.
  21. Physics

    I have no idea because I'm not in your grade. SORRY!
  22. Algebra or Math

    If a hot dog stand sells 200 hot dogs for 3.50 in a week ,in addition to some number of sodas for $1, how many sodas do they need to sell in order to have weekly sales of $800
  23. math

    A standard deck of cards has 52 cards in it. The cards are divided into 4 suits or 13 cards each.If one draws two cards at random from the deck of cards what is the probability that they are of the same suit ?
  24. math

    A university has 1500 students out of which 500 are history students, 800 are English students and 200 are both history and English students. Are the events of a student being an English student or a history student independent ?
  25. Chemistry

    Choose and best oxidizing agent and the best reducing agent: Ni2+, Al, H+, and I- ??? I'm so confused, please help! I know the oxidizing agent is being reduced and the reducing agent is getting oxidized. But how do I use the standard reduction potential table? I can't ...
  26. Washington state history

    im not to sure but either A or C
  27. Washington state history

    i think A and B
  28. Washington state history

    What common experience did many women and African Americans have after World War II? A.They lost their jobs in industry due to competition from demobilized soldiers. B.They secured equal pay laws despite the return of demobilized soldiers to the workforce. C.They were rewarded...
  29. Washington state history

    How did OPEC’s oil embargo directly affect Washington? A.It caused fuel shortages B.It caused many oil workers to find other jobs. C.It led to a steep drop in gas prices. D.It led to the closing of local drilling operations.
  30. Geography

    Southwest Asia is contains part of Egypt and Turkey. South west asia is from Turkey to Yeman and Oman. And Egypt to Afghanistan. It is all in that circle.
  31. algebra

    Gina has a meeting in 45 min. She is driving at a rate of 30 mi/h. If she is 24 mi away, will she arrive on time? If not, how early or late will she be?
  32. Dynamics

    Time of rise, time of fall :)
  33. Dynamics

    A stone is projected in the air vertical upward with an initial velocity of 5m/s Find a) tr and tf b) H, highest distance has reached c) where is the stone has reached after t=5.0sec
  34. Dynamics

    A particle moves in accordance with the equation s=32+24t-2t? Find a) v-t relationship b) How far to the right of the origin does the particle go? c) s when t=0 d) acceleration of the particle at t=3sec
  35. Dynamics

    A car is traveling with constant velocity of 6m/s is passing thru an intersection when a motorcycle starts to move. The motorcycle move w/ an acceleration of 4m/s Find a) time when the motorcycle overtake the car b) the distance
  36. math

  37. Chemistry

    Calculate ?G° for each of the reactions below in kJ. (a) Sn(s) and Pb2+(aq) (b) Cr(s) and Cu2+(aq)
  38. math

    A recipe for cookies calls for 4 cups of flour, half as much sugar as flour, and half as much butter as sugar. How many cups of butter will you need if you double the recipe? (Hint: Half of an amount is the same as dividing the amount by 2)
  39. Chemistry

    Aluminum is produced by the electrolysis of aluminum oxide (Al2O3, bauxite ore) dissolved in molten cryolyte (Na2AlF6). Calculate the mass of aluminum that can be produced in one day in an electrolytic cell operating continuously at 1.0 x 105 amps. The cryolite does not react
  40. 8th Grade History

    Ive used most of Ms. Sue's answers and only a handful of them were right.
  41. HELP

    what is an equation in slope intercept for. for the line that passes through the points 1,-3 and 3,1 y=3x+1 ** y=x-3 y=2x+5 y=2x-5 For the equation -4y=8x what is the constant of variation? -4 -2 ** 1 2 Are they right

    You have been given a sample of unknown molarity. Calculate the molarity of a solution which has been prepared by dissolving 8.75 moles of sodium chloride in enough water to produce a solution of 6.22l.
  43. English

    ??? is right got 100
  44. integral calculus

    integrate: [ cos ^ 2 (x) * sin (x) / ( 1 - sin(x) )] - sin (x)
  45. Language Arts (ASAP)

    I'm not trying to cheat. I'm trying to get help. Do you see me asking for answers on questions?? No. I asked for H-E-L-P.
  46. Language Arts (ASAP)

