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  1. math

  2. physics

    Lucy takes 5.5 hours to travel between 2 cities that are 250 km apart. She travels two fifths of the distance at a rate of 90 km/hr on a highway. She drives the rest of the distance on local roads. What is her average speed for the second part of her journey?
  3. English

    1.   Which of the following passages from the novel best illustrates the most extreme hostility  between the Chinese and American communities in San ...
  4. Math

    If 8 erasers cost $.60 how many erasers are there?
  5. English

    Sorry but I think the quotation marks are confusing you. What I want to know is if the health insurance covers the pediatrician and his family is an acceptable way to write free health insurance for employee and family. In my paper I read what you said about citing but I think...
  6. English

    Thank you for your help however I think you misunderstood me. In the sentence “Pediatric Residency Program” continued that the health insurance covers the pediatrician and his family. The part in quotations is the title of the source and I left it in to show that I ...
  7. English

    Sorry once again but what is in quotations is the title of the article to show that I cited my sources. I meant to ask if what I had written was an acceptable paraphrase.
  8. English

    Sorry the part in quotations is the title I meant to ask if what isn’t in quotations is plagiarism or not.
  9. English

    I am writing an essay and I would like to know if I did this right. The source I got it from wasn’t a complete sentence but said free health insurance coverage for employee and family. In my essay I wrote “Pediatric Residency Program” continued that the health ...
  10. Social Studies

    thx bor it really helped
  11. Science.... PLEASE HELP :(((

    The current atomic model would be revised if _______. :(
  12. History

    is it c or what just say the !@#$%^&en answer retarded hoe
  13. Art

  14. Social Studies

    For me Underfell is correct
  15. Math

    Thats the problem id have very much time
  16. Math

    I need help with my math test systems of equations unit 7 lesson 8 connnextions test if i dont get a c or higher i get expelled PLZ HELP
  17. Mathematics- Algebra

    no problem
  18. Mathematics- Algebra

    52 ounces
  19. Social studies

    the guy named "THE RIGHT ANSWERS!!!!" is corret exept 21 is suppose to be D
  20. Social Studies

    idk what to do with my life
  21. 8th grade L.A.

    I really need help to get a good grade on the 8th grade language arts unit 3:Facts and visions lesson 16: writing the final draft s if anyone could kinda help me out thanks
  22. Math - Im soooo lost need help fast

    is that right?
  23. Math

    C A B C B There all correct if your on connections academy
  24. English

  25. Social Studies

    1. D 2. A 3. B
  26. Social Studies

    its a
  27. Social Studies (Grade 8)

    for me it was 1. b 2. d 3. 1, 4, 7
  28. algebra

    (m2-m-4)+(m-5) A: m^2-2m+9 B: m^2+2m-9 C: m^2-2m-9 D: m^2m+9
  29. @ Abby - connexus cheat banned

    I was just looking up 1 answer and people just give us all of them. So we are kind of cheat for 1 question, but it gives us all of them.
  30. S.S@Reed help

    1. Which are functions of money? Select all that apply. (3 points) store of value •• producer of resources unit of account •• medium of exchange •• record of finances unit of output 2. What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering...
  31. S.S correct my answers

    . Which of these are factors in determining whether a person is counted in the unemployment rate? Select all that apply. (2 points) whether the person is actively looking for a job •• whether the person has been employed for five or more years whether the person has ...
  32. Math

    B D A C is right
  33. Math

    B D A C Is right
  34. Math

  35. Science

    if anyone came here and wants to cheat its D C A B A C A A for connexus
  36. Science

    During what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse occur? New moon, full moon, first quarter or waxing gibbous? I think it's a full moon.
  37. science

    oops also 22 is ball and socket not pivot
  38. science

    for memes 14+15 need to be switched and 18+19 need to be switched, other than that seems correct
  39. English

    Its D. I did that test and its d
  40. Language Arts

    Who is right
  41. Social studies

    yeah helper is right and the any answer is D for me

  43. Social studies

    looks like all 3 sets of answers are correct (:
  44. social studies

    James is correct!
  45. English

    I took the test at 11:30om on feb 15th 2017 and i got a 64% on the test, don't trust "whatever" i trusted everyones comments and not im failing lmao thanks mah dudes
  46. Graphing in the coordinate plane unit test

