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A bag of chocolates contains 2 cups of Hershey's. If a recipe for cookies requires 1/3 cups of chocolates for each dozen, how many dozen cookies can I make?

-4 -1 -3 (2/5) * (2/5)/(2/5)

Did I do this right?-Calculus
y' and y'' for x^2- xy + y^2 = 3 y'= (y-2x)/(2y-x) y'' = [(y'-2)(2y-x)] - [(2yy' - x)(y- 2x)]/ ((2x-y)^2) final answer for second derivative is: [2y^2- 5xy + 2x^2 - 2y^3 + 8xy^2 - 8x^2y/ ((2x-y)^3)] - [(4y + 2x + xy - 2x^2)/((2y-x)^2)] is this ...

what is the indepenpent variable when i make a home made lava lamp

Which of the following inequalities has x>4 as a solution A: 6x < -24 B: x+4>0 C: -5x+2<-18 D: 4x + 2 > 14

math !!!! :O
i dnt get it

math !!!! :O
The cost of making money varies form coin to coin: Pennies: 0.8 cents each Nickels: 2.9 cents each Dimes: 1.7 cents each Quarter: 3.7 cents each Half dollars: 7.8 cents each What is the cost of making $5.00 worth of each coin?

algebra two

med term
need help on writing a short paper on why i chose medical coding but i need 2 works cited. i'm so confused and don't know where to start!