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Math Test
That seems right to me

Social studies
The islands of the Arctic archipelago contain______,or soil that remains Frozen even when the summer warmth temporarily melts the snow and ice that usually covers the area A:deserts B:wetlands C:mixing zones D:permafrost I think it's D

Don't now the a

Complete a following sentence with the correct form of the verb / adjective. I gave a dog to my friends. わたしは _________ あげました &#...

physics 1
A 3.50 kg ball with a velocity of 10.00 m/s collides with a stationary ball with a mass of 5.00 kg. After the collision, the first ball travels at a 42.6 degree angle from its original path, while the second ball travels at a -26.7 degree angle from the other ball's ...

calculus 1
1) 1.3170051, 0.64500159, -1.962007 2) when x>1 and x= 0,-1 3) when x<-1 and x=-1 4) ??? 5) x<1 x>1 6) x<1 is this correct? and i'm not sure how to find the maxima and minima

calculus 1
f(x) = 3x^3 - 9x + 5 find the: 1) zeroes or undefined values 2) intervals where the function is greater than zero 3) intervals where the function is less than zero 4) coordinates of all maxima and minima 5) intervals where the function is increasing 6) intervals where the ...


Miss.P is 100% correct. Don't worry, I'm not a troll. I just finished the exam. :)


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Heallth Help NOW
i think it is c

language arts

math problem solving
5000 50 because you just add two more zeros to 50

I'm also gay.

Amber, did you get the answer for this?


high shoool algebra


physics - waves
A five-slit system with 7.0 um slit spacing is illuminated with 630 nm light. Find the angular positions of the third and sixth minima.

How much work does a refrigerator with a COP of 3.8 require to freeze 660 g of water already at its freezing point?

The balloon contains 0.30 mol of helium starts at a pressure of 125 kpa and rises to an altitude where the pressure is 55.0 kpa, maintaining a constant 300 {\rm K} temperature. A)By what factor does its volume increase? B)How much work does the gas in the balloon do?

How much energy becomes unavailable for work in an isothermal process at 440 K, if the entropy increase is 25 J/K

You have exactly 1 L of ethyl alcohol at room temperature 23 C. You put it in a refrigerator at 4 C.What's its new volume?

An open container holds ice of mass 0.540 kg at a temperature of -18.7 c The mass of the container can be ignored. Heat is supplied to the container at the constant rate of 790 J/minute. The specific heat of ice to is 2100 J/kg . K and the heat of fusion for ice is 334 * 10^3 ...

Math 12A
A rectangular building is to be built on a lot measuring 46m by 30m. The building will be surrounded by a strip of lawn of uniform width. If the lawn takes up 30% of the lot, how wide will the lawn be?

Math 12A
A rectangular building is to be built on a lot measuring 46m by 30m. The building will be surrounded by a strip of lawn of uniform width. if the lawn takes up 30% of the lot, how wide will the lawn be? Need you help

Thank you drwls!

Can friction (which causes heating) with the atmosphere ignite the object moving through the atmosphere? Can someone help me with this? Please!

Select the sentrance that has correct pronoun usage. 1. The team of reporter stunned their audience when the result of the election were revealed. 2. 1. The team of reporter stunned its audience when the result of the election were revealed.


physic of modern technology
A standard 2500„aC light bulb produces what fraction of its light at wavelengths that cannot be detected by the human eye as visible light? You can submit the answer as a decimal fraction or as a percent, so that if the answer were one half, you could use either 0.5 or 50...

if the voltage between the two plates of an electric air cleaner is 500 v, how fast would a 10 negative 12kg soot particle with -1* 10 negative 11 c of charge on it be moving if it went from negative plate to the positive? Explain your response

4. If the same two dust particles have -1.0  10-10 C of charge on one, and +3.2 C  10-10 C on the other, what is the force between them now?

2. Rank the following in the order of how much of a corona discharge they would produce; from highest to least (e.g., if D is highest, then A, C, and B are lowest. entering DACB). Explain your response. a. a large round metal ball hooked to a high voltage battery b. a sharp ...


Mercury is poured into the open end of a J-shaped glass tube, which is closed at the short end, trapping air in that end. How much mercury can be poured in before the mercury overflows? Assume air to act like an ideal gas. The long and short arms are 1 m and 0.5 m long, ...


Math Approximation to find greater fractions

The answer is CCl4 because it has the largest london forces.

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