    R these right or not
  47. math

    Michelle help me with connections acadamy unit 7 lesson 8 systems of equaitons test plz answers?
  48. Geometry

    Lacy made a scale model of her house. Her house is 45 feet tall. Her model is 9 inches tall. What is the scale of the model? How many times as times as tall as her house is her model?
  49. English

    fights .-.
  50. Social Studies

    ok yah 2 other people said the same answer as aBoRt and aBoRt is 100% correct thx aBoRt
  51. Social Studies

    is aBoRt correct?
  52. Social studies

    yah for me good morning and brendon are correct 12 is B tho
  53. Social Studies Pretest Lesson 1 Unit 7

    yeah for me "Anon" is right, probrually 2 tests, "Anon" is right for connexus, "Bruh" might be right for some other thing
  54. biology

    I believe so. :)
  55. Social Studies

    @hushmychild i flew
  56. electronics and circuits

  57. la

    I got 7/18 why’d you have to lie are you trying to make people fail
  58. History

    for me its bac, mabye some people have some other non connexus test with the same question on it
  59. math

    Nine more than the product of 15 and Vidya's height
  60. Social Studies

    AsexualAndFailingSchool is 100% right too on the unit test yay :D
  61. Social Studies

    Haily is 100% right
  62. language arts

    does anyone have the answers too language arts 7 A third read christmas carol act 1 dramatic transformations
  63. A comparison and contrast essay uses which of the

    a.c a d
  64. SS Check Answers

    A C A C C they are correct!!!!! 100%%!!! x
  65. Social Studies

    yeh the abd people are correct
  66. American Government

    Just with tips and facts
  67. American Government

    Which influences helped the most to create a lasting, stable Constitution? Paragraph 1 – introduction of historical influences of Constitution and thesis statement Paragraph 2 – source 1 (philosopher) and contribution to lasting, stable Constitution Paragraph 3 –...
  68. SS

    1.A 2.C 3.D 4.D 100%! ALL CORRECT
  69. SS

    kaiipapa is correct B D,E B 100% 4/4
  70. Social Studies

    if we all post the answers this year next years kids will have it so easy
  71. american Government

    MarieJ is a life saver <33
  72. Math

    Whats 4
  73. SS

    thx they all are correct
  74. math

    would you classify the number 169 as a perfect square , a perfect cube, both, or neither?
  75. Math


    whats the answers for connections academy lesson 12: East Asia and the pacific Rim unit test??
  77. Science

  78. Science

    i got 100% thx
  79. Math

    the answer is to easy... its 99
  80. La

    Yeah, I wouldn't go with Anonymous
  81. Physics

    A container of gas is at a pressure of 1.3x10^5 Pa and a volume of 6.0m^3. How much work is done by the gas if it expands at constant pressure to twice its initial volume? Please help ;_;
  82. Language Arts, check!!!

  83. Language arts

    your boy is right,,,,, 360 gave wrong answers
  84. math

    so whats the answer?
  85. Math \ algebra

    The table shows the amount of money made by a summer blockbuster in each of the first four weeks of its theater release. Which graph could represent the data shown in the table? A table showing the week and the money made; week 1, $19,600,000, week 2, $7,800,000, week 3, $3,...
  86. Math \ algebra

    Damon could you help me with another
  87. Math \ algebra

    Which number is a solution of the inequality? x + 4 < 7 (1 point) A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5 I choose 3 please help
  88. reading

  89. Language Arts

  90. Science

  91. Art

    Check answers is right!!!!! 1:A 2:C 3:B 4:A 5:D 6:B 7:B 8:A 9:C 10:A
  92. science

    besides coal and oil (fossil fuels) what type of rocks store a great deal of carbon?
  93. Counting and Probability

    i need help with this too
  94. P.E HELP

    1.B 2.B 3.B They are all correct 100% 4/4
  95. math

  96. Comm Tech

    the correct answers are 1.B 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.A
  97. help please english

    abdel1233 is it right please tell me! help!
  98. Math

    i neeeed helpppp
  99. Language

    1.D 2.C 3.A 4.A 5.c 6.B 7.A 8.D 9.D 10.D 12.C 13.D 14.B 15.C 16.A 17.A
  100. P.E....Plzzzzzzz Help me:)

    1.True 2.c 3.b 4.b 5.b 6.b 7.c 8.c 9.c 10.b 11.b 12.False 13.c 14.b 15.c they are all correct 100%
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