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An isosceles triangle has two 10.0-inch sides and a 2w-inch side. Find the radius of the inscribed circle of this triangle, in the cases w = 5.00, w = 6.00, and w = 8.00.

If a triangle has sides of lengths a and b, which make a C-degree angle, then the length of the side opposite C is c, where c2 = a2 + b2 − 2ab cosC. This is the SAS version of the Law of Cosines. Explain the terminology. Derive an equivalent SSS version of the Law of ...

Find the third side of a triangle in which a 4.00-inch side and a 6.00-inch side are known to make a 56.0-degree angle. Round your answer to three significant digits.

Dana takes a sheet of paper, cuts a 120-degree circular sector from it, then rolls it up and tapes the straight edges together to form a cone. Given that the sector radius is 12 cm, find the height and volume of this paper cone.