    Thanks @Writeacher
  47. Language Arts (ASAP)

    I did. I'm still pretty confused. Please help! @Writeacher
  48. Language Arts (ASAP)

    3. In "All Together Now," Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important. In a paragraph, cite one example of each kind of appeal in her work. Then, explain whether you find Jordan's appeals ...
  49. physics

    a stone is dropped from a height of 100 m. How long will it take to hit the ground? with what speed will it hit the ground?
  50. physics

    the angular speed of the hour hand of a clock is
  51. physics

    at any instant a car is observed to be moving at a velocity of 10 m/s. Five seconds later the car is found to be moving at a velocity of 20 m/s. how far did the car travel in 5 s?
  52. physics

    a car is slowing down while it is moving west. the direction on the car is ?
  53. Chemistry

    An electron in the n = 10 state of a hydrogen atom emits a photon with energy of 6.54×10–20 J. What is the final state of the electron
  54. Algebra

    An engineer designs a satellite dish with a parabolic cross section. The dish is 14 ft wide at the? opening, and the focus is placed 4 ft from the vertex. ?a) Position a coordinate system with the origin at the vertex and the? x-axis on the? parabola's axis of symmetry and...
  55. Algebra

    Find a polynomial function of lowest degree with rational coefficients that has the given numbers as some of its zeros. sqrt of 3 and 4i disregard the first post, thanks!
  56. Algebra

    Find a polynomial function of lowest degree with rational coefficients that has the given numbers as some of its zeros. sqrt of 3, 4 Thanks!
  57. Math

    Clark's Country Pet Resort is fencing a new play area for dogs. The manager has purchased 186 yd of fence to enclose a rectangular pen. The area of the pen must be 2156 yds^2. What are the dimensions of the? pen? Length is how many yards? Width is how many yards?
  58. Chemistry

    How much mg of iron are there in 100g of spinach. if we burned 5.20g of spinach and added 10 ml of 2.0 M HCl into the spinach ashes.Then filtered the ashes and used 5 ml of that solution to put it in a testube and added 5 ml of 1.5 M KSCN in the testube. We then use a ...
  59. Math

    Jun Wei has 12 more 10 cent coins than 20 cent coins. The total value of all his coins is $5.40. Find the total number of coins he has.
  60. Math

    Thank you. is there a trick to finding all the pairs of unit fractions that will add up to 1/6?
  61. Math

    i believe 1/9+1/18=3/18=1/6. correct?
  62. Math

    What about 1/10+1/15? or 1/9+1/18?
  63. Math

    What about other pairs?
  64. Math

    1/6 is the sum of two unit fractions. how may pairs of unit fractions will equal 1/6?
  65. Spanish

    C) Spanish explorers and settlers
  66. Algebra

    2. The table shows the heights in inches of trees after they have been planted. What is the height of a tree that is 64 in. Tall in its pot A. 42 in B. 52 in C. 60 in D. 76 in 3. Which ordered pair is a solution to y=8x A. 0,8 B. -1,8 C. 1.5,10 D. 2,16 4. Which ordered pair is...
  67. Math

    So, you're going to want to set up an equation and the proper concentration formula for this problem would be C1(Q1)=C2(Q2). C1 is your given concentration is 65% (0.65) and your second concentration (the desired concentration) is 40% (0.40). Your solution is 2.0L so that ...
  68. math

    a car traveling 64 miles per hour passes a bus traveling 53 mph in the same direction on the highway, if they maintain their speeds, how long will it take them to be 17.5 miles apart
  69. Math

    The sides of a triangle is 6,8,15 cm long. in a similar triangle, the longest side is 21 cm long find the two sides.
  70. Math

    The volume of a certain quantity of gas is inversely proportional to its pressure. If its pressure is 1000 grams per square cm, when its volume is 3m³, what will the pressure be when the gas is compressed to a volume of 2m³? (Thanks in advance in helping me here)
  71. Algebra

    A flight from a to B is against the wind and takes five hours return flight with wind takes 4.5 hours of the wind speed is 50 mph find the speed of the plane in still air
  72. Statistics

    I kept getting the question wrong because I assumed they were being replaced. Thank you!
  73. Statistics

