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Algebra please help out
Jason watched a caterpillar move 10 feet in 2 minutes. Jason says that the caterpillars unite rate is 0.2 feet per minute. Is jason correct. Please explain. Thanks

A machine can produce 27 inches every 3 minutes. How many feet of ribbon can the machine make in one hour? Explain

Algebra please help answer ASAP
Milaela is competing in a race in which she both runs and rides a bicycle. She runs 5 kilometers in 0.5 hour and rides her bicycle 20 kilometers in 0.8 hour. Part A. At the given, how many kilometers can Mikaela run in 1 hour? part B. At the given rate, how many kilometers can...

Algebra please help answer thx
5/8 of the 64 musicians in a music contest are guitarists. Some of the guitarists play jazz, solos, and the rest play classical solos. The ratio of the number of guitarists playing jazz solos to the total number of guitarists in the contest is1:4. How many guitarists play ...

Algebra 1 please help answer
Please help answer thx

Algebra 1 please help answer
A store has apples on sale for$3.00 for 2 pounds. How many pounds of apples can you buy for $9? If an apple is approximately 5 ounces, how many apples can you buy for $9? Explain both questions. Thanks

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