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A stone is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 58 ft./sec. A.) How high will it rise? B.) How soon will it reach the ground again? C.) What is its velocity half-way up?

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phyiscal science
calculate the height a block of ice at -25 deg C must be dropped in order to completely melt on impact. No air resistance and all energy goes into melting the ice.

You made 100.0 mL of a lead(II) nitrate solution for lab but forgot to cap it. The next lab session you noticed that there was only 84.8 mL left (the rest had evaporated). In addition, you forgot the initial concentration of the solution. You decide to take 2.00 mL of the ...

is there any answer?

I need help


A set of integers has a sum of 420, and an average of 60. If one of the integers in the set is 120, what is average of the remaining integers in the set?

Visual Basic (Computer Programming)
get banned cause someone really needs help gesh sure know how to make others stay away from this site. Maybe someone besides tutors can help.

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symmetry help
find any intercepts of the graph of the given equation. determine whether the graph of the equation possesses symmetry with respect to the x-axis, y-axis, or orgin |x|+|y|=4

math(easy integration)
find the integration of absolute x from -4 to 2? could anyone show me the way to get 10? thanks

Select all cases in which the attraction between units in the solid can best be classified as electrostatic bonding forces. RbBr H2O2 HI MgI2 Na2O SiO2(quartz) None

the base of a triangle is 4dm longer than its altitude, and its area is16dm^2. Find the lengths of the base and its altitude.

solve: 4(4-3x)+14x>32

Four race car drivers participate in a race on a loop track. All four are going at a constant speed. Assume that they did a flying start. That is, all four crossed the start line at the same instant while each was going their constant speed. Then they continue driving forever ...



american history
was hamilton a federalist or antifederalist? Please check this site.