    In a group of 54 candidates, 16 are female and the remaining are male. If four are to be randomly selected, what is the probability that there will be only female candidates selected?
  74. Math

    I think I figured out the second answer.... 1/12 ??
  75. Math

    In a group of 54 candidates, 16 are female and the remaining are male. If four are to be randomly selected, what is the probability that there will be only female candidates selected? 17 coins and 1 six-sided number cube are tossed together. What is the probability of getting ...
  76. Math

    Since the platforms are both of the same height, the velocities will be exactly the same, albeit in a negative direction. Therefore, your answer is -19.8mls.
  77. Math

    Kevin has an equal number of quarters nickels and dimes in his piggy bank, he randomly picks a coin replaces it and picks another coin. What is the probability that the sum of the two coins picked is at least thirty cents
  78. Algebra

    Find the equation for the circle with center (1,2) and passing through (-4,-3). Write the equation for the circle.
  79. Trig

    if sin(x)=-0.5 and x is in the third quadrant, find x
  80. spanish

    Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. ¿Qu¨¦ ___ (hacer) Uds. despu¨¦s del trabajo hoy?
  81. math

    A isosceles right triangle has leg of 15. What is its area
  82. St.vincent

    The sum of my tens and hundreds digit is greater than 7 and a multiple of 4. My tens digit is 3 less than my one's digit.what is my number?
  83. St.Vincent math

    What is the largest number that you can form with the first five- digit odd number?
  84. Pre-Cal: Word Problem

    So basically, how would you restrict the sin/cos graph so that it becomes 1 to 1? you section off the graph via interval notations. So it would like half of a period but with its head and end cut off. (at the highest point and lowest point, so it passes the HLT - Horizontal ...
  85. Chemistry

    will red blood cells undergo hemolysis, crenation or no change at all. 10%m/v NaCl 2% m/v glucose H2O 5% m/v glucose how would I come up with the answer I read the chapter and i'm confused
  86. Math

    The measure of one angle is 38 degrees less than the measure of its supplement. What is the measure of each angle?
  87. mat

    Three times a number plus 4 equals 15 times the reciprocal of the number. Determine the number.
  88. Algebra

    Miachel wants to double the area of his garden show below by increasing the length and width by the same amount. what will be the dimensions of his garden then? use a representation and equation to solve
  89. geometry

    The two-way table shows the number of hours of sleep each of 120 student volunteers reported and their exam results. a) Find P(passing test given <6 hours sleep)
  90. Math

    If a room is 12ft by 16ft how many 12 inch by 12 inch tiles do I need to cover it
  91. physics

    a certain string vibrates in its fundamental frequency at 250 Hz. If the string is 15 cm long, what is the velocity of the wave in the string? What is the wavelength of the second harmonic frequency (the second wave which will fit into this length of string)?
  92. math (pLZ HELP ASAP)

    30 miles
  93. Math

    Carlos and Krystal are taking a road trip from Greenville to North Valley.Each has their own map,and the scales on their maps are different. A. On Carlos's map,Greenville and North Valley are 4.5 inches apart. The scale on his map is 1 inch = 20 miles. How far is ...
  94. Math

    I'm horrible at word problems but Create a chart that has the following information for each of the three selected carriers: cost per month, base number of minutes, additional cost per minute (overage) Using the information from the chart you created, write the total ...
  95. math

    Rewrite this formula using rational exponents. t = 2 pi sqrt 4/32 Thanks!!!
  96. Math

    I have a 24 gallon hot tub im filling it 5/8 with water how many gallons of water will be in hot tub??
  97. Math

    A scale drawing of the floor of a theater has a scale factor of 18. Mark says that he can use this information and any length on the scale drawing to find the corresponding length in the actual theater. He says that he can also use this information and any length in the actual...
  98. Science

    What is the mass of a box pushed both left and right at 50N?
  99. english

    tool burth book help
  100. Finance

    Universal Laser, Inc., just paid a dividend of $3.30 on its stock. The growth rate in dividends is expected to be a constant 6 percent per year, indefinitely. Investors require a return of 15 percent on the stock for the first three years, a rate of return of 13 percent for ...
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